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Sunday, 24 September 2017

A Girl for Training

From Blushes 77
Part 1
‘So. Mandy Banfield eh. Good. Hello Mandy.’
‘Hello sir,’ she says demurely but perhaps not too confidently.
Mandy is standing smartly in front of Mr Canford. She is just 17 and this will be her first period of Domestic Training. Mr Canford is her first gentleman. So naturally there is a certain nervousness. There can anyway be nervousness even when a girl has already completed one or more periods of Domestic Training, because gentlemen are not all the same, their requests, their demands, can differ — well, widely. So even if a girl is somewhat experienced she can still feel those fluttery butterflies inside. When first standing in front of a new gentleman.
Mandy is a very attractive 17, with a shimmery cascade of pale blonde hair framing her pretty face and a very nice shape to go with it: slim waist but full high boobs and rounded hips, and elegantly-shapely legs. All this is attractively shown off at this moment in a tight white blouse and very short full skirt. A very attractive package. No doubt Mr Canford is pleased at what he sees. But of course he will know already what to expect. He will already have had a photograph of his new Trainee. A photo of her clothed and also one of her standing nude in fact. That is the custom nowadays, the requirement. For a Domestic Training appointment with a gentleman.
They are in Mr Canford’s pleasant, airy study, Mandy standing in front of him as he sits sideways at his desk. Mr Canford is tall with grey hair and glasses, in a casual shirt and trousers. Somehow Mandy has expected him to be in a formal suit, a dark business suit and tie, when he meets her. But that would have been more intimidating, frightening possibly. As it is Mr Canford looks quite nice she thinks. Doesn’t he?
Mandy has arrived here at Mr Canford’s house barely 15 minutes ago. A train journey from her home and then a taxi from the station. She was met by Mrs Gittings, Mr Canford’s housekeeper, who showed Mandy up to her room and gave her these things to change into. The blouse and the very short skirt which shows a good deal of Mandy’s very attractive legs. Mr Canford is looking at her legs. And all the rest of her probably. Her nice firm boobs probably.
‘Good. I hope you had a pleasant trip. A little tiring perhaps? A long way.’
It has been a longish journey, from her home in the Midlands into London and then down to this country town in Wiltshire where Mr Canford lives. Yes quite a tiring journey on a hot June day and the last part of it a little bit scary. Two men in her carriage who guessed where Mandy was going: on a Domestic Training appointment. Guessing that and she had to admit it when asked.
And then... it was a little bit frightening. Embarrassing at the least. The things they said. What one of them, laughing, said he thought he should do. Right there on the train and maybe he could have done it. With no one else in the carriage except the other man. Laughing, he said he thought he should fuck her: a girl who was old enough for Domestic Training needed it. But he didn’t really try anything. Didn’t really try it. She had to sit on his lap, though, and let him kiss her. And put his hand up her skirt. And then the same with the other man.
But Mandy doesn’t tell Mr Canford any of this. Probably he wouldn’t want to hear it and it is over now. She just says yes, perhaps the trip was a bit tiring. It was quite hot on the train.
‘Yes. Anyway here you are, eh. And your first stay with a gentleman. Mmm? That’s good. I like to have a girl for her first appointment, when she’s nice and new. And I’m not too hard on a new girl, Mandy. Unless of course she shows she’s in need of a firm hand. And then she gets it. Alright?’
‘Yes. Yes Mr Canford.’
‘A firm hand or of course something else, if it’s needed. The cane. Or a good strapping. Yes? Come here. Closer. And turn round.’
Mandy steps obediently forward and turns. To present her bottom close up to Mr Canford. Thinking not so much of the cane and the strap for the moment as of the men on the train. Sitting on that man’s lap and being kissed, his big tongue in her mouth. And having to part her legs for his hand. His hand playing with her pussy. Thinking now of what he had said: You’ll get the cane my dear. All girls on Domestic Training get the cane.
Mr Canford’s hand is lifting the short ballerina skirt at the back and his other hand is at the bare backs of Mandy’s thighs. She makes herself keep still. As the hand slides caressingly up to her bottom. Mandy’s ripely rounded bottom in the tight little white knickers.
