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Friday, 26 January 2018

Two Girls for Training

From New Blushes 2.16
‘It’s training,’ Camilla Green told her husband Simon. ‘A training weekend. And I need to have it if I want that promotion.’ She added, ‘It won’t be just me of course, Lisa will be going too.’
Camilla and Simon were sitting on their sofa with the drinks she had brought — drinks which she hoped would put Simon in an agreeable and receptive mood for what she had to tell him. The training weekend! Lisa was Camilla’s friend and colleague at Banlings Bank. They were both aged 22 and currently lowly counter staff, but there was the possibility of promotion into a more senior position on the security side. Naturally for that a girl needed special training and as part of the training Mr Preston had proposed this weekend at his cottage in Dorset.
‘Do you think he’s planning to fuck us?’ Lisa had said gigglingly to Camilla earlier. ‘Maybe that’s part of the training. He wants to see if we’re good fucks!’
Lisa sometimes liked to say things like that, things to shock Camilla. Camilla had flushed and told her friend not to be ridiculous. But of course she could guess that Simon would think something along the same lines when she summoned up the courage to tell him. That was why she wanted to stress that it wasn’t just her being invited to spend a weekend at Mr Preston’s cottage, Lisa would be going as well.
Simon did think it of course. Well wouldn’t any young man with a young wife as attractive as lovely, shapely, blonde Camilla? And the fact that Lisa Mentway was going as well didn’t make it any more acceptable in his mind either. Lisa was also attractive and also married, but from what Simon had seen that didn’t stop her being a bit flighty. He could imagine Lisa egging Camilla on into… well, fucking if you wanted to imagine the worst. And anyway was it just this bloke Preston going? Could there possibly be two blokes — one for each girl.
There were two men going. Camilla, not happy to lie because for one thing you could always be found out, had to admit that fact, a bit red-faced. Mr Preston, who was the senior branch executive with responsibility for training of junior staff, had said that Mr Fanshawe would probably be coming for the weekend too. Mr Fanshawe was another senior man, about Mr Preston’s age, fiftyish. So, if you wanted to be silly you could think of it as a girl for each of them.
‘Please don’t be silly, darling.’ Camilla turned to put her arms round Simon and rub her full tits firmly against him. ‘It’s just going to be a hard-working weekend and I don’t suppose I’ll enjoy it one bit. But you know how much I’d love to get promoted. With a much more interesting job and of course more money, darling.’
Later, when it was time for bed, Camilla was at her most loving and alluring for her husband. She put on her sexiest nightie, the black silk one which scarcely reached beyond her slim waist, and before getting into bed she made sure Simon had a really good look at her in it, with her ripely-rounded bottom and her blonde-bushed pussy quite nude. And then when she was in bed she made it clear she was ready and eager for sex. All to show Simon how much she loved him, and that any possible thought of Mr Preston, or Mr Fanshawe for that matter, was quite ridiculous.
Simon, though certainly not happy, could not avoid getting aroused by Camilla’s display, and he was soon vigorously fucking her.
‘Isn’t that good! Isn’t that super!’ she breathed. Camilla herself felt a great feeling of relief that she had finally told Simon and had managed to avoid a big row. It was Thursday now. Mr Preston had made the suggestion back on Monday and Camilla, with Lisa, had agreed then but she hadn’t had the courage to tell Simon.
Mr Preston and Mr Fanshawe didn’t really intend to get her and Lisa in bed, did they? Camilla, with Simon greedily fucking her, shivered a little. Did Mr Preston fancy her? He had fondled her bottom a couple of times at the bank. She imagined Mr Preston fucking her. On top of her as Simon was now. Not that she fancied Mr Preston, not at all. She didn’t fancy anyone except Simon. But, of course, a girl did think these thoughts occasionally.
And the coming weekend? Well the prospect was certainly scary. But exciting too…?
Driving down in his big Rover Mr Preston said, ‘Discipline of course, that’s a very important element on the security side. Isn’t that right, Gordon?’
Mr Fanshawe, in the back seat with Lisa laughed. ‘Oh yes. And it’s something we’re going to have to check out with you two lovely girls this weekend. Definitely!’
