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Sunday, 4 February 2018

Dealing with Julie

From New Blushes 2.06
‘No! I really don’t want to stay with Mr Midgley,’ Julie complained. ‘Why can’t I stay with Christine, if I have to go somewhere?’
But her mother was adamant. Staying with her friend Christine wasn’t a good idea. Anne Lambert could imagine the two 17-year-olds doing all kinds of things, including staying out to all hours with boys. Christine’s mother was overly lenient. And Mr Midgley had very kindly offered. Mr Midgley was the vicar of course. It was only for one night anyway. Julie’s father had to be away on business and Anne herself wanted to go up to London to a show and then stay over with her friend Liz.
‘It is only the one night, darling. Just be nice and co-operative.’
Julie made a face. She certainly didn’t feel like being nice and co-operative with Mr Midgley. If she did he’d probably have his hand up her skirt, fondling her bottom or worse. Julie knew the vicar to be a sly feeler of girls’ bottoms. He had fondled her own, and Christine said he had done the same to her. But their mothers didn’t seem that bothered. They were very concerned about them seeing boys of course, but not it seemed about the vicar fondling their bottoms. When Julie had complained her mother had been dismissive. ‘Don’t be silly, darling.’ As if Julie was making it up. And now her mother was planning for her to stay with him, just so she could go up to London with her friend.
The other thing of course was that Julie thought Mr Midgley might have seen her with Robert Milstrom the other night. She had been forbidden to see him any more, her mother said they had been getting much too serious. But of course Julie was still seeing him, in secret. And she thought Mr Midgley might have seen them. She could have been wrong about that of course…
As Julie was making one more plea to her mother, only to have it yet again fall on deaf ears, the man in question, Graham Midgley, hands in pockets, was gazing out from the rectory drawing room onto his wide smooth lawn. What he was seeing, though, was not the resplendent sward shimmering in the late afternoon sun, but rather that young lady, Miss Julie Lambert. Shapely 17-year-old Julie, with her slim waist but other parts swelling out very nicely. Including her rather irresistible bottom which once or twice in the past his hand had not been able to resist. Light and delicate gropes which each time had produced a nervous and annoyed twitching away of the said part of her anatomy.
Yes, pretty. shapely Julie Lambert who evidently did not take kindly to little touchings. And who now was to come round tomorrow afternoon. And stay the night! While her dear Mama visited the theatre. It promised to be a rather special pleasure! Because of course he had observed the young lady two evenings ago, in the company of that proscribed young man, Robert Milstrom.
Oh yes! So was it any wonder that of those two hands in Graham Midgley’s pockets, the left was fondling the head of his stiff penis. Perhaps not a very vicarly thing to be doing. But then vicars, after all, are human too. As Julie’s and Christine Saunders’ bottoms, to mention but two, could already testify.
As she had feared, Julie was unable to change the wishes of her strong-minded parent. Christine, when Julie had spoken to her on the phone, had exclaimed, ‘Mr Midgley!! Good luck!’ Julie could imagine she was going to need it, and maybe more than Christine thought, because she didn’t know about the possible sighting with Robert.
What if Mr Midgley had seen! That was the thought like a big black cloud in Julie’s head as now she stood at the rectory side door and forced herself to press the bell. It was 6.30, the appointed time for her arrival. She had had some tea at home and come over on her bike. Now here she was with her bag containing night-dress and toothbrush etc. Not feeling happy at all…
The door opened almost immediately. Yes, the vicar himself, tall, a big man, middle-aged, rather ordinary looking you could say. Mr Midgley had Mrs Silvers who came in to clean and cook but probably he had sent her off. To be alone with his prey! Julie shivered. She was being ushered in.
Inside the hall and with the door closed she almost immediately gave a little squeak. Mr Midgley saying, ‘This way please, Julie.’
The squeak was caused by his hand! Sliding behind Julie to her bottom. His hand at the rear of her skirt, as he directed her down the hallway. Julie had wanted to wear jeans but her mother had vetoed them in favour of a smart blouse and skirt. Not that jeans would have stopped him putting his hand on her bum of course. She attempted to wriggle her bottom away.
‘No need to be so jumpy,’ he told her.
They entered the drawing room. ‘No,’ he went on. ‘Well, I don’t suppose you were jumpy with Robert Milstrom. Thursday evening, wasn’t it?’
Ohhh!! Julie struggled for words. What could you say?
‘Uh… Thursday…? Me…?’
Graham Midgley’s hand slid behind Julie again. Her bottom again. This time a firm no-nonsense grasp, such as he had not actually dared before.
‘Oh yes, my dear. I think so. Well, I know so. And would your mother like to know?’
There was no answer to this. The hand was still at Julie’s bottom. She was not attempting to squirm indignantly away, though, because she needed all her thoughts on this other matter.
