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Saturday, 27 January 2018

Spankers Gallery - The Woodshed

From Roué 19
The drawing on this page, offered for consideration some years ago by a collector and previously unpublished by this magazine, has found a niche now that three later drawings by the same artist.
The time gap between the execution of the pieces has added a new dimension to an assessment of the four drawings.
It should be said that, although a number of drawings by this same artist have been unveiled to an appreciative readership in the Gallery, the gentleman whose pencil has traced the outlines of these delightful girls with such understanding, not to say relish, has thus far remained something of an enigma to us, since we have not been able to communicate directly with him nor commission work from his free-flowing pen.
The first drawing, when compared with the others, does admittedly suffer from the excellence of the more recent illustrations. Clearly there has been a considerable refinement in the artist's skill over the course of time; yet the fascination in examining the drawings lies less in the discovery of differences than in the identification of similarities and the extrapolation of ideas therefrom.
There is no doubt that the girls portrayed in this issue of the Gallery are in fact one and the same. Indeed, in virtually every one of the illustrations which have been published in this magazine from this artist, the subject has been the same delightful nymphet dressed up, or in her case undressed, to suit different circumstances. One notes the way in which, in later drawings, Miss Smackable’s irresistibly spankable bottom has plumped out and filled those brief garments which she is occasionally allowed to wear yet more amply with every subsequent exposure. Never have we seen her escape with anything less than a thoroughly-toasted pair of cheeks, and we have noticed too that, as she has filled out, those charming, gravity-defying breasts with which she is blessed have been as oft denuded for the delectation of the reader as has her saucy young bottom.
We have seen no evidence that she has ever been allowed the indulgence of a bra, nor has she ever been brought centre-stage without her nipples being fully erect first, and her tearfulness in those painful situations in which she is inevitably entrapped has become a delight which one looks forward to gleefully.
It would certainly be true to say that we would miss Miss Smackable greatly if her creator ever decided to let her escape from her weepy-eyed, knicker-shuffling passage across the leaves of his sketch book. More power to his elbow then, and strength to the lead in his pencil!

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  1. This strapping should be a warm up for a good hard caning from her mother before she goes to bed. At least a dozen and more if she rebels during the punishment