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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Subject for a Survey Part 1 - Initial Examination

From New Blushes 2.22
The official in the Social Affairs Department glanced through the document. There wasn’t a lot in it as yet. He looked at his watch. She was due in five minutes…
In the last decade the state had become more strict and authoritarian. The government was no longer prepared to tolerate what it saw as unsocial behaviour. There were strict curfews now for teenagers, and drinking was tightly controlled (for the general population at least). Smoking of course was now completely banned. Another area where the government had developed a keen interest was sexual behaviour. The sexual habits of the general population. This was viewed by some government figures as an area with major potential for antisocial behaviour. Research was needed, and then of course control. Control was certainly needed in an area where an individual’s emotions could be so powerful.
Also it goes without saying that some government officials would be interested in particular in the control of attractive young women. Control of them — and at the same time getting access to them.
Sophie and Nick Jansen had been married for just a year. They were both college graduates, Sophie now 22 and Nick 23. Nick had a good job in a bank and Sophie had a part-time secretarial job with an insurance company. Six months ago they had moved into a nice house on a newish estate. Sophie would have liked to have a baby right away but of course that wasn’t on. That was another of the regulations. Girls who had been given a state grant for college had to sign an agreement that they would not have a child for at least two years after graduating.
Sophie Jansen was a very attractive young woman. A blonde with long thick flaxen hair and a tall statuesque figure. So not surprisingly other men besides Nick found her desirable. Her boss at work, Mr Conway, did for one. Mr Conway who was fiftyish would like to fuck her. Sophie knew that. But she wasn’t going to let him, or didn’t intend to. Or anyone else except Nick.
Yes she only did it with Nick, making sure he always used a condom except perhaps at her very safest time. Because she couldn’t risk getting pregnant, not yet, and also she couldn’t get herself on the pill. That was another area of tightened state control. Allowing young women to have the pill gave them the possibility of greater sexual freedom, and the state didn’t approve of that. So Sophie’s doctor had refused when she had asked. He said she should make her husband use a condom. And then, giving her big tits a squeeze, he said if she wanted to do it with anyone else she had better make sure he wore a condom too.
These rules and regulations, they were sometimes annoying and inconvenient. But sensible persons weren’t going to voice any complaints. Not in public at least. That would be antisocial behaviour and the government could come down very hard on antisocial behaviour. Antisocial elements could be sent to special centres for rehabilitation, and such places were not at all pleasant. So Sophie was sensible. She followed the rules. And then…
One afternoon in the town centre when she was shopping. Window shopping really. Anyway this man approached her. Ordinary-looking, maybe fortyish, in a suit and tie. In a quiet unassuming voice he said he needed to talk to her. Could he have her name? And when she gave him a querying look he produced a card. It identified him as an official from the state Social Affairs Department.
He told her that the Department was doing a survey and she had been selected. When Sophie asked him what the survey was about he gave a half-smile. As if she didn’t really need to know that. He asked if she was married and Sophie said yes. Then he said the survey was about sexual behaviour.
Anyway, Sophie had to give him the required details. Her name and address and phone number. He said she would be hearing from them. Two days later she received an official-looking envelope. It was a letter from that government department. A notification that she had an appointment at the local office the next day, Wednesday, 10 am.
Sophie tried to suppress a scared feeling. It wasn’t anything to worry about, was it? She hadn’t told Nick about the man. Well she had been hoping in fact that she wouldn’t hear any more about it. Maybe they would lose her name or something. But that had clearly been a bit optimistic. Why had she been picked anyway? She would obviously have to go. But again, she didn’t feel like telling Nick.
Why had Sophie been picked? Because she was a very attractive young woman, that was why. A very nice young woman to have in for questioning. Part of a survey, yes, and nice to question a good-looking young woman. Her sexual habits. Preferences. All that. Make her squirm a bit. Nice! And then of course an examination. Get her clothes off! That was even more enjoyable.
And this one was special, wasn’t she? Mrs Sophie Jansen. Really choice. That was what Hoskin said. It was Hoskin who had seen her in the town centre.
‘A splendid specimen,’ he said in that rather pompous way he had. Especially when she has her clothes off I imagine.’
Brewster had grunted. He was older than Hoskin and more senior. He liked to seem objective, pretend he wasn’t really bothered. He just wanted to do his job. It wasn’t true, though. He was keen alright. The women they got in for checking. Interrogation. When you had a really nice one stripped down. On her back on the table…
He glanced at the file Hoskin had started on her. ‘Married eh?’