‘This Miss,’ Mr Canford murmurs. ‘I don’t expect you want it caned, eh?’
‘No! No... Mr Canford.’ Standing still is more difficult with Mr Canford’s hand fondling her bottom which in just the single wispy covering of nylon might as well be bare. But Mandy is doing her very best to stand still. Mr Canford may appear pleasant and amiable but he is talking about caning. And certainly girls can get caned on Domestic Training. It is intended to make a girl disciplined and self-reliant as well as proficient in domestic duties ready for when she gets married. The cane and the strap on a girl’s bare bottom are quite legitimate and frequently used means of instilling that discipline.
So although Mr Canford may seem amiable he is no doubt quite capable of using a cane. And he may be looking for an excuse, to give this new girl an early taste of it. Squirming about when he is patting her bottom might be just the necessary excuse.
But it is difficult to keep quite still when a man is fondling your bottom through just a skimpy pair of knickers. Almost impossible. Not as bad as on the train certainly — when Mandy had to sit on those two men’s laps, one after the other, and part her legs and let their hands... There was no way you could keep still for that. But this...
‘Keep still Miss. Can’t you keep still?’
‘Yes... I am... really...’
‘No you’re not. You’re squirming about. A girl’s got to be disciplined, Mandy. That’s what you’re here for. Among other things. You’ve also got to learn how to keep a gentleman happy. That’s another prime area in Domestic Training for a girl. What about that. D’you think you’re going to be good at that, Miss?’
‘I... I don’t know Mr Canford.’
Mandy is still doing her best to keep still while the hand is seemingly doing its best to make her writhe about. The hand seems especially interested in the ripe undercurve of Mandy’s bottom. That sharp curve-in where her thighs start. Pushing his fingers in there... Cripes. As her mind tries to hang onto what Mr Canford has said. What exactly... does a girl have to do? What exactly is Mr Canford going to want to keep him happy?
Mr Canford has sharply pinched Mandy’s bottom. He follows this up with a firm slap.
‘OK Miss. Go upstairs to your room. Take your knickers off. Then come back down here. Then we’ll see about our first lesson, eh? The first lesson for a new girl. We’ll see how Mandy Banfield shapes up. You can also meet my other girl a bit later. Pamela. She’s gone out on an errand at the moment. But first of all we’ll have that first lesson. OK?’
Yes, Andrew Canford has two girls, he routinely has two. It is not at all uncommon for a gentleman to have two girls, though many will prefer just the one at any time. Preferring to devote themselves to one Trainee. Domestic Training is now a general requirement for girls between the ages of 17 and 20. Between those birthdays she must spend a total of two years in Domestic Training, but this will not usually be with just the one gentleman. Most gentlemen will prefer to keep a girl for a shorter period, and it is also considered preferable for a girl to have received training from more than one gentleman. The Department of Social Affairs which keeps a computer register of every girl’s training recommends that a girl has at least three separate periods of training. With three different gentlemen.
That is the recommendation but it is only that. A gentleman is free to keep a girl for a longer period if he wishes. He can keep her beyond her twentieth birthday if he wishes and she can only obediently accept. There can be no appeal. Because the object of Domestic Training, or one of its objects, is to inculcate discipline and submissiveness to male authority, and any such complaint would clearly indicate that the girl in question was not sufficiently trained. But that situation does not normally arise. Almost all gentlemen will be looking for a new girl. Either one who has already had a period of training and is therefore part-trained with another gentleman or of course one who is new, fresh from school. Many gentlemen prefer these best. Many will prefer a succession of new girls fresh from school. Though not all.
But Andrew Canford likes to have a girl fresh from school. Like this new Mandy. Like the other girl Pamela. Pam has been with him for two months now and knows the ropes as it were. No doubt she will be helpful to Mandy, helping her avoid silly mistakes etc. Helping her avoid too many sessions with the cane.
Quite possibly, though, and hopefully, Andrew Canford isn’t one of those gentlemen who want to be using the cane all the time. Some do of course. A girl can easily find herself with such a gentleman. The system is in effect a lottery, a girl can’t choose. It’s the gentlemen who do the choosing. Girls in the available category are listed in the circulars of the Department of Social Affairs which gentlemen receive. These quote girls’ particulars: name, age, physical features, experience if any. Then if a gentleman writes to say he is interested she has to reply with her photograph. The two photographs. If more than one person is interested in her the DSA will arbitrate, using past information in its data bank.