‘Discipline, Julie dear,’ he said mildly. ‘As it happens I had a little discussion on the subject with your mother. She seemed rather concerned that maybe you weren’t as disciplined as you might be. And so I thought it would be nice if I could do something about it. About discipline. We don’t actually need to tell her, she doesn’t need to know anything about it. We could… just do it. And as you’re here for the night it would be so convenient.’
‘D… do what…? Julie stuttered.
Graham Midgley gave a cheery laugh. ‘Oh how silly of me. I thought I said. The cane, Julie. Yes a caning. Your bottom of course.’
And perhaps to make quite sure she knew what part of her anatomy he was referring to, he gave Julie’s bottom a firm squeeze.
Her voice incredulous. ‘The cane…!!’
He kept his voice calm — even if other parts of him were not. His penis, stiffly erect, for one. ‘Yes, my dear. A caning. It is excellent therapy for ill-disciplined young girls. Girls who continue to meet boys whom their mothers have specifically forbidden them to see.’
Julie just couldn’t believe it. The hand was still busy at her bottom but she couldn’t worry about that. Not when he was talking about caning it. He couldn’t…
‘So I suggest you go upstairs. You’re going to be in the first room on the right. Go in there and get undressed. You can put on your night-dress. And then come back down here, eh?’
Julie gasped and stumbled away. The hand had gone up her skirt, to be briefly at her knickered bottom. She shook her head weakly.
‘Come on. Let’s be sensible. I know how you’d hate your mother to know. And she doesn’t need to. If we can have our private little disciplinary session.’
‘Please…’ she whimpered.
Graham Midgley, impatient for action, spoke more firmly. ‘Come on. I want you back down here in five minutes. Otherwise I might have to give you a double dose.’
Julie couldn’t believe this. Standing now in this small bedroom with its single bed and dressing table and chair. She had to get undressed and put on her night-dress… It was like being in some nasty nightmare. She had feared Mr Midgley might have seen her with Robert of course but her thoughts hadn’t really gone beyond that. She certainly hadn’t thought of this. A caning! But he clearly wasn’t joking. And probably he would tell her mother.
She stepped over to the window, to draw the curtains. It wasn’t yet seven but outside it was getting dark already on this late September evening. Her mind was desperately seeking some way out. But there wasn’t any. Feeling sick Julie reached to unzip her skirt.
‘Good! Lovely. Perhaps a couple of minutes over the deadline, Julie. Another sign of that tendency to ill-discipline I suppose.’
She had crept back into the drawing room, in her white night-dress now and looking ravishing to Graham Midgley’s hot eyes. The night-gown came down to her knees but Julie felt naked in it.
‘Come here. Let me see you. Nothing underneath I hope?’
She flushed, then mumbled that she still had her knickers on. She was briskly told to take them off.
If I say in your night-dress, Julie, I don’t expect to find you still have your knickers on underneath. Because of course you’re going to get this caning on your bare bottom.’
She gasped. That thought had entered her mind but Julie had dismissed it. She couldn’t be caned on her bare bottom!
‘Come on. Look sharp! Or I shall have to take them off myself…’
She forced herself to do it. Turning away from Mr Midgley. But he had come in close now, as she stepped unsteadily out of her knickers. Taking hold of her.
‘I’d better check I suppose… that you really are bare underneath…’
Julie tried to squirm away but he had a tight grip on her arm. His other hand was snaking up the backs of her thighs. Up under the night-dress. He told himself to keep calm. Her flesh felt hot. Electric. Sliding the hand up to her bare bottom…
‘Good…’ Red-faced now as his hand roved the warm bare flesh. Julie gave a desperate squeal. Her mind was still trying to cope with the thought of being caned on her bare bottom. But there was this awful hand. It was cupping the bare cheeks of her bum. And then sliding underneath…
She was gasping for breath. He had finally let go of her. ‘We’d better get on then. Over here.’
She could still feel those fingers. At her bare bottom and thighs. And between her thighs… but now… it was to be the other… The cane…
He was indicating the table over by the window.
Something had been placed on the top. A low wooden stool with a brocaded top. That was where Mr Midgley wanted her. Lying up on top of the table with her hips up over the stool.
‘With your night-dress right up out of the way, miss. Up under your arms. That way it won’t impede the cane.’
Julie felt sick. Picturing herself… because apart from the cane itself there was the awful thought of being up on the table like that. Virtually nude. Displaying everything to Mr Midgley…
She stammered a protest but Graham Midgley was keen for action. He whipped the cane in across one bare leg. ‘Come on, Julie. We must learn to do what we’re told and smartly.’
She yelped, rubbing at her leg. The cane had really stung her. Julie felt like crying but that wasn’t going to do any good. She had no other option. She stumbled to the table.