Hoskin gave his lecherous grin. ‘Yeah. Husband up her like a jack rabbit I imagine. Won’t let her get any sleep.’
Sophie glances nervously around the room, her eyes wide She has been ushered in here by the girl in the outer office. It is some sort of doctor’s examination room. There is an examination table, and one of those wheeled surgical trolleys.
And there are two men in white coats by the table. One of them turns and she recognises him as the man in the town centre.
‘Hello Mrs Jansen,’ he says. ‘I am Mr Hoskin and this is Mr Brewster. As I think I told you, the Department is carrying out a survey. Part of the study on sexual behaviour, and you have been selected. We will want to ask you some questions. And then there will be a physical examination.’
Standing there Sophie can feel her legs shaking. ‘I… Why…’ she stutters.
‘Don’t worry,’ the older one, Brewster, says. ‘Nothing to be nervous about. Sit down please.’
He takes her arm and conducts her over to the desk where there are two chairs. He half-pushes her down in one and sits in the other himself.
Brewster opens a file on the desk. Looking up, his eye catches that of Hoskin. Hoskin has an anticipatory grin on his face. Brewster for his part can feel a definite increase in his pulse rate. This Sophie Jansen is nice. Statuesque and very shapely, you can see that immediately, before you get her clothes off. Really big tits under her blouse, and full shapely flanks under the tightish skirt. Yes Hoskin has not exaggerated, a very sexy woman. A nice thick sexy plait of golden hair too. Brewster can feel his cock already beginning to stiffen.
He glances at the file. They have got the basic data on her of course, from her records. ‘So, Mrs Sophie Jansen,’ he intones. ‘Husband Nicholas Jansen, married for one year, both college graduates. And you graduated just one year ago, so you cannot get pregnant for another year at least.’
He looks up. ‘That right Sophie?’
She says a nervous yes. It’s the new regulation.
‘And you’re being careful about that. Husband using a condom all the time?’
Sophie squirms, and nods.
Brewster leans forward. ‘He wants to do it a lot  I imagine. All the time I should think with a lovely wife like you. I should think you get no peace. Eh?’
Sophie can feel herself flushing. Can this Mr Brewster talk to her like this? But she knows she can’t do anything about it. ‘Uh… not really,’ she manages.
Brewster puts one hand on her knee. ‘And what about anyone else? You can speak in confidence but you must be truthful. Are you doing it with anyone else? On the side.’
‘No! Certainly not.’ She is sweating a bit now. The hand is squeezing her knee.
‘No? What about at work? I see you have a part-time job. Your boss at work. Do you let him do it?’
‘We can check of course. Check with him.’
Sophie desperately shakes her head. Of course Mr Conway at work would like to. He has made passes at her.
Brewster gives another squeeze to her knee. ‘I don’t know if you’re being truthful, Sophie. But we’ll find out, and if you’re not… Anyway stand up now. And get undressed. We have to carry out some checks.’
Sophie stands. Her legs feel wobbly. She doesn’t want to get undressed but knows she has no choice. While she hesitates, the other one, Hoskin, comes close. He has a stethoscope round his neck. His two hands take hold of her boobs through her blouse. His hands jiggle the big boobs.
‘Come on. Or would you prefer that Mr Brewster and I did it?’
‘No! No…’ She steps back a pace, and begins undressing. Unbuttoning her blouse. Unzipping her skirt. Unhappily taking these garments off. Brewster and Hoskin are gazing, their hard eyes keen to miss nothing. She stands in white bra and knickers, with a lacy white suspender-belt fastening her dark stockings. Hoskin curtly tells her to keep going. The bra and knickers. ‘You can leave the stockings and suspender-belt for the moment,’ he adds.
And so, moments later, Sophie is like that. Nude except for her stockings, suspender-belt and white medium-heel courts. She wants to cover herself with her hands. Her pussy and tits. But she knows they don’t want that, so she stands with her hands at her sides. She can feel her nude body quivering: her big bottom; near-ripe nipples. She can feel beads of perspiration on her face too.
Hoskin has come close again. His hands return to her tits — which now are nude of course. He tweaks her nipples.
‘A ripe body, Sophie. Ripe, and responsive would you say?’
His fingers are pulling at her big nipples. They are becoming erect. ‘Yes?’
‘I… I…’ she stutters.
‘Yes I believe you are. But we’ll do some tests which will check it. Raise your arms. Your hands on your head. And take deep breaths.’