Yes hopefully Mr Canford is not one of those very keen caners. We will soon see. Mandy will soon see. She will no doubt anxiously ask Pamela — although she will be finding out for herself.
Has Mandy been caned yet? It is night-time now on this Monday, her first day at Mr Canford’s. Well, it is bed-time at least; it is only 9.30 but Andrew Canford is one of those gentlemen who think a young girl should be in bed nice and early. It is 9.30 so Mandy has been here some six hours since her mid-afternoon arrival. Since that first nervous standing in front of her new gentleman and then shortly afterwards being told to go up and take her knickers off. For what?
Mandy is changed for bed. Seen on the landing she is in a pastel blue nightshirt with her pale blonde hair now tied back in bunches. And here is Pamela too, another pretty girl of the same age, but brunette. Pam is in a similar knee-length blue nightshirt, plain except for decorative gathering at the neck and the cuffs of the sleeves. The two girls are together on the landing and here now is Mr Canford appearing from one of the bedrooms. He says something to the girls.
An instruction evidently. They both obediently raise the hems of their nightdresses. Lifting them up round their waists. Neither girl has anything underneath and it is their nude bodies that are revealed. Two ripely jutting bare bottoms but as they are facing Mr Canford it is what a girl has at the front which is immediately revealed to Mr Canford’s quizzical gaze. Their two neat bushes, one medium blonde, the other a nice solid black.
It is Pam whom Mr Canford wishes to see first. Or more correctly perhaps we should say wishes to have first. Mandy watches as with her nightdress still lifted Pamela goes in with Mr Canford. The bedroom door is closed. She herself has been told to wait. Wait until it is her own turn to go in. Wait with her nightshirt lifted high, in readiness.
Does Mandy know what it is raised in readiness for? It will be what Pam is getting now, but what is that? Mandy has had the opportunity to meet Pam. They have had a little time together, alone in Pam’s bedroom earlier and also outside in the garden. So maybe Mandy does know what is happening. What presumably will shortly be happening to herself. This possibly routine night-time ritual.

Part 2 — Training Details
Pamela knows of course. Everything? It is not possible to know if you know everything. There may still be things. About the house. About Mr Canford. Little pleasures — esoteric, exotica — of Mr Canford that Pam may not yet know. It is possible. But Pam has been here for two months. She will certainly have a pretty good idea of Mr Canford’s little desires and pleasures. And how to provide for them. As she now knows this house, all its rooms including those little hidden ones that right away a girl wouldn’t know about. Mr Canford’s special little places. And the garden: Mr Canford’s large and rambling garden with all its little secluded crannies and corners. Where he may like to be with a girl, quiet and undisturbed.
The new girl Mandy of course won’t know much of that as yet. The knowledge can only be acquired over the days, weeks. Painfully acquired frequently. Mandy has eagerly questioned Pam on the occasions (quite brief ones so far) when they have been alone together. Of course she wants to know. What to expect. As Pam herself did when she first started with Mr Canford, two months ago. And how many more weeks or months before he thinks a change is due? Another new girl. He will say no doubt that it is good for Pam: another gentleman. Another master. A girl needs to experience different gentlemen. As gentlemen usually like to experience new girls. But it will probably not be for a week or two at least. Now that he has got this new girl.
Pamela has told Mandy a few things. Enough to be going on with. She can’t expect to know it all on her first day. Probably she wouldn’t want to. You’ve got to take it gradually. Pam has told Mandy things she’s probably going to find out pretty quickly anyhow. Things that Mr Canford is going to do right away. Here. Now. His bedtime routine. Or part of his bedtime routine. Mandy will probably only get part of it. Now, when she’s so new. The other later. But right now, this. This part.
Pam makes an ‘Oooooff!’ sound.
She is over Mr Canford’s lap.
