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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Amanda’s Room

From Blushes Supplement 15
Mr Maple was out there on the patio, sitting in his chair reading the newspaper. He must have seen her, in the little room, Amanda’s room, right there next to the patio, on the ground floor and with its French windows wide open. But he didn’t look up. Not moving a muscle. Maybe he hadn’t seen her, maybe he was so engrossed in the paper, Page Three perhaps, except that it wasn’t that sort of paper, it was The Times or Telegraph with Mr Maple. So maybe he hadn’t noticed. But Sondra didn’t think that, she reckoned he had seen her all right but he just didn’t want to take any notice. She was a worm beneath his contempt. Not worthy of notice. Until of course he was ready to come in and deal with her.
Oh God!
You will stay in your room until 4 o’clock, Miss. Until you hear the hall clock strike 4. Then you will come down and go into Amanda’s room. I shall deal with you there, at 4 o’clock. So once you’re there you will get yourself ready right away. Do you understand me, you wretched girl?’ There had been a painful slap to her leg to punctuate these instructions.
She had whimpered ‘Yes Mr Maple.’ Yes, Sondra knew what to do all right. She had been sent to Amanda’s room before, twice before, so she knew what to do. And she knew what awful Mr Maple was going to do.
Oh God!
That had been 12 o’clock when he had told her that. Twelve until 4 in her room with no lunch or anything. She was starving. How could he do this to her? How could he starve her and do what he was going to do here in Amanda’s room? At 18! If she wasn’t careful Sondra would be in tears. Wet tears dribbling down her cheeks like a little baby at the sheer impossibility and injustice of it. She did some rapid blinking. There would anyway be tears shortly. She wouldn’t be able to help it even if she was 18. When Mr Maple had her on the bed. With that sickening cane.
The cane was the most diabolical thing ever invented.
Twice now he had caned her. Today would be the third. Amanda had said Mr Maple’s canings got worse. The first two were not too bad but when you got to the third he really let you have it. That was what Amanda had said but Sondra’s first two had been diabolical anyway. So what was this third one going to be like? Amanda wasn’t here now, she had gone back to wherever it was she lived. Bournemouth. When was Sondra herself going to be allowed to go?
Yesterday in the garden Mr Maple had said, ‘I really don’t know about you, Sondra. You could theoretically go home in a week but I don’t think you’re coming on at all well. So we’ll have to see. You had better pull your socks up.’ There had been another of those nasty stinging smacks.
That of course was before today. This morning. When Mr Maple had driven past and seen Sondra talking to that boy in the village. Just talking and wheeling her bike. And she was 18.
But of course you were strictly forbidden to talk to any boys or youths in the village. That was what Mr Maple told you when you arrived, just about the first thing. ‘Strictly no fraternising with local youths.’
Sondra had afterwards said to Amanda. ‘That is ridiculous. We’re 18.’ Amanda had shrugged her shoulders and made a face. That of course was how Sondra got her first caning, defying that rule and talking to that boy Robert. Though it wasn’t really defying, he had just come up to her and started talking. And Mr Maple had just happened to drive by. Just like today. It had occurred to her that perhaps he deliberately went out in his car after he’d sent her to the village to get something. So that he could catch her if she did speak to anyone.
It was diabolical. Mr Maple was diabolical. Sondra glanced nervously out at him again. Out there smugly with his paper. She had better get ready. He had said get ready right away when she was in Amanda’s room. Take her shorts and her knickers down. Because at any moment he would just put that paper down and get up and come in and if she wasn’t ready, on the bed with her shorts and knickers down…
Oh Christ!
A week ago she could not have thought this was possible. Not in her wildest dreams — or nightmares. Sometimes she didn’t think it was possible now. A week with Mr Bloody Maple. A week in which had had caned her twice and about a hundred times smacked the backs of her legs — for nothing at all mostly. To ‘inspire her’ he said. Sharp smacks at the backs of her legs, her thighs, where it really stung. That was why you had to wear shorts all the time, so that your legs were nice and bare and ready for it. To ‘inspire’ you. ‘You need a little inspiration, Sondra, to get you going.’ Smack! Smack!
She was just a bloody skivvy. A week of polishing and dusting and hoovering his house which was big. And for the last three days, since Amanda had left, all with no help except for Mrs Musgrove who wouldn’t do any of it anyway. ‘That is your job, Sondra. Or do you want me to have a word with Mr Maple?’ No thanks.
Sondra climbed on the bed. Amanda’s bed except it wasn’t Amanda’s anymore. It would be the new girl’s when she got here. If she had an atom of sense she would do anything except come. If she had any choice. Sondra hadn’t had any choice, her mother had just said she was going. ‘Sort of a holiday. Sondra.’
Thinking of her actually saying that could really make you weep. She tugged at the zip of the ultra-tight shorts.
Her mother must have known, Sondra was sure she must. She couldn’t really have believed it would be a holiday. No, it was just a convenient way of getting Sondra off for a couple of weeks, while her mother went on holiday herself, with that Mr Epsom. And Sondra’s mother didn’t want her staying in the house by herself because of Keith, who worked in the baker’s shop and had got very interested in Sondra. Her mother didn’t like him — or didn’t like his interest in Sondra. And so from nowhere Mr Maple’s name was suddenly being mentioned. ‘A holiday really, Sondra. Although I expect he’ll like you to help.’