Hoskin tests her chest with the stethoscope. But he is still feeling up her tits. Playing with them. With her arms raised, Sophie’s tits are jutting ripely out. Her nipples are quite erect now. He tells Sophie to part her legs, keeping her hands on her head.
‘Legs a little wider,’ he says.
She gives a shuddery gasp. His hand has slid down to her pussy. She is quite wet there. His fingers slide in between the outer lips. They rub over her clitoris, and then up into her slick cunt.
‘Like that, do you?’ he murmurs. His face is very close. To Brewster he says, ‘Oh yes. I think she’s responsive alright.’
Brewster says, ‘Let’s get her up on the trolley.’
‘Yes.’ Hoskin takes his fingers away from Sophie’s cunt. ‘Get everything off now. Then we’ll have you on the trolley.’
Sophie’s eyes dart nervously to the trolley. It is true, her body is hot and aroused. Hoskin’s fingers at her tits and cunt have got her going, there is nothing she can do about it. Biting her lip she bends to unfasten her suspender-belt.
And now Brewster says to Hoskin, ‘What do you think, maybe we should warm her up a bit? Before testing.’
Hoskin says, ‘Yes. I think so. A good idea.’
Sophie doesn’t know what they are talking about, but Brewster takes Sophie’s arm and leads her to the end of the trolley. She doesn’t have to get up on it, though. Not for the moment. He pushes her down, her upper body face-down over the trolley which is covered with a sheet. What is happening? Sophie does not have to wait long to find out.
Because behind her, out of her sight, Hoskin, his stethoscope off now, has gone to a cupboard and taken out a thin, whippy cane. Without warning he steps forward and slices it across Sophie’s thrust-out bare bottom.
She gives an anguished howl. It feels as if she has been cut in two by a red-hot poker or something! She jerks upright but Brewster steps in to grab her and thrust her back down over the trolley.
‘Keep in position! Keep your bottom still. We need to warm you up for the examination. And if you don’t keep still for it you’ll just get a double dose.’
She yells out as the cane cracks in a second time. Her ripe bottom-cheeks writhe, the pain in her rear is unbearable. Brewster barks another curt warning for her to stay still. And then the cane cracks in again.
‘Alright, Sophie?’ Brewster, taking her arm, pulls her upright. She moans. She isn’t alright of course. She stumbles. It seems her legs won’t support her. She has been given six with the cane. Her bottom is red-hot.
She yelps, wincing, as the older man’s hand slides over the glowing flesh.
‘Yes, I think that’s warmed up and circulating nicely.’ He slaps her red-striped bottom. ‘Probably does it better than one of those hot fucks your husband gives you.’
Sophie scarcely knows what is happening. What is happening? Hoskin has got a large transparent plastic sheet. Well it is more like a bag in fact, with a hole in. They hold her, and pull it over Sophie’s head, and then down over her body. She feels panic but Brewster tells her to keep calm. Her head comes through the hole, and then the transparent plastic is down, enveloping her body and arms. Down to her knees.
‘Your body heat needs to be kept in for the testing,’ Hoskin explains. His hand reaches up under the bag and gropes Sophie’s cunt. And then he is getting her up on the trolley. On her back, with a pillow under her head.
He goes away. Sophie can feel her heart pounding. Partly it is a result of that dreadful cane, but there is also fear. A panicky fear of what is now to happen, on her back on this surgical trolley, her body quite nude inside the scary plastic envelope. Her fear is not eased when she sees Hoskin has returned carrying some sort of frightening-looking apparatus. What! His hands are at her thighs. Parting them. His fingers at her cunt, but also he is fixing something round her upper thigh. She gives a scared whimper.
‘Don’t worry,’ he tells her. ‘Just blood pressure. The first measurements.’
The blood pressure band is pumped up tight round her upper thigh. She gasps. Hoskin is groping her cunt again, and the band is really tight. The two men study the reading as the pressure in the band slowly decreases. And then is pumped really high again.
The two men confer. She can’t hear but Hoskin seems to be suggesting something. And the older man agrees.
They take the pressure band off. Hoskin says, ‘We need to get you stimulated again. But I won’t use the cane this time. It’ll be the other…’
The other? Her legs are being parted. She can’t really see from her position, but Hoskin has moved in between her parted thighs. And then… She can feel it! It is not his hand now between her legs. No it is the other. His stiff cock.
She jerks but she can’t move away. Brewster has hold of her shoulders. And Hoskin is in her now. He is fucking her.
