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Sunday, 10 September 2017

Letter from St Mildreds 3

From Roué 5
I have found that it is one thing to build up a relationship with a girl, in fact it happens all the time, and is very often initiated by the girl herself without any encouragement from me, but quite another thing to take the irretraceable step of suggesting an actual physical punishment.
This isn’t something to be hurried. The approach has to be oblique. Firstly the idea of punishment has to be introduced. Punishment as such does not, of course, have any official place in a student nurse’s training. The girls are assumed to be adult and ‘self-motivated’ , and therefore responsible for their own education to a large extent.
On the other hand, the majority of them are only just out of school, and to a degree still under the jurisdiction of their parents, so some kind of authority is nothing new to them. Reinforcing this already existing respect for authority is the most sensible way to set about establishing the right kind of relationship.
Every new influx of students brings with it new possibilities, and it becomes a matter of ‘flexing the muscles’ and seeing which of the new girls respond in the right way. As I have already said, finding the right girls is then a fairly simple matter, provided every step is taken with caution and due consideration.
Having sorted out those who look promising, I make a point of taking a particular interest in their work, building up the relationship to the point where, if they do badly, they feel that they have ‘let me down’. This kind of ‘guilt complex’ facilitates the transition to ‘authority’. Setting various tasks, outside the curriculum, sorts out the ones I’m looking for, because the girls know they don’t have to do the tasks. But some do, and some accept this ‘thin end of the wedge’ more readily than others. And these girls, though of course they don’t yet realise it, are the ones whose knickers will be decorating the carpet of my room in the near future.
With the ‘guilt complex’ established, and the relationship, such as it is, becoming acceptable to the few girls left after the weeding out process, the time comes when the matter of ‘punishment’ has to be raised. This is obviously a delicate business, and not to be handled with anything other than kid gloves.
It would be fruitless to be at all insistent. Each girl has to be led to the inevitable conclusion, but has to be brought to the point where, even though she doesn’t actually suggest it herself, at least when the idea is first voiced she feels instinctively that it is ‘right’, meaning fair, justified, etcetera.
The first few times a girl is to be spanked, it is a good idea not to give her too much time to think about it. That is a refinement which has no place in the delicate matter of putting her across my lap for her first spanking. Given time to think about it, the prospect will grow in enormity in her mind and she will almost certainly back out, leaving a rather difficult situation behind. By far the best way is to treat it entirely as a matter of course. She won’t see it that way, naturally, but provided I am sufficiently matter-of-fact about it, as if I did it every day (which I do, more or less), then she will accept it within the framework of the ‘special relationship’ which she feels she has with me.
The first spanking is vitally important. At one and the same time I have to convince the girl of my friendliness, even my emotional attachment to her, while at the same time reassuring her that it is as a natural consequence of my authority over her that she is going to be spanked. In addition I have to introduce just that note of latent sexuality into the proceedings which will give her something to think about in bed that night. I know that at this point I will lose one in every three of my girls.
I arrange for her to come to my room. Without any undue drama I suggest that she should be spanked, listen for any warning signs that I have made a mistake, then lead her gently to the window seat in my bay window and ease her across my lap. Without giving her an opportunity to protest, I slip her skirt up, pull down her tights if she’s wearing them, and smack her about a dozen times across the seat of her knickers, just hard enough to dispel the impression that it isn’t really a punishment at all.
Having spanked her no more than just enough, I let her up. It is almost a hundred per cent certain that she will stand there looking straight at me for a moment with her eyes wide and uncomprehending. At this juncture it is vital to have something to say, preferably sympathetic and kindly, so as to avoid any awkwardness. It is also a good idea to have something to ask her to do which will involve her coming back later, of her own volition, to report on whatever it was she was asked to perform.
The hours between her first spanking and the next time I see her are always the worst. The questions run through my head; Did I do it too soon? Did I do it right? Did I overplay it? What did she make of it?
With luck she’ll come back. With luck she’ll only be a little embarrassed. Then she needs to be talked to, gently, thoughtfully. She needs to have it demonstrated that just because she was punished it doesn’t mean that she’s no longer a favourite. She needs to be reassured enough to go away, confident that nothing has really changed. Then she needs to be spanked again, within a few days, before the feeling of everything being ‘all right’ evaporates.