And make her wear the shorty shorts all the time so he could keep smacking her legs? And make her take the shorts down for the cane? And not let her talk to anyone? And starve her? Oh no there had been no mention of any of that.
Sondra tugged at the shorts, which were very tight over her full hips. They were not her own shorts: that is to say she had not brought them with her. Mr Maple had taken her to the town 10 miles away and bought them. ‘White shorts and a nice tight fit,’ he had said to the assistant. Adding, without batting an eyelid, ‘For my niece here.’ Did he go in there with every new girl he got and say that? Quite probably, Mr Maple probably just didn’t care what people thought. Anyway he had finally approved the shorts, giving Sondra’s bottom a nasty pinch in the process. And then made her wear them every day since.
Except for two days ago when Mrs Musgrove had washed the shorts. Then Sondra had had to go about in just her skimpy knickers. So that Mr Maple had even more of a target for his nasty smacks. That was what he was like, making her do whatever he wanted and not letting her wear any of her dresses or her jeans even once since she was here. Just because he liked tight shorts, and no doubt also a girl in only her knickers. Mr Maple did whatever he wanted with a girl in his house. And very shortly now…
With another agonising glance out to the patio, Sondra slid down her bikini knickers. So that her bum was quite bare. That was something else: the knickers. When she arrived he had simply opened her case and dragged her things out. Her underwear. Picking up her knickers one by one. There were two pairs of the brief bikini ones and the others were, well, more substantial. Picking up the bikinis he said. ‘Only these. I don’t want you wearing the others.’ And then her bras. 36C: Sondra was a big girl in that department.
‘Not any of these,’ dangling them. ‘I don’t want girls wearing a bra here. Is that clear, Sondra?’
That was why now, like every other day here at Mr Maple’s, Sondra didn’t have a bra on. Just her pink top. Her big boobs bulging impressively and freely underneath. This was one reason no doubt why when she went into the village for something any boys around were keen to get into conversation with her. The big boobs with their nipples clearly showing and also of course the tight shorty shorts. Showing the shape of her bum, and her legs bare right up to the top. Boys naturally went for all that sort of thing. So Mr Maple probably guessed that if he drove out after her he was bound to catch her talking to a boy. And then he had her. ‘You wretched specimen…’
If he sent her to the village 10 times he would probably catch her 10 times. There was nothing she could do about it; you couldn’t shout out ‘Go away. Mr Maple will cane me.’ As it was she had had to go twice and she was now going to be caned twice. The other caning had been Mrs Musgrove, saying Sondra was refusing to do a job. Which wasn’t really true…
So. You wretched creature!
Oh God! He was suddenly in the room. Behind her as she knelt on the bed, fortunately with her shorts and knickers down. Mr Maple had crept silently in.
His hand splatting stingingly across one ripe bottom cheek. ‘What have you to say, Miss?’
‘No…nothing Mr Maple. P…please…’
‘Please what?’
‘Pl…please. D…don’t cane me…’
‘Of course I shall cane you, you wretched impertinent girl. When you arrived I spoke to you specifically about conversing with local youths and I have repeated it several times since. Yet twice now…’
‘Aaaauuhhh!’ Another stinging smack.
‘Twice I have sent you to the village on an errand and twice you have defied that instruction.’
‘Aaaaooouuuhhh!’ Another.
‘Get down, Miss.’
Oh God!! Flat on her face on the bed. Flat but with her bottom arched in the air. The position Mr Maple had shown her the first time. ‘Head down with your bottom nice and high, Sondra. And keep it still, girl.’
Oh God.
Her arms flat by her sides, also as he’d told her before. She heard herself make a blubbing sound in the bed cover. Amanda’s bed cover, where Amanda had been caned and how many other girls? It seemed he always used Amanda’s room for canings. Amanda had said maybe it’s got a special memory for him. Amanda had seemed to be able to take her canings so much better than Sondra — or maybe she just pretended to be brave. Think about Amanda, Sondra frantically told herself. Anything to get through the next however long it would be.
‘Are you listening, you dreadful girl?’
‘I said, I think you’re the worst girl I’ve ever had. Making absolutely no progress at all. Apart from deliberately disobeying when I send you to the village, your behaviour in general is abysmal. Doing your work with an unpleasant sullen air and Mrs Musgrove tells me in a very slipshod manner as well.’
‘Aaaoooouuuhhh!’ His hand had smacked her bottom again. But at least it was his hand. Not…
‘So shall I now give you an extra caning, Sondra. I shall not stop at six. You will get at least 10. And good, hard ones. Do you understand?’
‘Yes. At least 10 hard ones. And there will be something else too. Until I can see, and Mrs Musgrove can see, a marked improvement in your behaviour I am going to cane you every day.’
‘And perhaps you shall go without your lunch every day as well. Now arch that bottom up and keep it still. You miserable girl!
A pause.
Oh dear God…
‘Aaiiieeekkk! Aaaoouuukkk!!’


  1. Super girl with a smashing figure and those shorts and top look terrific on her, especially with her being so well developed in the chest department. Yes, very nice attire for a girl in training those would be and I think the regime outlined in this story would be a very good one. Just a shame there's not more pictures. Could have particularly done with more colour ones. Oh well, very nice all the same!

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