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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Subject for a Survey Part 2 - A Stay at the Clinic

From New Blushes 2.22
It is Friday. The day for Sophie Jansen’s second appointment at the local Social Affairs office. Why does she have to be there? What is the exact purpose of the appointment? Sophie doesn’t know. She has been given some vague statement about a survey, but does that really mean anything? Is there indeed any real purpose for her having to go? Apart from the gratification, entertainment, of those two officials, Brewster and Hoskin?
But Sophie knows better than to query it, or raise objections. If there is indeed no reason apart from providing some diversion for those two men, well, hopefully this second visit will be enough. Hopefully, they will then he satisfied. Bored with her maybe. Then they will get someone else to toy with. It will be all over for her. Yes that is what Sophie Jansen is desperately hoping.
The exercise room again. It is 10.30 on this Friday morning. And yes, the two officials, Brewster and Hoskin, have Sophie in here again. For a continuation of their pleasurable diversion with this very attractive blonde? Well they have got her stripped down again. Yes, Sophie is nude. She is standing at attention in front of the surgical trolley. Her hands down, tight to her nude hips.
Her large tits are jutting. Her ripe bottom too. Hoskin stepping in close behind her gives a sharp slap to one quivering bottom-cheek. Sophie swallows nervously. It is coming, she knows it is coming. The cane. Hoskin has it in his other hand. The older man, Brewster, stands there to the side, his keen eyes on her ripe flesh. Hoskin hasn’t caned her yet, there are none of those red stripes on her bottom as yet. But any moment now…
Hoskin tells her to part her legs. He has moved back a pace from her. ‘And raise your arms. Stretched wide, and up above shoulder height.’
She nervously complies. She can picture the cane…
‘Feet a bit wider. And get up on your toes. This is discipline training, Sophie. Girls should get more of it in school. Right, now keep still…’
Her shocked mouth emits a gaspy yelp. Yes, the cane has sliced in. Cutting agonisingly across the tender meat of her bottom.
‘Keep still! Get back up on your toes. Yes excellent disciplinary training, Sophie. And also a first-class way of getting you warmed up. For testing.’
‘AaaaYYaaaahhh!!... Ooohh! Oh! Please!!’
Hoskin laughs. ‘Please can you have lots more?’
‘No! No…ooo… Please don’t cane me. A…Anymore…’
‘Don’t you like it? But you need to be warmed up.’ Hoskin has come close again. His hand at Sophie’s stinging bottom.
‘Or maybe you prefer the other warming up, eh?’
She squirms. She can guess what he means. Screwing her. Getting her up on the trolley and fucking her. Or bending her over the end and doing it. Like last time. It was hateful. The actual business of being fucked by them and also the fear of getting pregnant. But that awful cane! It is worse. She just can’t face any more of it.
His hand is fondling her glowing bottom, where those three searing strokes have sliced in. ‘Eh Sophie? You prefer the other?’
‘N…No… Please. I don’t want…’ But if the choice is more of the cane or being fucked…
Brewster says, ‘She doesn’t want the same and she doesn’t want to be fucked. You should be more cooperative, Mrs Jansen. When we offer you a choice.’
Hoskin has stepped back and flicks his cane across her trembling rear. Not hard but enough to sting and of course a reminder of the earlier three slashing strokes.
‘Let’s see you doing some exercising for a bit,’ Brewster says. ‘Bending and stretching. Then perhaps a session on the bike. And afterwards…’
So Sophie has to do the exercising. Deep knee bends. Bending to touch her toes. High knee lifts. And then they have her on the bike. A vigorous session of pedalling. Urging her on, faster. Making her really sweat. And then…
After that? Hoskin gives her two more hard ones with the cane. Perhaps to remind her what it is like. But it is really the other that they want now. A fuck. Well they both want it. Like before on her previous visit. Yes both Hoskin and Brewster want to fuck her. And is anyone going to stop them?
Brewster says, after caning her, ‘And now a bit of the other. Well it’s the best way to get a married woman warmed up. Isn’t it? Everyone will agree with that.’