From behind Camilla there came a little squeal. She bit her lip. She could guess that Mr Fanshawe was groping Lisa, or something. Feeling her boobs, or with his hand up her skirt… She didn’t want to know. As he spoke, Mr Preston’s hand had briefly come down to squeeze her own knee but of course he mostly needed his hands for the driving. What was this discipline they were talking about?
It was a fine evening, just after six now and still sunny. They had left the office early to miss some of the traffic and should soon be nearing their destination. Camilla was certainly feeling a little anxiety. Wondering about the cottage. How big was it? How many bedrooms? While poor Simon was presumably thinking about something to eat. He certainly wasn’t at all happy about this. But she really wanted that promotion. What would she do for it, if it came to the crunch?
In the back Lisa gave another giggle. Mr Preston reached for Camilla’s knee again. ‘Discipline,’ he repeated and squeezed.
From behind came Lisa’s giggly voice. ‘What kind of discipline is it?’
Mr Fanshawe said, ‘You’ll see. But of course, it’s all very private and confidential. You won’t be allowed to tell anyone. Not your husbands or anyone.’
Mr Preston, still fondling Camilla’s knee, said, ‘Especially not your husbands.’
The cottage when they shortly arrived was just how you liked to imagine an English country cottage, with flint walls and a thatched roof and roses round the front door. It had a cosy parlour and three bedrooms, and it was decided that the girls would share the bigger bedroom which partially set Camilla’s mind at rest.
They went up to unpack their things. As soon as they were alone Lisa said excitedly, ‘Do you know what this discipline is? It’s spanking! Well that part of it at least. Gordon Fanshawe told me. He said Mr Preston especially is very keen on it.’
Before Camilla had a chance to respond to this extraordinary statement, Mr Preston put his head round the door. He asked if they had got settled. Apparently Mr Fanshawe had gone into the village for something. And meanwhile…
‘Anyway, girls, I want you both in the bathroom in five minutes. For your first disciplinary session.’ Mr Preston grinned but his voice was firm. ‘OK? Five minutes. We need to start the discipline training right away.’
He disappeared. Lisa said breathlessly, ‘Can you guess what for!’
Camilla shook her head. She couldn’t believe this.
‘Haven’t you ever had it?’ Lisa asked. ‘I did, at school. It was when I was in the Sixth Form and there was this master who was going to give me a detention, but then he said I could have a spanking instead if I liked. Well I had a date and didn’t want to be late, and so I let him do it. I had to get over his lap. Christ! Anyway that first time I kept my knickers on but with my skirt pulled up. But it happened a couple more times and I let him because, well, it was a turn-on actually. And those other times… he took my knickers down, Camilla, he spanked me on my bare bottom!’
Camilla shook her head again. She couldn’t believe it. Lisa said, ‘Come on. He said five minutes.’
Mr Preston was there in the bathroom waiting for them. He seemed to have already run a hot bath. He looked at his watch and shook his head. His face was a bit red. From excitement?
‘Two minutes late! We’ll have to have something extra for that. Right then girls, get your things off and then get in the bath.’
Camilla couldn’t believe it!
‘L…look…’ she stammered.
‘Discipline, Camilla. No ifs or buts. On the bank’s security side unquestioning discipline and obedience is needed, and that is what I have to test. So, for the first test you and Lisa are to be spanked in the bath. Your wet bottoms spanked. OK? And you have to take it without any argument or noisy protests. It’s a test, you understand? Your first test. So, come on! Get those things off!’
Lisa gave one of her nervous giggles — and started unbuttoning her dress. Camilla hesitated. It was all such a shock. she had half expected that Mr Preston would try something. Try to fuck her in fact. But nothing of this sort had entered her head. Spanking! Their wet nude bottoms…
But she really did want that promotion. And Lisa was complying, she already had her dress almost off. If Camilla herself refused… Lisa would get promotion and she wouldn’t. That would be really awful.
So, Camilla reluctantly followed her friend’s example. Her hands going to the zip of her dress. She had the sudden awful thought that Simon could see her, that he could somehow see into this bathroom — and whatever shocking things were going to take place. She thrust the distressing thought out of her head. Simon couldn’t see. And he wasn’t going to know. She had to do this, for both her own and Simon’s sake. Well he wanted her to get that promotion, didn’t he?