The second spanking should be exactly the same as the first, except that there’s no need to hurry it. She still shouldn’t be spanked so that it hurts though. She is only just learning that her first spanking was one of many which she has to expect if our relationship is to continue. She is still as fragile as glass.
After her second spanking she’ll need a few more days to get used to the idea. Then comes the time to find out if it has worked. I find an opportunity to have her come to my room again, saying something about her being a ‘naughty girl’. This time she more or less knows what to expect. If she actually turns up, having caught on to the hint that she is going to be spanked again, then she has accepted the idea. At this point I can let myself have a little fun.
My pleasure in spanking, or otherwise punishing, one of my girls is mostly in the knowledge that she is willing to submit to something which she knows she doesn’t really have to. In turning up the third time she is admitting that she is prepared to submit to me, rather than my official authority. Me, as a person, rather than me as sister. So the atmosphere during her third punishment is quite different, even a little more relaxed. She knows, inside, why she has come, and she knows that I know too.
This time I don’t put her across my lap straight away, I lecture her, being kind but ‘no-nonsense’, I tell her how highly I think of her, that I am only punishing her for her own good. This helps to lift the weight of responsibility from her shoulders. She can blame me rather than herself. She doesn’t need to feel guilty about her emotions, she can simply tell herself that she is being punished because she deserves it.
I lecture her for quite some time, though making sure she knows that I’m still fond of her, that everything is still ‘alright’, that she is being punished simply because she has been a naughty girl, not because she is unloved.
Then, when I think she’s ready for it, I tell her to get across my lap. I tuck up her dress and slip. Her knickers pull tight across her bottom.
‘Take your knickers down,’ I say. This is my final check. As she takes her own knickers down she is confessing her submissiveness both to me and to herself. Invariably, having reached this stage, she offers no argument about baring her bottom. It is simply one more step down a road she has already started on.
She wriggles awkwardly on my lap as she pulls her pants down. She lies there quite still, although she may be trembling a bit. She’ll say nothing. They never do the first time with their knickers down. Embarrassment is a most effective silencer. I make sure she looks comfortable. She is going to be there quite a while.
I spank her bare cheeks gently, making them quiver as I smack carefully and rhythmically. I’m quite certain that rhythm is important. Spanked methodically she isn’t startled or frightened. I spank her perhaps twenty or thirty times, not hard enough to sting too much.
He bottom pinkens gradually. Still she is probably too embarrassed to move. I talk soothingly to her all the time, reminding her why she is being punished and repeating that it’s for her own good, that she is still my favourite, that I’m still very fond of her.
After the ‘warming up’ period I begin to spank a little harder, making her bottom smart a trifle more, listening for any signs of distress. I am in no hurry, and I know that it is the cumulative effect of the slaps which will have the desired result. I carefully increase the sting of the smacks, her bottom reddens, and little by little the tenderness increases so that even though I don’t spank too hard the smart becomes progressively more acute so that after five minutes or so she starts wriggling her bottom a bit, perhaps twitching her cheeks together as the spanks land, sometimes bouncing up and down a little over my thighs or rocking to and fro in time with the delivery of each smack.
These small, involuntary movements are a sure sign that in a few minutes she won’t be able to help making those little sounds which will tell me that the spanking is beginning to take effect properly, little mewing, gasping noises which she tries to stifle but which she just can’t help making.
As her spanking goes methodically on her movements become steadily more energetic and sometimes even a little panicky as she starts to snatch her tender bottom away from each smack as it lands.
I don’t slacken the rhythm nor do I ease the weight of my hand, I just keep on, talking gently to her, until inevitably the tears begin to flow.
As I think I may have said in another letter, I consider that for any punishment to be effective, tears must be induced in the girl being disciplined and their flow maintained for some time.
By now, as the first sobs wring themselves from her lips, she will be worming about fairly urgently, her bare bottom bouncing with each smack and glowing hotly all over.
Now, and only now, is the time to get her talking. I speak to her in a fairly decisive way, though without unkindness, and tell her again that she’s being punished for naughtiness. I make it clear that I expect a full and abject apology. With her bottom well tanned and smarting painfully with every smack she is only too willing to pant her pleas for forgiveness. I accept her apologies gracefully, then finish off her spanking with half-a-dozen or so nice and hard to the hottest parts of her bottom which gets her wriggling helplessly on my lap.
Having concluded her punishment I make her get up and stand in front of me, knickers still down, while she repeats her apologies through her tears. This done, her first proper punishment is over, but provided I haven’t got it all wrong and overdone it, she’ll be back soon for another good spanking.

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