He takes her over to the trolley, and bends her face down over in. Spreads her legs. And then, with no more ado, is at her. His erect cock there, between her spread legs. At her cunt. Sophie gives a muffled gasp, as he slides in. His stiff cock sliding deep inside her.
It’s awful of course. But it’s not as bad as the cane. She thinks of getting pregnant. That’s the worst part, that possibility. But as long as she can douche immediately afterwards…
So the session is similar to the other, on Wednesday. Sophie having to exercise, and being caned. And being fucked by both men. All on the same vague basis: testing, for this survey the Department is supposed to be doing; on the public’s sexual habits, or whatever it is. Yes the session is the same for Sophie. Differing in detail but essentially the same. And again she is allowed to use the vaginal syringe after the fuckings, so that aspect will be alright at least. With any luck. She won’t get pregnant.
Yes a similar visit. As bad as that first one. But there is Sophie’s desperate hope that it will be the last. They will have had enough of her after the two visits. What about that? Is that going to be the case?
No it isn’t. It is not over. That is the news Brewster gives her at the end of the session, when she has been allowed to get dressed and is seated with him at the desk. He gives her a quizzical look, but he is shaking his head to Sophie’s hopeful, hesitant query.
‘Oh no. I am afraid not, Sophie. No. In fact…’
In fact what? Her heart seems to miss a beat. What is Brewster saying?
He is saying that her file has gone to the Head Office. Naturally. And the officials there have said they wish to progress her further. They see her as a very good subject. A good specimen.
A copy of the file which has been made on Sophie thus far is in fact on Brewster’s desk. It is open and Sophie can see it now contains large glossy photographs of herself. Including some excellent nude shots. Shots of her exercising, on the exercise bike, etc. She hadn’t realised the photos were being taken at her last visit, it had all been so traumatic, the shock and stinging pain of the cane. The trauma also of being fucked like that. Yes they had been taking photographs throughout and those photos are now in her file. And maybe those excellent photos have been partly why she is wanted for further study, testing, or whatever it is. Those photos and whatever Brewster has reported.
And what is he now saying? Sophie can’t believe it. She is to undergo further testing at this other place. A special clinic or something, out in the country. ‘Our Research Clinic, a very nice place,’ Brewster says. And it won’t be for just a two-hour visit. Oh no. A proper stay. Maybe a week. Or longer.
She feels a bit sick. Brewster smiles at her. ‘You may enjoy it, Sophie. Lanford Grange. That is the name of the Clinic.’
What is Lanford Grange? It is the Social Affairs Department’s research clinic deep in rural Surrey. Previously a private estate, it is a large and handsome Victorian house set in some 20 acres of beautiful wooded countryside. A very secluded and private spot, well away from any possible prying eyes. The general public is definitely not welcomed and there are high walls or forbidding fencing with thick high hedges completely surrounding the grounds.
And what is the purpose of Lanford Grange? Its role is really multifunctional. It is a place where the Department can carry out those various tests and training which it considers necessary. Testing and training of young females. That is one aspect, but also there is a second area which in fact is not unrelated. Because Lanford Grange is a beautiful, tranquil place where senior government figures, ministers and other officials, can come for relaxation and refreshment. There are various facilities provided for their enjoyment. But what attracts more than a few of these senior government figures is the presence of the young women sent here for testing.
Yes, a senior government visitor (of either sex) can ask for a young woman to be made available. For his, or her, pleasure. The visitor will say that he wants to get involved in the young woman’s training. Yes. Of course. And being involved in her training, he can do virtually what he wants. Just as Brewster and Hoskin have already done, except that with them there were limits. They were, after all, only relatively junior officials. The senior figures who go to Lanford Grange for rest and relaxation are not limited by the constraints placed on juniors. No, they can do what they want with the subject.
Sophie doesn’t know all of this of course. Brewster has only told her that she is to go for further testing to this clinic which is out in the country and is called Lanford Grange. She is to go next week, on Wednesday, when a government vehicle will come to pick her up. How long she will stay is still indefinite. It could be for a week — or it could be longer.