Her hands were automatically doing what was required. Her pretty blue dress was off, and then following Lisa’s lead, her white slip. Oh Christ! Camilla in just her white knickers and bra, with awful Mr Preston all eyes of course. Lisa meanwhile had slipped off her beige bra and was standing in just her matching brief lacy panties. She was obviously unbothered, unashamedly thrusting out her full, pinky-brown-nippled tits at their boss. Then giving him a sexy smile she slid the knickers down and off.
Mr Preston moved in close to Lisa and patted her now nude bottom, at the same time turning to Camilla. ‘Come on, Camilla. Don’t be a slow-coach. Or you’re going to get extra punishment.’
She shook her head in desperation. But short of point blank refusing, and she knew what the result of that would be, Camilla had to go ahead. So she made herself do it. Slipping off her bra. And then her knickers…
‘That’s better! And why is she so shy, Lisa, when she has such a lovely body? Stand up straight, Camilla. Those tits, they’re as big as Lisa’s here. And that’s saying something.’
Lisa giggled. Mr Preston had hold of her now. Standing behind her with his hands round cupping her tits. She seemed quite happy with this. One of the hands slid down to Lisa’s pussy. Camilla, fighting the urge to cover her own tits with her hands, looked away.
Mr Preston said he wanted to see Camilla now. He let go of Lisa and stepped round her. Camilla felt her heart pounding as he came in close. His hands came to her nude tits, sending shivers through her, but she forced herself to stand still. Then, as with Lisa, one hand slid down to her pussy. Behind Mr Preston Lisa was grinning encouragingly at her. Camilla felt his fingers pushing in between her legs and she realised she was getting wet. It was awful — but she had to let him do this.
Mr Preston’s hand left her. ‘That’s better, Camilla. Better control.’
Mr Preston pushed Lisa down into a sitting position and splashed water over her. Then he was pulling her up to stand in the bath. He told her to put her hands on her head. He had her turned with her back towards him. Lisa was completely wet now, water sliding down the curves and crevices of her nude flesh. Over the jutting slopes of her bottom…
Lisa gave a yelp as Mr Preston’s hand came in without warning. SPLATTT…!! A hard spank landing squarely on the nearside cheek. The flesh juddered solidly. Camilla gasped, her eyes registering shock.
SPLATT…!! Mr Preston’s hand cracked in a second time, to the other cheek. The first had a bright red palm print now.
Camilla, sitting on the loo cover, didn’t want to watch but it had a shocking fascination. Mr Preston was whacking his hand in seemingly with all his force and she could imagine that it really hurt. But Lisa was taking it without too much noise, just a gaspy grunt when the hand landed, and a squirm of her wet nude bottom. That bottom was all red now! Camilla felt a bit sick. Because presumably she was shortly to get the same.
It was going to be just too dreadful! All of this was rather unbelievable. She thought of Simon for a moment. What was he thinking? Quite possibly he was imagining that she was fucking Mr Preston — or Mr Fanshawe. And maybe later on, well… but he certainly wouldn’t be imaging this. It was unbelievable. She wasn’t dreaming it, was she? But Camilla knew she wasn’t. Oh Christ…
Yes. Oh Christ! Because Mr Preston seemed to have finished with Lisa now. He was telling her she could sit down in the bath. To cool off her bum. And turning to her, Camilla…
‘Did you enjoy watching that, Camilla? It was only a start of course. but now it’s your turn for a start. Get up then.’
She rose shakily to her feet.
Mr Preston took hold of her arm, pulling her to him. He twisted her arm behind her back, then held her like that. His other hand was at her quavering bottom…
Camilla gave a frantic yelp. His hand had cracked onto her nude bum without warning. A really hard one! Just like those he had been giving Lisa. Camilla’s bottom felt red hot!
As she squirmed her hot bum, his hand cracked in again.
‘How’s that! Just a couple of testers.’
‘No! I ca…can…….’
She wanted to say she couldn’t take it but the words wouldn’t come out properly.
His face was red, with the excitement of groping her. ‘OK. So let’s have Lisa in the bath first. Camilla you can sit on the loo seat for the moment.’
He turned back to Lisa. She gave a flirty yelp as he smacked her bottom; then he was helping her.
‘Come on. In the bath.’
