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Monday, 22 January 2018

The Arrival 2 — Opening Moves

From Blushes Supplement 5
Half scared out of her wits, first by her strange, new surroundings and secondly by Gavin Proctor’s suddenly severe tone, Maureen O’Connor pulled up her dress again.
She knew it wasn’t right but what else could she do? They had warned her to do as she was told, to be respectful, and on her best behaviour. Perhaps, she thought, servants in big houses in this country were not of sufficient standing to be permitted normal modest privacy. She had heard the upper classes had always treated the lower classes abominably. Especially the Irish lower classes.
Arms high, the blue dress came right up and then off. Gavin was delighted to see that the girl wore no brassiere. Nor, it appeared, was one needed. Her breasts were apple-round with the firmness of youth. He saw her shivering as she removed shoes and stockings and went across and turned on the bath-taps. Just the little briefs remained. Maureen looked around nervously.
‘You’ll soon get used to our customs at Bowden Hall,’ said Gavin. ‘Come along, there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve seen dozens of girls like you wearing only a birthday suit.’
So she had been right. Servant girls were treated without regard in this place. Maureen supposed she would simply have to get used to it. She slowly pushed down her briefs, becoming ever more conscious of the male eyes upon her, not knowing whether to cover her breasts or her bush. She decided on the latter as she moved towards the steaming bath. How good it would be to get in that! Perhaps he would go now.
Gavin, who had no intention of leaving, had an intriguing rear view as Maureen stepped into the bath. Irish peasant she might be, but she had a lovely body on her. Mr Cameron would be very pleased by his new acquisition.
‘So they were going to send you to an Approved School were they, Maureen,’ said Proctor. Already flushed by the steam, the girl flushed more deeply with shame.
‘Y-yes, Mr Proctor,’ she admitted.
‘But, in the end, the Social Committee decided to send you out on what they loosely call Community Service.’
‘That’s what they did…’
‘What did you do wrong?’
‘I… I’d come to London and stayed in some hostel… and I had very little money. When I couldn’t find a job I soon had no money at all. I was h-hungry… so I st-stole some things. Food and stuff.’
A common enough story, reflected Gavin, still feasting his eyes on the top half of the body in the tub. She must be very ignorant not to have known that State Aid was available for the likes of her. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise that she had been caught, otherwise some pimp might well have snapped her up and put her on the game.
‘You realise, Maureen,’ he said, ‘that if you do not behave yourself here… if you do not conform to our ways… you will be sent back and then have to go to an Approved School.’ All lies, of course, but she wouldn’t know that. It was best to trade on her ignorance and get her nicely softened up. How bleak that pretty young face looked at his words!
‘I… I’ll b-be good…’ she whispered.
‘I’m glad to hear it,’ nodded Gavin. ‘Better get out of that bath now, my girl.’ He fetched a towel and chucked it over. Maureen accepted it thankfully and began to dry herself. ‘Here, let me help,’ Gavin advanced.
‘N-no… I’m alright…’
Better start as I mean to go on, thought Gavin. Roughly he pulled the towel aside and gave Maureen’s bottom a stinging slap. ‘Just do as you’re told!’ he barked out above the girl’s shocked yelp. Gavin grasped the towel and began to rub vigorously… especially over her breasts and buttocks. Occasionally (accidentally!) a hand would slip from the towel and make delicious contact with warm, soft flesh of tits or bottom.
‘Oh… oh… please… please… that’s e-enough…’ Maureen kept gasping out. Gavin administered another stinging slap.
‘I told you not to tell me what to do,’ he said harshly. He removed the towel and Maureen stood dry but naked. Already she looked quite suitably cowed by this new, humiliating situation in which she found herself. But, surely, anything was better than being sent to an Approved School, she told herself.
‘Now, about this luggage, my girl. How did that happen? Everything you had would be Government-supplied. You should have looked after it. Well?’
‘I… I left it in the v-van…’
‘Van? What van?’
‘Just outside the station… a… a man gave me a l-lift. He said he knew wh-where Bowden Hall was. So I got in.’
‘What a ridiculous thing to do!’ said Gavin with mock indignation. ‘A young girl, in an unknown place, going off with a strange man. Just asking for trouble. So what happened.’
Maureen flushed deeply again. ‘He… he tried… to… t-to… do n-nasty things to me.’ Gavin tut-tutted. ‘But I m-managed to get the door open… and then I ran away. Ever so fast. I had to leave my luggage behind. There wasn’t much,’ added Maureen pathetically.
‘I’ve a very good mind to report this to the Social people. I should think they’d want you back right away. Being so careless of Government property. like that.’
‘Oh please… please… don’t tell them!’ The naked girl was almost on her knees, hands outstretched in appeal. ‘l couldn’t help it… I couldn’t! Oh pleeee…eeease!’
Gavin Proctor was moved by the spectacle. But not to compassion. Simply to lust. Into a long silence only Maureen’s sobs fell. Gavin shook his head broodingly.
‘Very well.’ he said at length. ‘On this occasion I shall not contact them. But I advise you to watch your step very closely in future…’
‘Oh th-thank you, Mr Proctor!’ The girl sprang up in relief, breasts giving a little bounce.
‘However,’ continued Gavin. ‘I am afraid this matter cannot go unpunished. Go into the bedroom on the other side of the passage.’
Maureen’s relief vanished to be replaced by apprehension. Reluctantly she moved past Gavin to the door. His eyes were riveted on the delicate wobble of her bare bottom.

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