It is a shock, an awful shock, when Brewster tells her this at the end of her session. Sophie had been really hoping that perhaps her second session at the local office would be the end of it. That second awful session at the hands of Brewster and Hoskin. Being abused by them. Caned. Fucked. Awful, but just about bearable with the thought that it would then be over. But now to be told it isn’t over at all. There is more to come. And worse? Well a whole week, or more, at this place…
The other thing is that so far she has said nothing to her husband. Nick knows nothing of her two visits to the Social Affairs Office and what she has had to undergo with dreadful Brewster and Hoskin. But now if she has to go away there is no way she can avoid telling him. Well, an edited version at least.
Sophie tells Nick that night, Friday night, in bed. Yes an edited version. She says, hesitantly, that she has been selected for this survey, some sort of survey. She doesn’t tell Nick about being fucked by the two officials, or being caned. But she does say she was examined. Made to strip down, then tested, examined.
Nick asks about the testing and she tells him. Being made to exercise, nude. Also up on that trolley and on the exercise bike. ‘It wasn’t nice,’ she says. ‘Well they were groping me. There was a lot of that.’ But she doesn’t say about the cane. Or being fucked.
Can Nick guess that there was more? Well he may have heard what those people can be like when they get a pretty woman in on some pretext or other. Yes maybe he can guess but just doesn’t want to know. Because there’s nothing you can do, is there?
And that is what Sophie says. ‘There’s nothing I can do, is there?’ She is talking about this other place now. The clinic. Lanford Grange. ‘I mean I shall have to go.’
‘A week,’ she says. ‘That’s what they said. A week. Or it could be longer.’
No, Nick knows there is nothing he can do about it. Even if they’re just getting Sophie down there to play with her. Fuck her. The way things are nowadays you know better that to try to argue or complain with officialdom.
So he doesn’t try to question Sophie further. What is the point. He tries not to think about it, but he can’t help it. Imagining what it will be like? Maybe. Anyway for whatever reason he finds he has got an erection. At the thought of Sophie in that office with those officials? And then at this place she is being sent to? Well anyway for whatever reason he is all at once feeling very horny. His cock hard. And Sophie, well it seems she is in the mood too. Thinking of Brewster and Hoskin doing it to her? Anyway she wants it. And so they have a good fuck…
The other thing is her job. Sophie is only part-time and the visits she has had to make so far haven’t been a problem. But now she will have to tell Mr Conway, her boss. Tell him she will be off work for a week. Mr Conway can’t object, not with it being an official reason, but she would rather not tell him. She has to though.
He smirks at her, as she stands in front of him in his office reluctantly making her request. Mr Conway fancies her of course, she knows that. He would really like to fuck her and has more or less told Sophie so, more than once, but she has always brushed him off, while not being unpleasant, because Mr Conway is her boss. Yes, he is smirking because he knows a bit about those Social Affairs people. Well, the rumours at least. He gives an air of incredulity.
‘A week, Sophie! At one of those places! I can just imagine what it will be like for you.’
He comes close. Sophie tries to fend him off as his hands reach for her. Groping. She tries to resist but he is persistent though, getting his hands on her tits and bottom. And then a grope at her pussy. Well she is asking for a favour.
She struggles with him. Mr Conway gives an excited laugh. ‘Well when you come back, Sophie, you won’t be able to say no to me. Not after a week at that place. No, I shall certainly insist!’
Sophie standing in this sitting room. Standing by the fireplace. It is a room at Lanford Grange of course, one of the reception rooms which the important visitors to Lanford use. There are photographs of children on the mantle above the fireplace. Are they Mr Layton’s children? Mr Layton is the visitor Sophie has been sent in to see. He is one of the important visitors who come here, for relaxation. She knows something about this side of things now. The Matron, Mrs Smilby, has told her. And Sophie has already had to see one, yesterday. Mr Melburn. Yesterday was her first day here. Now this morning it is Mr Layton. She is standing by the fireplace in front of him.
Sophie, with her long blonde hair loose about her shoulders, is wearing a white long-sleeved blouse buttoning down the front. The blouse and black high-heeled pumps and that is all. She is otherwise nude. That is how Mrs Smilby has sent Sophie in to see Mr Layton. Just like that, but carrying her knickers in her hand. A pair of brief black knickers.