Another room. They have wheeled her in here on the trolley. Sophie’s mind is spinning. Hoskin fucked her! On the trolley in the other room. Caned her and then fucked her! She can’t believe it, but she knows it has happened.
And then she thinks of something else. In spite of the state her head is in, spinning around, she manages to think of it. Well it is crucial, isn’t it? Hoskin, when he fucked her. Did he use something? A condom. Because if he didn’t…
She stutters. They are getting her off the trolley now. Sophie’s eyes take in this other room. Is it some kind of exercise room? There is what looks like a vaulting horse, and also an exercise cycle. But her mind is on the other. Hoskin discharging in her. Filling her with semen. Which can make her pregnant…
Standing now, she still has the plastic wrap on. Her hands inside the plastic automatically move to cover her tits and cunt, a somewhat futile gesture at this stage. As she manages to stutter out her awful fear. Brewster laughs. ‘A condom? I don’t imagine our friend Mr Hoskin here will have wanted to spoil his pleasure using a condom.’
Sophie shakes her head in despair. ‘B…But…’
‘A bun in your oven?’ Brewster asks. He laughs. ‘Don’t worry, we don’t want you pregnant, not yet anyway.’
Hoskin moves to take the plastic wrap off her while Brewster goes over to a cupboard. He takes out a large vaginal syringe which he fills with liquid and gives to Sophie. He points over to the corner of the room where there is a washbasin and bidet.
‘Give yourself a good squirt up with this. That should do the trick. And then come over here. By the horse.’
Sophie stumbles over to the bidet and squats down on it. Frantically she inserts the end of the syringe in her cunt. It slides in, just like Hoskin’s erect penis only a few minutes earlier. Will this do the trick? It is awful doing it in front of the two men. Syringing herself. But more awful things have already happened. And there are more still to come…?
‘Come on,’ Brewster demands. ‘Don’t take all day. We’ve got more testing to get through.’
Testing? Well it seems more of that warming up is needed. The first kind. Not the fucking, not right now at least, but more bottom-warming. They take her to the horse and bend her over the padded top. Brewster holds her arms stretched out in front of her. And Hoskins, he has a leather paddle in his hand now. He holds it close in front of Sophie’s face.
‘What d’you think? Looks effective?’
He steps back and whips it down with all his force across Sophie’s out-thrust rump. She lets out a yell.
‘Yes it’s not bad,’ he says.
He cracks it in again.
‘Not as good as the cane though. I’ll give you a few minutes with this. And then a few more with the cane. We want you warmed up for a session on the bike.’
Sophie felt quite sick when she finally got back home. It was unbelievable, what had happened at the Social Affairs office. What she had had to undergo with those two dreadful men. She had been kept there for over two hours — although it had felt more like 24.
And now: what was she going to tell Nick? Was she going to tell him anything? She didn’t want to, she didn’t want him to know what had happened. She would much rather keep it to herself, to try to pretend none of it had happened. She didn’t think she could do that though. It was bound to show, wasn’t it? Her face would show that something awful had happened and then Nick would get it out of her. Not that that would really make any difference, there was nothing he could do about it. The way it was now you had to just accept things. Certainly anything to do with Social Affairs. Well you didn’t want to be sent to one of those Rehabilitation Centres, did you?
And at that thought Sophie gave a little shudder. Because Brewster, just before they let her get dressed to go, had said something. He hadn’t mentioned a Rehabilitation Centre specifically, but just that she might have to go away. Somewhere. For further tests…
And in any case she was going to have to go back to the office in two days’ time.
She didn’t tell Nick. She sounded all nervous and hesitant to herself, just like a person hiding an awful secret, but somehow Nick didn’t notice. She was going to have to tell him but for the moment she couldn’t face it.
In bed Nick wanted sex, wanted to fuck her, and Sophie felt a surge of panic. It was silly but she could guess the reason. It was those two men of course. They had both done it to her. Hoskin in the first room, and then Brewster in the exercise room. After they made her do a hard session on that exercise bike. He had made her bend over a table, and had fucked her. And like Hoskin before he hadn’t used anything, no protection. So she had to use that syringe again.
Yes that was the reason for her panic now. Remembering that. Because if she got pregnant…
But Nick would use a rubber of course. There was no need to panic she told herself. Her hand slid across. Yes of course. He had put a condom on.
He began to fuck her. Sophie couldn’t keep her mind with him though. She was thinking about Friday. Yes Friday, in two days’ time, when she was going to have to go back to that office.

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