‘No! I…I…’
‘You want the promotion, Camilla? Well then. Like I’ve said we’ve got to be sure we get the right type of girl. Right Lisa?’
Lisa was pushing by them now, and sitting down on the loo. A ringside seat for the action!
‘Yes Mr Preston,’ she simpered. ‘You really know how to sting a girl’s bum though…’
Camilla knew she had no real choice, not with bloody Lisa being so co-operative. She climbed awkwardly into the bath, gasping as Mr Preston’s hand came in between her legs as she did so. She should have been ready for that…
Then… the same routine as Lisa. Down in the water to get her wet… and then standing, her hands on her head. The water sluicing down off her. She tried to get herself set. To take it….
Jesus. Those other two he had given her had been bad enough but this was a whole lot worse. Because it was on her wet bum…
Lisa gave that giggly laugh…
‘Phew! Christ!’ Lisa grabbed Camilla. ‘How did you like that! Was it a turn-on or what!’
They were back in their room, nude still but dried off. They had just come from the bathroom and Mr Preston had gone back downstairs. Camilla was still clutching the bundle of her clothes. She tried to push Lisa away but she clung on.
‘Wasn’t it a turn-on?’ Lisa repeated breathlessly.
‘Christ. I feel all, you know…’
Hot and randy was what she meant. Hot for one of the men, Ben Preston or Gordon Fanshawe, she didn’t mind. Or, if they weren’t available, hot for her friend Camilla. Lisa had from time to time thought of doing things with Camilla. Would Camilla fancy it? Sometimes she thought she might. And now, with that shared erotic experience…
‘Don’t!’ Camilla breathed. Lisa’s hand seemed to be trying to push in between her nude thighs. Just as Mr Preston’s had. Awful Mr Preston.
‘Lisa! Stop it…’
But Camilla’s mind was still full of that awful experience in the bathroom. And the thought that it probably wasn’t over. Well it pretty certainly wasn’t over. Mr Preston had even said something about caning!
‘Lisa…’ Through the fearful thoughts of what might still be in store for her from Mr Preston, not to mention Mr Fanshawe, Camilla was becoming aware of what Lisa was after. And she didn’t want it. Sex with another girl. Camilla had vaguely thought about it from time to time, but had always shied away from the idea. It was… well… too much.
‘Camilla! Come on! Aren’t you hot? That bloody Mr Preston. He’s got us both hot.’
Lisa was pushing her down on the bed. Camilla tried to resist. Meanwhile there were still those other awful thoughts.
‘They’re not… going to want to… cane us…?’
‘Probably,’ Lisa breathed. ‘But don’t worry about it. Not now. You can always say you’ll fuck them instead. One of them.’ She gave a hoarse giggle. ‘Or both. But come on. You want it, Camilla darling. I know you do!’
Camilla did get fucked that night. She finished up in Gordon Fanshawe’s room. In his bed. And he fucked her. Twice. At the same time Lisa was with Gordon Preston. And naturally she was also fucked.
Lisa of course had been much more willing for these arrangements than Camilla, but Camilla had been persuaded by the thought that otherwise she would get a caning. The caning was part of the disciplinary training, or would have been. But submitting to Mr Fanshawe in terms of going to bed with him, well, that was disciplinary training too. And Mr Fanshawe indicated that she could have that option.
Being fucked by Mr Fanshawe clearly wasn’t as bad as having your bottom caned, and it didn’t take Camilla long to make the choice. Actually, once he was on top of her and doing it, being fucked by him wasn’t bad at all. If you firmly kept out of your mind all thoughts of your husband. It could even be said that Camilla enjoyed it, after the earlier traumas: that awful spanking, and then Lisa persuading her to do what they did.
The only problem was that the weekend wasn’t over. It was only Friday night and they still had all of Saturday and a good bit of Sunday at the cottage. And during that time… what was there still to come?
Well there was still plenty of time for a caning for one thing.
‘I rather think Ben will want to cane you two girls.’
That was what Mr Fanshawe said, rather breathlessly, as he fucked Camilla that second time. Maybe he wanted to scare her a little bit. To produce a little bit of tension and perhaps thereby increase his enjoyment of her.
Camilla gave a frantic little squeal.


  1. Nice shot of the brunette clumsily getting out of the bath. She has a caning bottom. The blonde looks so dumb