Mr Canford is sitting on the bed and has Pamela face-down over his lap. Her nightgown is pulled up, above her waist so that a good deal of her slim but ripe-bottomed person is exposed. It is the ripe-cheeked bottom that is the focus of Mr Canford’s attention. The cheeks are now a glowing pink colour. From Mr Canford’s hard male hand.
Yes, this is the bedtime ritual. Or part of it. Mr Canford’s hand cracking down on a girl’s bare bottom. Causing the ‘Ooooff’s’ and ‘Aaaooww’s’. Not really loud cries though because Mr Canford doesn’t think much of loud yelling when a girl is getting something. It is grating on the ear as well as clearly indicating the lack of discipline and self-control which Domestic Training is intended to correct. So no loud yelling unless you want something more than a hard bottom-spanking. Or if you are already getting something more than that, something even worse. This is a lesson Mandy will want to learn nice and quickly. Quite possibly she has already been introduced to this fact.
A certain modicum of involuntary exclamation is tolerated however. The half-stifled gasps that Pam is currently emitting come in this category.
Can Mandy, waiting nervously outside the room, hear Pam’s little yelps? Possibly. Pretty certainly she can hear the reverberating crack of Mr Canford’s hand. It is coming down very vigorously. He is using full force, as one can with a hand spanking. With a caning, of course, the situation is different. With a cane there is the possibility of doing serious damage to the subject’s person: to the cheeks of her bottom, the backs of her thighs, the palm of the hand; whatever part of her has been chosen. So not wishing to cause lasting injury the caner will exercise restraint. An experienced gentleman such as Mr Canford knows just how far to go. Of course some gentleman can be more reckless, can to a certain extent lose control. Then a girl is at some risk.
But Andrew Canford knows what he is doing. He is very experienced with girls. And at this moment it is only a spanking. So he can whack his hand in with full force. Consequently the sounds of the heavy cracks do carry through the closed door. For waiting Mandy to hear. A steady rhythmic cadence, with now and then a little break, but only to resume the measured crack of flesh on flesh again. Then it does stop. Yes. It seems to have finished.
It will be her turn now. Mandy’s. Pam will come out, red faced no doubt and it will be the new girl’s turn. But... nothing is happening. There is the silence but the door has not opened. Yet. Inside...?
Inside the little bedroom it is in fact the second part of Mr Canford’s night-time ritual that is taking place, the second part that very likely he will not indulge himself in with Mandy tonight. Not on the first night. In a couple of days perhaps but not on the first day.
It is also something that Pamela hasn’t mentioned to Mandy. Not yet. The new girl will find out in due course. As with the other things. Mr Canford’s little foibles. Not that this one is at all unpleasant, just perhaps a bit of a shock the first time. Embarrassing? Yes that is the word. But once you’ve had it, a few times, you’re not really embarrassed either. You just... well, a girl may enjoy it. As Pam is now.
Mr Canford’s hand between her legs. At her pussy. Expertly working her. Working her up. And she is responding. The spanking first can make a girl more responsive. And Pamela anyway is a responsive girl.
What will Mandy be like. Is she responsive? Inexperienced perhaps. Unless perhaps some randy schoolmaster has had a go at her. Or equally it could be a randy lady schoolteacher.
Is Mr Canford wondering that? Or just concentrating on Pamela. He has got Pam really going now. Low moaning sounds. As her hips writhe. Working herself on those practised fingers. Moaning with urgent, shuddering pleasure. As she works her hot cunt on the fingers. She is coming. She is almost there. Her whole shuddering body rising on the orgasm.
Pam does eventually come out. She is red-faced. Fluttering her eyelashes nervously at Mandy, still waiting with her night-shirt obediently up at waist height. Mandy’s eyes are querying. Wondering. That period since the quite distinct sounds of the spanking. It has been a considerable period. Ten minutes? Mandy is certainly going to have her bottom spanked. Pretty certainly. That is going to hurt. She has had her bottom spanked already. Yes, this afternoon when she had to go back down with her knickers off. It really hurt. A bare-bottom spanking does really hurt, the way Mr Canford did it. It really stings your bottom. But... Mandy’s anxious eyes are more concerned about the other. About what might have been happening in those long silent minutes. Ten minutes? Well it could have been longer.