Mrs Smilby, fiftyish, pleasant-looking, slapped Sophie’s bare bottom. Laughing. ‘Maybe he’ll want you to put the knickers back on!’ And then, ‘don’t worry, Mr Layton’s quite nice. He’s not one of those who’ll want to rough you up.’
In fact Mr Layton, in slacks and open-necked shirt, seems mild-mannered, polite almost. Sitting in the armchair as Sophie stands in front of him, her hands nervously in front of her bare pussy. Her knickers are on the arm on his chair. Where he told her to put them when she came in. And now Mr Layton in his mild-mannered way is asking her about herself. Where she lives. Her job and her husband’s job. Mr Layton is fortyish. Just an ordinary-looking man. She answers his questions. Trying not to sound nervous. But that is not easy. Not when you’re standing virtually nude in front of a strange man. An unknown quantity. Because you don’t know what he wants. Well he’s going to want something, isn’t he? Some pleasure. No doubt something more than just having you stand in front of him with no skirt or knickers on.
‘So you’ve been here just the one day, Sophie? And how have they treated you so far?’
What can she say to this? It has not in fact been at all pleasant so far. The fact is the place seems to be run by men just like Brewster and Hoskin back at her local office. Quite a few of them it seems. Some wearing medical-type white coats, others in a grey uniform. She has seen quite a lot of them, in the corridors and the hall, and outside in the grounds. Mostly they are with young women similar to herself, presumably also sent here for testing, examination, or whatever it is. The young women are usually in a white blouse plus little pale-blue gym-type skirt, which was the outfit Mrs Smilby issued to Sophie when she arrived.
The short skirt and blouse are worn with black high-heeled pumps. With a brief pair of black knickers underneath, but sometimes without. Nothing else though. That seems to be the clinic uniform. The Lanford Grange uniform.
When she arrived Mrs Smilby took Sophie to her room and gave her the official outfit. Two of the white-coated officials had been assigned to her, Mrs Smilby said. For her training and testing. Their names were Larter and Vincent. The general programme would be that Sophie, like the other women at Lanford Grange, would undergo testing when she wasn’t required by any of the visitors.
And soon after that, when Mrs Smilby had left, Sophie’s two officials, Larter and Vincent, came in. They checked her uniform. Checked that she was wearing the brief black knickers under the short blue skirt, but nothing else. And then they proceeded with some initial testing. Telling Sophie to take the knickers off. For some exercising. A session on her back on the floor, cycling her legs in the air. A vigorous session of that. And then the cane. Yes a caning. Bending face-down over the bed. While the younger one, Vincent, caned her bare bottom.
He caned her really hard. Really stinging her. Sophie desperately gasping into the bed cover. Six fierce cuts with the cane. Then when he’d finished Vincent’s hand was there. Between her legs. Groping her pussy.
It wasn’t finished though. Because then there was more. More exercising. And then more of the cane. The other one, Larter, wielding it this time.
Yes, that was her first afternoon. Sophie’s introduction to her minders, Larter and Vincent. And then, in the evening, she had her first session with a visitor. Mr Melburn.
And now she is with another visitor. Mr Layton. Who at least seems mild-mannered, ‘quite nice’ according to Mrs Smilby. And no doubt if she wasn’t here, with Mr Layton, Sophie would be being put through her paces by Larter and Vincent again. Would she prefer that?
‘Uh, alright sir,’ she says in answer to his question. Well there seems no point in saying anything else.
Mr Layton raises his eyebrows. ‘Alright? But they cane you, don’t they? And all the rest. Is that alright?’
She squirms. Her hand still covering her bare pussy. ‘Uh. No I… I don’t like it, sir. But…’
Mr Layton laughs. ‘Some young women do like it, of course. They enjoy being caned. It excites them. So I believe. But you’re not like that?’
‘No sir.’
Mr Layton tells her to come closer. And when she does he briskly smacks her bottom.
‘So what do you like then, Sophie? Sexual intercourse? Fucking, in other words. Mmm?’ His hand smacks her bare bottom again.
