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Friday, 19 January 2018

Join the Dots…

From Blushes 29
The visitor is naturally curious. He glances back at the girl in front of the fireplace in the draughty hall as the caretaker pilots him through a double half-glazed door and says, ‘Mr Evans’ office is the second door on the right, sir.’
The girl hears the visitor say ‘Thank you’ in a cultured voice and then the caretaker’s stare is on her as he comes back across the hallway. His pink, podgy face thrusts itself close to hers; he looks straight into her eyes from twelve inches away as he slides his hands from her waist up her ribs, pushing her top up until one tit, then the other, bounces out underneath. The girl blushes and nips at her lip, then squeaks plaintively as her nipples are tweaked in turn between finger and thumb.
‘I dare say he’ll deal with you when ‘is visitor’s gone, Miss. ‘Til then you’ll just ‘ave to wait, won’t you?’
A fat finger strokes between her thighs, then a gentle nudge makes her pirouette on the spot. A solid, smarting spank smacks across her knickers.
‘Then you’ll get what for, won’t you, Miss. Eh?’
‘Ooooh! Please Mr Markham — don’t please!’ But a second spank cracks across her bum and she swings round again, eyes wide and pleading. ‘D-don’t —’
The caretaker ambles off across the hall and then down the corridor towards the east wing. ‘Don’t go away, will you,’ he says, over his shoulder, and laughs.
The girl stays put, her arms above her head as on other occasions, not daring to move, knowing that she is going to be ‘dealt with’ before long, thinking of Mr Evan’s cane across her bottom, pouting resentfully and looking warily in the direction of the half-glazed doors every few moments. Then, from the other direction comes the sound of the caretaker’s returning footsteps.
‘Still here?’ Again the mocking laugh. His hands are at the waist again, fingers slipping under the elastic of her knickers. ‘I dare say he’ll want these down, won’t he, Miss.’ Her knickers are slithered down; she feels the caretaker’s hot breath on her bare belly as he squats in front of her, arranging her knickers just above her knees. Again there is the intrusion of a fat digit between her close-pressed thighs.
The caretaker goes through the double doors, and then there is the sound of voices. Mr Evans, followed by the visitor and Mr Markham, comes across the hall. The girl turns away, hiding her tits and her pubes, arms still above her head. Her plump bottom trembles faintly as she remains in her humiliating posture. The three men disappear down the corridor towards the east wing.

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