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Sunday, 24 September 2017

Dr Forster Takes a Look

From Uniform Girls 15
‘Had old Forster look her over, of course; give the whole thing a feel of respectability, don’t you know?’
‘Respectability? I thought Forster had been struck off.’
‘Oh, well, yes — he has, but the girl isn’t to know that, is she. Nor her father.’
‘Thought he was her stepfather.’
‘Stepfather. Sorry — hadn’t realised we were being pedantic.’
‘Not pedantic, old boy — just that I like to know what’s what. Don’t see what it’s got to do with him, anyway; I thought she was beyond the age of needing her guardian’s consent — beyond the age where she even needed a guardian, for that matter.
‘Well, I’m not quite sure about that aspect of it. Still, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen — what’s the difference? So long as someone’s signed the enrolment forms, eh?’
‘I suppose so. What did Forster do with her then? Make her strip off, eh?’
‘Well, I did ask him to ‘look her over’ — couldn’t very well do that if he didn’t have her in the buff.’
‘Don’t see how he could do it if he did; he can’t see his hand in front of his face, even with his glasses.’
‘No — well perhaps he does it by feel instead.’
‘I dare say he does; damned sure I would. Anyway, what’s she like, hmm? Pretty one, is she? Nice little handful?’
‘Yes, quite. Forster took some photos, you know. During the medical.’
‘Photos? Have you got ‘em then?’
‘They’re in Matron’s office, I should think.’
‘Are they? Well then, I think you’d better let your old friend have a look —

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