‘No. I…’
‘Come on. I’m sure you like it. A healthy young married woman likes it. Oh yes. Your husband. Nick, isn’t it? You like him doing it. And you’ll be missing it down here I know…’
She doesn’t know what to say. Mr Layton is getting up now. And can Sophie guess what he wants? Yes he wants the other, that’s what she guessed. She doesn’t want it, but it’s better than the cane, it has to be. Mr Melburn yesterday evening, he wanted it. A fuck. As well as caning her. Well not actually a cane, a horse-crop. Across her bare bottom. Before he fucked her. So if Mr Layton just wants to fuck her, well, it could be worse.
He wants her over the table. Standing at the table and bending forward over it. Her legs parted. So that her pussy is nicely presented. Yes this is what Mr Layton, who is ‘quite nice’ according to Mrs Smilby, this is what he wants.
After he has fucked her he says she can put the knickers on. But then before he lets her go he wants them down again. He wants her across his lap and her knickers down. So that he can spank her bare bottom.
The next day there is something else. When she is not with Larter and Vincent that is. There is this other guest that Sophie is assigned to in the afternoon. Mr James. Mr James wants something else. He wants her to clean out a grate and chimney. It is in a room which is being redecorated and the grate and chimney have to be cleaned. And Sophie is going to have to do it. Naturally she mustn’t get her clinic uniform in a horrible mess, so she has to strip off. Strip down nude, and then she has to put on this man’s large shirt which Mr James has ready. Because she is bound to get in an awful mess, cleaning out a chimney. And that, it would seem, is Mr James’s thing. Having a pretty girl in an awful mess. Soot and grime all over her. Because the shirt is really just an apology for protection. For one thing Mr James doesn’t want it buttoned up, he wants it open all down the front. So her tits are bare in fact.
Good! Mr James is very pleased with Sophie in just the open shirt. He hands her a chimney brush for her to start work. But first of all he sticks it up the chimney himself and then wipes the brush on Sophie. Smearing her legs and face. Her hair. Her tits too! He laughs excitedly. ‘Super! A proper chimney sweep!’
Feeling a bit sick, Sophie gets to work. Well there is no choice, is there? Mr James watches. And he has a cane in his hand now. To keep her up to the mark.
At intervals, as she struggles with the filthy chimney, the cane cuts in, across her bare thighs or exposed bottom. Just to keep her mind focused. She grits her teeth, and carries on. Then after a while Mr James tells her to stop. Because he is ready now. Sufficiently turned on by the splendid spectacle. Yes he is ready to fuck her.
On her back on the bare floor. He mounts her. He doesn’t seem to worry about the state she is in and the fact that he is going to get dirty himself as he gets to grips with her. Well, that is part of his thing it seems. Fucking this lovely, dirty chimney-sweep girl. A big, big turn on.
The next day more of the same. The same sort of thing. Well not cleaning a chimney at least. It is Mr Melburn again, and this time another little thing he likes. Sophie has to pose for him in some sexy gear. A shiny black suspender-belt attached to bright red thigh-high boots, plus a pair of kinky black knickers with front lacing. Mr Melburn wants to take photos of Sophie. Posing. In various poses. Then in just the suspender-belt and boots, the kinky knickers off. More poses for his camera.
And then it is the other he wants. To fuck her. In the boots and belt still. Sophie bending over the table. Nice.
Yes there is that, the session with Mr Melburn, and also, of course, more of the business with her two minders, Larter and Vincent. They are keen to be busy with her at any times when she is not required by the special guests. For more of their testing. The same sort of things that Brewster and Hoskin were keen on. Exercising of various sorts. Plus the cane of course. And naturally the other too. Yes, fucking.
Sophie cannot refuse anything. If the minders or the special visitors want to cane her or fuck her she can only accept it. She is still very anxious about the fucking. Every time there is that darting fear. That she could get pregnant. But maybe not quite as anxious as those first couple of times back at the local office. Hopefully the syringe that she is allowed to use will be effective. That is what they have told her. It is very effective, a girl won’t get pregnant. Because of course Sophie can’t get pregnant, not yet. The new law will not allow her to get pregnant for another full year. Mrs Smilby tells her it’s nothing to worry about.
