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Friday, 1 September 2017

Letter from St Mildreds 2

From Roué 4
Perhaps you’ll remember that in my last letter I promised I’d let you know how I’d got on with Rosemary, one of the new intake of student nurses. Well that has reminded me of something else which cropped up and I made a mental note that I’d mention it next time I wrote. I think it’s quite an interesting point, so perhaps you will too.
I was in the canteen a couple of weeks ago, chatting with Sister Mackenzie, who is in charge of off-the-premises accommodation for the students. She and I know each other very well, by which I mean she knows my ‘games’ with the girls  and I know perfectly well that she enjoys the same kind of fun in much the same way, although it’s not often we talk about it, preferring to keep pretty much to ourselves on the subject.
Anyway, we were having coffee when I noticed Rosemary, the new student, coming in with a couple of her friends. I was rather surprised that she spoke to me; I wouldn’t have thought she’d be quite so tactless about it, but anyway she said ‘Good morning’ as she passed by. Sister Mackenzie raised an eyebrow of course, and managed to winkle it out of me over another cup of coffee, not that I minded too much because Rosemary’s quite a pretty girl and certainly nothing to be ashamed of. She chatted around it for a while, and then she came right out with it, point blank. ‘You’ve actually smacked her then?’
I ‘ummed’ and ‘aaahed’ a bit and then admitted that no, I hadn’t, not actually, but it was only a matter of time. I was a little surprised though when she said: ‘It’ll be worth waiting for. She’s got a lovely bum that one.’ I said I didn’t know how she could tell, student’s uniforms being what they are, quite ill-fitting and so on.
‘Oh, but I can describe her bottom perfectly,’ she said.
‘Indeed?’ said I, and I wondered if I’d been beaten to the post. As a matter of fact I felt quite put out by it, especially as Rosemary hadn’t mentioned a word about having anything to do with Sister Mackenzie. And then she proceeded to do just what she said she could do, and she described Rosemary’s bottom almost exactly.
‘Round,’ she said, ‘and sort of high up, not heavy and low-slung. Firm, and quite pink to look at, even without a smack or two to brighten it up. And smooth,’ she said, ‘very smooth, no goose-pimplyness like a lot of girls. And it’ll redden very quickly,’ she said and so confident about it I almost kicked her shin under the table.
‘How the hell do you know?’ I said, and I must have looked quite annoyed about it. ‘When have you had the opportunity to find out?’
‘I haven’t,’ she said, ‘I’ve never seen your precious Rosemary without her knickers, not even without her uniform. But I’m right, aren’t I? I bet I’m exactly right. I always am.’
‘Yes, you are,’ I said. ‘But how do you know? You can’t tell all that much from just looking at a girl in a sloppy old uniform dress.’
And then she explained. I must say she certainly knew what she was talking about. In fact, having checked it out myself with a few of my girls I’m filled with admiration for Sister Mackenzie’s powers of observation. I’m so pleased with myself now that I’ve proved it right that I just have to tell you.
It’s all in their faces you see. You just look at their faces, especially their cheeks, and you know all about their bottoms too. If a girl’s got firm round cheeks, that’s exactly what her bottom cheeks will be like too. And if they’re pink and healthy looking so’s her bottom. The skin’s very similar too. If it’s smooth and glowing, well so’s her bum. It always seems to work out. A girl with fairly full cheeks, but not sort of high up, more rounded into her face, will have a round, full-looking bottom, but probably heavier and not so perky looking. Pale cheeks means her bottom will be pale too, while girls with that soft-looking easily flushed complexion will have bottoms that will go red as a pillar box with half-a-dozen smacks. Other girls have a sort of sheen to their skins, less blushing and little-girl to look at, and they’ll need quite a bit more spanking before they’ll turn properly red. It works out age-wise too. Young girls tend to have that schoolgirl bloom and kind of soft firmness of youth and so have their bottoms, while older girls, perhaps in their twenties, will look that much more mature with their knickers down. Anyway, you try it. See if I’m right. I’m quite sure you’ll find I am.
Oh, I was going to tell you about Rosemary, wasn’t I? Well, I seem to have run out of time. Perhaps I’ll remember to tell you about her next time. But I can say that Sister Mackenzie was quite right. Her bottom does go a lovely colour.

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