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Friday, 19 January 2018

The Alpine Girls Club 1

From Uniform Girls 54. More from the lovely photo-shoot first seen in Uniform Girls 22. Sadly Part 2 of this story never appeared (as far as I know).
‘It is of course a very big honour for Anna to be chosen for the Alpine Girls Club. As I am sure you are aware, Mrs Woods.’
Mary nods. The speaker is her visitor, Mr Arthur Baker, and they are sitting in the Woods’ tastefully-furnished lounge. On the coffee table is a bottle of excellent white wine and two glasses. It is a Thursday afternoon in July and the warm sun is streaming in through the window. The year is 1998 and we are in a quiet, prosperous little town. The excellent bottle of wine acknowledges the fact that Mary is well aware of the importance of the occasion.
Mr Baker sips the wine, complimenting his hostess on her taste. She smiles, slightly perhaps. Anna, the subject of this visit, is out at a gymnastics class. Anna’s father is at the office. So only Mary and Mr Baker are here.
He is perhaps in his forties, of medium height but with a vigorous bearing. Mary herself is just 39 and still very attractive: an older version of corn-blonde and statuesque 18-year-old Anna. Anna is both an excellent student and also a member of the gymnastics team.
Yes, Mary’s still-beautiful face is perhaps flushing slightly, and her heart beating a little faster than normal. It is the excitement of this truly marvellous news. Because it is not simply an honour, but also membership brings material benefits: prestigious jobs, introductions to the most influential members of society, with the prospect therefore of an excellent marriage. Yes it is the most exciting news, it is exciting for a still-attractive woman to be sitting here with this powerful man. Mary’s face is flushing and is she perhaps also getting a little wet between her legs. Her pussy.
‘Tell me, is the lovely Anna a virgin?’ Mary does now flush. ‘Don’t worry, she will naturally have a full medical examination, as do all our new recruits. There will be no problems. Of course she will need to terminate any current relationships she may have. She may have only our approved friendships — male or female.’
This does not surprise Mary. She nods. And then suppresses a tremble as the hand squeezes.
‘Yes your Anna is a very lucky girl. Of course if things had been different you yourself would have been chosen.’ Mary makes a little sound of pleasure. Her own hand drifts across to briefly squeeze Mr Baker’s. Yes perhaps what he says is true.
Mr Baker is murmuring other things now. Complimentary things. Highly exciting things. And his hand has slid in Mary’s summer frock. Caressing her soft thigh through the sheer nylon stocking, and then up, to the firm bare flesh above. There is no doubt that Mary’s pussy is wet now. And there is no doubt for Arthur Baker because his hand is very soon there. His fingers feeling the wetness through the brief crotch of Mary flimsy silk knickers.
In her ear he mutters that she should take them off. Her knickers. Mary hesitates, but only for a moment. She is certainly not promiscuous. But this is something different. It is not every day that a mother hears her daughter is to be so honoured. No, this is a once-in-a-lifetime day and Mary’s mature woman’s juices, her hormones, have begun to flow full tilt. Probably she could not stop herself even if she wanted to. But she does not want to.
Breathing rapidly she slides her knickers off. And then positions herself on the settee. Sliding open her thighs to make her steamy, wet cunt fully available. To Mr Baker’s stiff and throbbing flesh.
In the Alpine Girl’s Medical Inspection Room Anna stands erect, at attention. She has been told to strip down. Her skirt and blouse, and then her knickers and bra. So she is now in just her black stockings and a demure white suspender belt and white high-heeled shoes.
She tries not to move, but there is inevitably a little tremble here and there, of her bared and vulnerable flesh, because of course it is stressful. Standing virtually nude before the two men. Anna’s cheeks are flushing pink. She is a very lovely girl, as the two men’s eyes acknowledge.
Dr Gardner is responsible for carrying out this first examination. Full physical details will have to be taken and sent to headquarters. But Dr Gardner and Mr Baker will wish to be sure that their own interest is satisfied first. It is their duty, and their pleasure. Yes, such a lovely truly beautiful girl with a halo of golden hair drawn into a long thick plait. Her body tall and firmly-fleshy, with large, ripe, big-nippled tits and a mellow curve to her hips and arrogant rump. At the juncture of her thighs is a thick, bold bush, russet-blonde, covering the jutting bulge of her pussy mound.
Mr Baker comes up to take hold of one of Anna’s big tits. His fingers closing on the ripe nipple, tweaking it.
‘You are quite a beautiful specimen. A body that is a credit to your parents. It will require training of course, and the Alpine Girls provide that.’
Dr Gardner is in full agreement. He tells Anna to relax from her attention position and part her legs. He slides his hand along the line of her furry split. Anna gives a little gasp, her knees trembling. She can feel her moist cunt-lips opening to Dr Gardner’s questioning fingertips.
‘You are quite responsive. A good sexually-responsive cunt. It will be a great honour and give you a great deal of pleasure with some very important persons.’