‘Don’t worry, dear. There’s no problem. And the men do love it, don’t they.’
But then, after those first days, there is to be a change. ‘A little bit different now, dear,’ Mrs Smilby tells Sophie when she comes in to her early in the morning. ‘Just a little change in how things will be.’
A change! Sophie feels a dart of anxiety. Well it is too much to hope it will be a change for the better, isn’t it? That she will no longer have to submit to whatever Larter and Vincent, and the various visitors, want to do to her.
But it does sound as if it will be better. Mrs Smilby says Larter and Vincent have been given new instructions, curtailing what they can do. And specifically they have been told that from now on they cannot use her sexually. Fucking, in other words, is out.
Sophie can hardly believe this. But Mrs Smilby is going on. The other thing is that from now on Sophie will only see this one man. This one special visitor. Mr Lennox. She will also continue to have her sessions with Larter and Vincent, for exercising etc., but with sex now prohibited. Other than that it will be just this one special visitor. Mr Lennox.
Sophie tries to think. To take all this in. Well it’s good, isn’t it? A definite improvement. And then Mrs Smilby tells her the final part.
‘The other thing, Sophie. You’ve been using the syringe. You won’t be allowed that any more. Not with Mr Lennox. He won’t want you to use it.’
Sophie tries to get hold of this in her head. This final thing. ‘B…But… is he going to want…’
Mrs Smilby smiling. ‘Oh yes. Of course dear. Well that’s Mr Lennox’s thing, isn’t it?’
Mr Lennox’s thing. Getting young women pregnant. Sophie can’t believe it. She shakes her head, feeling a surge of panic. ‘I can’t! I…I’m not allowed…’
Mrs Smilby cuts her short. ‘Oh it will be taken care of. If Mr Lennox does get you pregnant. There won’t be a problem. You’ll just go away to have the baby. To one of the government maternity clinics. You don’t need to worry about that, Sophie. It will be a special case. Because Mr Lennox is a special person. Actually that is not his real name. I can tell you, in confidence of course, that in fact he is the son of a very senior government minister. So a very important person and we have to please him. Yes I should think it would be a big honour for you to have his baby.’
Charles Lennox likes to be outside mostly, out in Lanford Grange’s lovely wooded grounds. That is where he likes to take this lovely girl called Sophie Jansen. As soon as he saw her he knew he just had to have her. And have her all to himself. She was just so irresistible. In fact he was told that her two minders would have to continue with her, continue their testing. That was in the regulations, so he realised he would have to agree to it, but he didn’t want anyone else, none of the other visitors here who had come for the women. Mrs Smilby kindly said she would see to it. Mrs Smilby seemed to be a good, cooperative sort and young Charles Lennox told her he would put in a good report.
Yes, outside in the country with this lovely girl. Sometimes he likes to have her in his room but mostly it is outside, and the weather is ideal for it. Walks in the countryside. And then… Well a bit of fun and games. Spanking games. And then the other. Fucking her. It is fantastic. The actual act and also the thought of it. Seeding her. Getting this lovely young married woman pregnant. Putting a bun in her oven.
Yes, the thought of that. For Charles Lennox it is just the biggest turn-on of all.

Sophie does get pregnant. Yes. And it is definitely young Mr Lennox. It is definite because she is kept there at Lanford Grange for several more weeks, with no other sexual contact. And then, when it is confirmed that she is pregnant, she is sent to the government maternity clinic.
She will stay there for the full term of her pregnancy. Husband Nick is allowed to visit her. He knows the situation, what has happened, this very important government person has got Sophie pregnant. But no one else will know. So there will be no problem. The child will be registered as his and Sophie’s.
So it should all be over. With no problems. All the testing finished now for Sophie. Well maybe. Unless of course someone, one of those other visitors for instance who had been enjoying her company, decides that she needs to go back to Lanford Grange. Some further testing. Training. Well, it is possible, isn’t it?
Yes it is possible. Anything really is possible. Maybe even Charles Lennox will decide he wants to do it all over again.


  1. Used and abused by lots of men she can’t do anything about & so eventually she was going to get pregnant & not by her husband