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Saturday, 20 January 2018

In a Gentleman’s Employ 3 — Hints for Young Ladies

From Blushes 29
The weather had improved somewhat by the afternoon. The wind had dropped and there were even some little patches of blue in the sky. It was not like yesterday, though. Not at all. Maybe that was the only good day there would be here on Little Kelpen, Moira told herself. Rain and storms were what this place was noted for and yesterday was probably just a flash in the pan. She was not in a very happy frame of mind.
For one thing her bottom still stung, from that awful cane. It was there in the sitting room propped against the wall, a constant reminder of the devastation it could wreak on a girl’s bottom. Of the devastation it had wreaked. Those he had given her with her shorts and knickers down, well, they didn’t even bear thinking about. And there was no reason to suppose Mr McAirdley wasn’t going to keep on doing it. She looked morosely out of the window. He had more or less told her that.
Mr McAirdley was out at the moment. He had gone off to visit someone. He said he would be taking her round to visit his friends in due course but first of all Moira had to get through some basic training, to show she could handle the job. This meant doing all the cleaning and washing etc. And it probably also meant getting the cane. After that caning this morning Mr McAirdley had said that she had taken it all right although she had made a bit of noise. Perhaps she could do better next time. Next time!
He came back about seven o’clock. She had mostly kept busy doing the various things he had told her to do, so Mr McAirdley couldn’t complain about that. He seemed friendly enough, not like when she had got back earlier from Mr McTaggart’s. But it had been Mr McAirdley’s fault, sending her out with virtually nothing on; what did he expect old McTaggart to do?
Yes, Mr McAirdley seemed friendly and gave her a nice hug when he came in. He want
ed to know what she had done and Moira told him. That seemed OK. He still had his arms round her and one hand was now unfastening her shorts. Those same tight little shorts that Mr McTaggart had taken off and then subsequently Mr McAirdley had taken down to cane Moira’s bottom. He was taking them down now, and then the brief knickers.
She trembled, her face against his cardigan. His hand was on her bare bottom and it was still tender, there were probably still lines there from the cane. Certainly a little earlier she had been able to see the marks. Why had he taken her shorts and knickers down? Was Mr McAirdley going to cane her again? Right now? In spite of seeming in a good mood.
He asked if it was still sore. Moira said Yes.
Continuing to stroke her bottom Mr McAirdley right out of the blue asked if she was a virgin. ‘Yes. Of course.’ The words popped out against the hairy cardigan. Before yesterday she had thought that by now she possibly wouldn’t be. But she was still. All that had happened was that she had been caned. Plus that awful McTaggart. Shivering, she thought of that — up on his table on her back on the towel. In spite of her struggles he had got her knickers off. And then… his diabolical old fingers had brought her off. ‘Massage…!’
What would Mr McAirdley do if he found out about that?
His hand was still there, teasing her apprehensive bottom. ‘There’ll have to be more caning. You know that, don’t you, Moira?’
She made a despairing sound into the cardigan. Yes she did know it. She could sense it. Mr McAirdley liked doing it. Before it was that other she had been worrying about, now she would almost welcome that.
The fingers gave her rear a little pinch. ‘Why not go up and have a rest. You’ve been very busy all day. Put that pretty nightie on and get into bed.’
She glanced up. It seemed a strange suggestion. It wasn’t yet properly dark. But Mr McAirdley was pushing her away. A pat to her bottom. She gave him a querying look and then pulled up her knickers and shorts. Hugh McAirdley watched the tight, brief shorts disappear up the stairs.
A few minutes later he stepped over to his bookshelves and took out a slim volume. It was entitled: Hints for Young Ladies. Inside on the title page there was also a sub-title: Advice for Young Females on Entering a Gentleman’s Employment. The author’s name was Robin Goodheart. Some unknown Victorian perhaps? No, Robin Goodheart was in fact Hugh McAirdley. He had had the book privately printed.
He glanced through its crisp pages, then stepped over to where his cane stood against the wall. With the book under his arm he picked up the cane and thoughtfully flexed it. He went to sit down and glance again at the pages of Hints for Young Ladies. A little later, carrying book and cane, he followed Moira up the polished wooden stairs.
She was in bed, lying wide awake, when he opened the door and looked in. She hadn’t been there long, lying looking up at the ceiling with various thoughts chasing each other through her head. Now Mr McAirdley was telling her to get up. She was to come into his room.
The first thing Moira saw was the cane. It had been downstairs in the sitting room and now it was here on a little stool by Mr McAirdley’s bed. It was on top of a book but she didn’t notice that at first, only the cane. Not until Mr McAirdley picked the book up. He showed it to her. It was called: Hints for Young Ladies. But Moira’s thoughts were still on the cane. He had obviously brought it up for a reason. He was going to cane her again.
Mr McAirdley opened the book. He made her kneel up on a little stool, facing the bed. ‘Read it. Read it out loud. Here.’ His finger was pointing.
Haltingly she read it out: ‘A young person entering a gentleman’s employment must be meek and obedient in all things. If she is fortunate her employee will be kind and considerate but nonetheless a wise employer will always practise discipline. He will keep a cane and he will wish to use it. A young person even though she is industrious and obedient will nonetheless be subject to regular canings.
She looked at Mr McAirdley who was now sitting down on his bed.
A wise young person will know that these canings are for her own good. She will accept them obediently…
Mr McAirdley got up and paced the room behind her, then his hand patted her bottom. She glanced round, nervously. His hands were tugging down the little knickers of the baby-doll nightie which this time she had put on.
He smiled at her. ‘It’s all in the book, isn’t it? It’s a very good book and full of very sensible advice. You’ll have to study it. What we’re going to do now is have a lesson with the book.’ He patted her bottom again. ‘I want you to lie across the bed and read from it. Read it out, as you were.’
She knew what Mr McAirdley was going to do. He was going to cane her. Make her read out and cane her at the same time. It was another of those games. Like the Chinese Checkers only worse because this wouldn’t be a spanking it would be that cane. The cane on her bare bottom because her knickers were down, halfway to her knees, and the nightie was now pulled up, over her back.
‘Come on. What does it say?’
He had the cane in his hand. She knew. Her bottom flinching. Moira made her eyes focus on the open page.
A sensible young person will welcome the ca…
The cane cracked down. Moira made a gluggy, gaspy sound.
She read through three pages. Forcing the words out although at times they were garbled and not easily recognisable. When it was too bad Mr McAirdley made her go back and read it again. While all the time…
That cane…
After the three pages he said that was enough for today. He made her kneel up on the stool and show him her bottom, hot and bothered and cane-marked as it was. Then suddenly, he spanked her tender bottom hard.
‘Off to bed,’ he said, and looked at her in a way that said, ‘I’ll be in to see you later.’

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