Anna is breathing heavily. Because the men’s hands, both men together, have really got her going. She stutters out something which is not very comprehensible. Dr Gardner says she had better lie down, on the examination couch. Take a drink of water first. Relax. And give them a full account of her sexual experiences.
Anna has had a certain amount of messing about with boys of her own age or slightly older. There has been sexual involvement with two. During the last year her next-door neighbour, a middle-aged gentleman, has quite frequently fondled Anna’s cunt. Inviting her round for coffee and to help with some of her school subjects, and then playing with her cunt. There has also been her gymnastics instructor. This time to release any stress which the gym session may have generated.
Anna relates all this, trying not to be hesitant. But as Dr Gardner writes notes in his little book, Mr Baker is playing with her cunt and she finds it difficult to talk. Anna does her best to calmly state that she isn’t a virgin. Dr Gardner says he will be carrying out a full physical examination in a few moments anyway.
Anna’s nervousness now is not just due to Mr Baker’s fingers. There is also the fear that, in spite of what she has been told, that this admission could mean she is no longer welcome. But reassuringly Mr Baker repeats what he has told Anna’s mother. It is not a problem.
Finally, Dr Gardner asks, ‘And any sexual contact with girls or older women?’
There is something to report here. Anna’s English teacher has taken something of a fancy and has done the same sort of thing as her gym instructor. Fondling Anna’s breasts and cunt.
Dr Gardner duly notes this. That is everything? Anna, still on her back, with Mr Baker’s hand between her parted legs, confirms that it is.
Some five minutes later Anna is lying across a leather-topped horse, which is standing to the side of that examination couch. It is about waist-high with a broad top and can be used for examinations and also for beatings. A caning or a whipping. Disciplinary training, in other words. And this is the use to which it is being put now.
Anna has been told to strip her remaining things off, the stockings and suspender belt. She is lying face-down across the horse. And Mr Baker is administering the cane. It is Anna’s first taste of discipline. Mr Baker’s thin, whippy cane slashing in across those burgeoning nates. Each wristy stoke bringing from the bent-over girl a muffled grunt. She is doing her best to take it in silence, but as an inexperienced girl this is not likely to be achieved.
Dr Gardner’s Medical Inspection Room again, one week later.
Anna has just reported in for an afternoon appointment. She has successfully passed that initial examination and the papers have come back from Headquarters.
Yesterday she was issued with the full ceremonial uniform. A short-sleeved blouse, moulding Anna’s big breasts, with epaulettes decorated with large brass buttons. The blue shirt is fastened with a black tie, which tucks neatly into the waistband of a short black pleated skirt. Brigade sash, black stockings and white high heels.
Mr Baker and Dr Gardner congratulate her. There will be a membership ceremony later on but now a further examination and disciplinary training session. Dr Gardner tells her to take off the uniform. Mr Baker standing at the examination couch, picks up a leather tawse and idly slaps it across the palm of his hand.
Anna’s eyes, observing this gesture, flutter nervously. That caning last time was pretty dreadful. It really took her breath away.
Dr Gardner is mainly interested in discipline and medical and physiological responses. Those aspects are to be further studied now. Anna now has all her clothes off with the exception of shoes and stockings and a white suspender belt. She stands erect and at attention. Feeling a frisson of nervousness but controlling it well. Because now she is a member of the Alpine Girls Club she must accept unflinchingly whatever Mr Baker and Dr Gardner have planned for her in this session.
Later on, this evening, there will be wine and cakes with the other girls. But before then. Yes, that tawse which Mr Baker is toying with. A fearsome section of broad, heavy leather split in two along the greater part of its length.
Anna’s eyes flutter nervously, then look away. She hasn’t had the tawse yet. Will it be worse than the cane? The impact will clearly be different. That leather strap is more than five centimetres wide, in contrast to the narrow, knife-like cane. The cane delivers a very narrow, concentrated explosion of pain. The tawse will not be so concentrated… but it will deliver its impact onto a much greater surface area of flesh.
Anna doesn’t want to think about these considerations. It will only make matters worse. She tries to close her mind to what is to come, think about the marvellous organisation that she has joined.
She is bent over the end of the examination couch, her bare bottom flinching slightly…
Alpine Girls Club Training
A girl obeys unquestioningly the dictates of any senior official, Anna certainly knows that. And after the session of sex Anna was spanked. Taking a spanking with good composure right after sex requires a great deal of control.
Part Two — Issue 55
[If Issue 55 of Uniform Girls exists then I have not seen it and I haven't seen Part 2 of this story appear anywhere else.]

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