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Monday, 22 January 2018

A Chelsea Morning

Photo-story from Janus 89 & 90. Not much of a story, to be honest, but a nice photo-set of a young lady who appeared in quite a number of spanking videos back in the 1980s.
If you call yourself ‘Chelsea’, in the accent of a region no SW3 estate agent would dream of dealing with, you’ve got to expect a bit of trouble now and then.

Particularly when you run into someone like Madam, a very meticulous lady whose tragic past experiences have conditioned her to react with fury to any sign of falseness or pretension — real or imagined.

This gaffe with her name alarmingly triggers just that kind of sarcasm which Chelsea has never been able to cope with. Giving way is the only way she knows how to handle a sour, critical, supercilious bitch of Madam’s calibre, and angry men who tell her she should have her bottom spanked or her selfish, oblivious misbehaviour. When she needs to keep in with people, Chelsea has learned that it can be better to pay with a degree of stinging pain in her ‘bum’. Displaying it inevitably leads to her gaining an advantage over any adversary susceptible to the silken lures of girlish nubile beauty.
Which Madam is.

Chelsea keeps an appointment with her in the morning, hoping to placate this brightly-dressed, brisk and volatile lady who is in a position to help her if she so wishes. Hoping to get away quickly, and not fall into the trap of an evening appointment for correction, spun out until it’s slightly too late for her to catch her last train home. That’s a mistake anyone might make two or three times, but not four in a row!

Chelsea’s punishment will be over before midday, but Madam will keep her back to share her siesta. And Chelsea will not regret this special detention, unthinkable though it would have been before she came to London.


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