Mr Midgley moved to help her up. At the same time lifting Julies night-dress aloft, up above her waist. Disclosing the girlish but ripe buttocks below the slim waist…
Like Julie, Graham Midgley was in a somewhat emotional state. Well, it wasn’t every day one had a lovely girl like this. Virtually nude. Her choicest parts displayed before him. And of course a cane in his hand…
‘Keep it still.’ His voice just a little tremulous. Your bottom, miss. It’s going to sting of course.’ A breathy little laugh. But that… is the object of the exercise…’
And then it whipped in. Slicing the full meat of Julie’s bottom.
She heard herself screech out.
A space of time, for her to writhe and jerk her stricken bottom. Then THWATTT…!!  A second dreadful cut.
Aaaaaiiieehhhh!’ her bottom was on fire!
‘Don’t make all that noise.’ His hand at her burning bum now. Fondling the hot, squirming cheeks. Those two didn’t really hurt I’m sure?’
‘Yes! You… you nearly killed me. Oh God! That’s enough!’
He smiled. ‘Two can’t be enough, Julie. Spread your legs a bit. And arch your bottom up over the stool a bit more.’
‘Noooooo! No… please, please let me get down!’
‘We haven’t finished yet. Open your legs, or you’ll get a lot more. And arch up. Come on this is a test of obedience.’
Julie gave a desperate groan. She didn’t want to open her legs — but she couldn’t take any more of that cane. Reluctantly she slid them apart.
‘A bit more. And arch… that’s better.’
There was a delectable view of her cunt now. The pouty hair-covered lips bisecting the soft flesh of her inner thighs. Graham Midgley’s hand went to the head of his stiff penis, squeezing it gently. And then to the back of one of the quivering thighs, high up. Julie jerked at the touch of his hand there. She knew he must be able to see her cunt. And now his hand, real close….
‘Just relax. I expect you’re relaxed with that Robert. With his hands going everywhere.’ He squeezed the soft flesh, his fingers down in between her thighs. ‘And anyway we’ve got to have some more of the cane.’
‘No!’ she yelped. and then, ‘Nooooo…!’ because the fingers were at her cunt. Just slightly fluttering along the line of her slit.
‘Yes, miss.’ His fingers continued. A feathery stroking. ‘You should really have a good half-dozen more. At least. But we might be able to cut it down. If you’re showing signs of being sensible. Disciplined in fact.’
Julie made a whimpering sound. She desperately wanted to close her legs but she couldn’t. For one thing it would now only serve to trap his hand in there. His fingers that were doing that fiendish stroking. It was awful, but it was arousing too. And of course her bottom was still stinging like mad. She really couldn’t take any more of that cane..
Mr Midgley was going on in that softly insistent voice. ‘I tell you what we could do. If you’re a nice sensible girl, we could just have two more of the cane. We must have at least two more for the caning to amount to anything. But then you could go up and have a relaxing warm bath. And then in the bedroom I could rub some nice soothing cream on your bottom. And also… give you a lovely relaxing massage. How does that sound.’
Julie said a breathy ‘No…ooo’ It didn’t sound at all good. Not any of it. She certainly didn’t want any more of the cane. Not two and certainly not six. She didn’t want Mr Midgley putting any cream on her bottom either. Or a massage. She could guess what a massage would involve!
His finger had slid into her.
‘I’m afraid you’ve got to choose, Julie. Do you want another six with the cane? Well I say six but I might need to make it a full dozen in all.’
‘No! No!!!’
‘Well then it has to be the other. Two more strokes, but they don’t have to be especially hard ones. And then… the rest of it.’
There wasn’t really any choice, was there? Julie had to take two more. And they did really hurt, although Mr Midgley said he wasn’t doing it hard. Her bottom was really stinging. After four strokes on the bare this wasn’t surprising.
‘Don’t worry,’ he told her. ‘It’s over now.’
But of course it wasn’t over. There was the rest. The bath. And then the cream on her bottom. And the massage…
The cream and the massage were awful. But at the same time not so awful, because they were highly stimulating. The massage in particular. It was a special massage, which concentrated on the erogenous zones. He had her on the bed for it, with nothing on. It was highly stimulating. And Julie couldn’t help it, she came…
Afterwards Mr Midgley said he had an agreement to propose. He was sitting on the side of the bed and stroking her a bit, but not now like in the massage proper. He said he knew she wanted to go on seeing Robert and although she shouldn’t really be disobeying her mother, he wouldn’t tell. He knew teenage girls had this need, from their hormone activity, it was a natural fact of life. So she would be able to continue. All he wanted was for her to come and see him, say, twice a week.
‘For a nice special massage. Perhaps also a little touch of the cane now and then? Well we could see about that, couldn’t we? But definitely a massage, eh? You seem very responsive to it, Julie dear.’
Mr Midgley put his hand between her legs again.
Julie didn’t like the idea of more visits. Certainly not the possibility of more of the cane. As for the other, well, she didn’t really like the thought of letting Mr Midgley do that either. Not really. Although in fact…
She gave a whimpery groan. He had started doing it again of course. That special massage.

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