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Monday, 22 January 2018

The Arrival 4 — Morning – Second Punishment

From Blushes Supplement 5
After her spanking, Maureen had been ordered into bed, still naked, bottom a fiery furnace. Not surprisingly, she preferred to lie on her tummy. No supper, she had thought wretchedly. Not that she would have been able to eat much after such a shocking ordeal.
What an awful place this was!
Maureen went on sobbing softly until she fell asleep quite exhausted.
When she first woke, the room was in darkness. She wondered where she was, then remembered. Her bottom burnt less but was still quite hot. What could the time be!
Cautiously she got out of bed and found a light switch. Oh, what a comfy bedroom it was! It was almost like one them film stars slept in, she told herself. Would she always sleep there?
Maureen wandered about touching things until she came to a dressing table. Hesitantly, she opened a drawer; it contained a variety of women’s undergarments. She opened another drawer… and saw some pyjamas. Her desire to cover her nakedness was strong. Why shouldn’t she borrow these? Hesitantly, Maureen took out a pair of pyjama trousers and slipped into them. Ah, that felt better; far more respectable. Somehow a top seemed unnecessary. She turned off the light and stole back to bed.
Sleep came quite swiftly again.
It was sleep abruptly terminated by the entry of Gavin Proctor. ‘Come along, young miss,’ he called loudly, ‘you can’t lie in bed all morning, there’s work to be done!’ He pulled back the curtains to see Maureen sitting up in bed, hands over breasts, looking both startled and apprehensive. She had been having such a lovely dream. About food.
‘How’s your backside feel?’ asked Gavin with deliberate crudity.
‘S-sore…’ whispered Maureen, cheeks colouring.
‘Out you get. Let’s have a look at it.’
Slowly Maureen pushed back the bedclothes to reveal that she was wearing pyjama trousers. Gavin’s eyes widened incredulously. ‘What’s this?’ he demanded.
‘I…I put them on… in the night,’ replied the girl. ‘I didn’t think anyone would m-mind…’
‘Mind!’ Gavin was full of pretended outrage. ‘Why… they belong to one of Mr Cameron’s closest friends. I cannot imagine what he would say if he knew a servant was wearing them.’
‘I’m sorry… I didn’t know…’
‘Take them off, this instant!’ Trembling now, Maureen got out of bed and did so. The sense of shame at her complete nudity returned. ‘I told you last night you’d better watch your step… and now this happens. It’s beyond me.’ ‘He gazed at the petrified youngster. ‘You realise, of course, that I cannot overlook this? That it cannot go unpunished?’
‘Oohh no! No more!’ gasped Maureen. What she had done was so simple. How could she be punished for such a thing?
‘Lie flat on the bed. Face down,’ came Gavin’s peremptory order. Maureen obeyed it. Already she was slipping into the routine of obeying this man’s orders at once. That was how Gavin wanted it. Was he going to spank her again? It was all so unfair! Suddenly she found a pillow dumped on her head. ‘Stay exactly where you are,’ came another order. ‘I’ll be back shortly.’
Maureen lay stretched out on the bed, trembling inside and out, waiting and waiting, wondering what was going to happen to her. Time ticked away interminably. How long was he going to be? Her nerves were stretching tauter by the minute. Maureen felt her bottom-flesh quivering with dread. How long… oh how long?
She was not astute enough to realise that Gavin was keeping her waiting deliberately. Drawing out the mental anguish. Nor was she aware that he had arrived at the doorway silently and was happily contemplating the naked delights which awaited him for quite a considerable time.
At last he stepped into the bedroom. ‘Let’s have that bottom up then, Maureen,’ he barked. ‘It’s time you had a sharp lesson!’
Maureen jumped like a startled fawn. The pillow flew off and she looked back. A wailing cry came from her as she saw Gavin carried a clothes-brush in his hand. ‘Ooohhh… no…. I don’t d-deserve it!’
‘You certainly do,’ replied Gavin. ‘Come on, get that bottom up… at once. Any nonsense from you, my girl, and you’ll find yourself in that Approved School in a trice. Come on… come on…’
The threat was enough. Moaning, Maureen forced her hindquarters up in an inviting curve.
The clothes-brush descended.
‘Yeeoooww…. yyeeoowww!’
Maureen was all over the bed, kicking and twisting. That hard-backed wooden brush had hurt far, far more than Gavin’s palm had done the previous evening.
‘Get it up again… and be quick about it! Else you’ll be off back to London.’
Up again came that rounded young bottom. Down the clothes-brush went.
Oh, the delightful sound of hard wood on soft flesh! What a lovely red blaze… what frantic reactions. Gavin Proctor was held enthralled in a private world of unique pleasure. Whacker’s World!
Up came Maureen’s bottom, down came the brush again. And again and again and again. Even when the girl’s bottom was not up, Gavin kept whacking her with that hard wood.  She was threshing wildly. Over and over. Kicking and crying out. Begging and beside herself with pain.
Gavin stopped. His heart was thumping too loudly; he felt rather dizzy. Mustn’t overdo things… however enjoyable they might be. He patted the nude girl lying sobbing heartrendingly on the bed.
‘Alright, young lady,’ he said, ‘that’s it for now. I hope it will help you behave better in future.’