But of course there isn’t anything much, for Mandy. Other than the spanking. Nothing really. Because it is Mandy’s first day. Mr Canford as we know likes an easy introduction. If one can call a hard and painful spanking easy. That is really all Mandy gets. But ...
Mr Canford does at the end out let his hand wander a little. After he has got the new girl hotly gasping for breath. With her reddened bottom jerking and squirming this way and that. His hand slipping lightly... between her legs.
All of a sudden it is there. Mandy is gasping from the spanking and that is all she is thinking about, the red-hot stinging of her bottom. And suddenly, there is this other thing. Between her thighs which are slackly parted. It is something more than that business on the train of course because then Mandy had knickers on. And she was not in this awfully exposed position. Now there are certainly no knickers and...
Mandy’s legs automatically jerk together but the hand is there and they simply close on the hand, trapping it in effect high up between her legs. So Mandy’s legs also in a reflex manner slide open again. To avoid this sudden and shockingly intimate contact with the hand. But the hand doesn’t take advantage of this opportunity to remove itself. No. It simply closes further in. Closes in on Mandy’s bare pussy.
‘Aaaa… hhhhaahhhhh…!’
Mr Canford didn’t do this this afternoon. At that other spanking. His hand lightly fondling Mandy’s, pussy. Now with her mind fully conscious and tuned right in on the fondling hand, she doesn’t know whether to close or open her legs. Either way...
What? Mr Canford is speaking. He... is asking if she has a boyfriend. The stuttered answer to this is yes.
A girl can have a boyfriend of course — but whether she is allowed to see him at all during her Trainee stay with a gentleman (and if so how frequently) is entirely up to the gentleman in question.
Another question. About it. Do they do it. Mr Canford wants to know... some details... While his hand is still there. Doing that. Playing with her. Mandy scarcely knows what she is saying.
But that is all Mr Canford does. He doesn’t want to do it to Mandy. Nothing else.
Pam and Mandy are in the kitchen. It is just before ten in the morning on Mandy’s second day with Mr Canford with outside the sun shining in a bright blue sky. It would be nice to be outside in Mr Canford’s garden on a morning like this but they have to be in here, in the kitchen. Unfortunately. Most unfortunately because Pam and Mandy are here for a particular purpose. Which is to be caned. Mr Canford told them this at breakfast. A caning for both of them at 10 o’clock. Household chores first — sweeping and hoovering — to be done under the direction of Mrs Gittings until ten. And then the caning.
The caning is not to be for any particular shortcoming or anything; but simply that Mandy needs an early taste of the cane. So she will know what it is like. And Pamela... well she can have one too, as an additional instruction for Mandy. Mandy will watch Pam get a caning, and then will be given one herself.
It is Mandy’s first full day which is when Mr Canford likes to give a girl her first caning. Mandy has had her first night at the house, in the twin-bedded room she is sharing with Pam. After the spankings in the spare room. The spanking and the other things. In bed, in the dark, Mandy tentatively asked Pam about that. Not wanting to ask directly but anxious to know. What might have been happening in that mysterious silence. Pam only gave a dismissive laugh and said ‘Nothing much.’
That was last night. Then early this morning, half awake, she became aware of someone getting into her bed. For a moment she imagined it would be Mr Canford, but it was Pam. ‘It’s alright,’ Pam breathed. ‘He doesn’t mind.’
So there has been that too in Mandy’s mind this morning, as they have to busy themselves with the cleaning. That and everything else. Mandy hasn’t done that before. Well, not really. That with Pam. So it has been going round and round in her head, with everything else. This caning, of course, as well. This caning.
Mr Canford has come in now, with his cane. He is going to do it on the kitchen table, he says. He is going to cane them on the table. Pam first and then Mandy.

Part 3 — Trained to Perfection
‘Right, who’s first?’ Mr Canford asks, but it’s merely a rhetorical question because he has already said it is to be Pamela. ‘Come on Pam,’ he confirms. ‘Get up.’
He then tells Mandy she is to sit on one of the kitchen chairs, close up where she will have a good view. In fact he leads her to a chair, then lifts the skirt of her dress and briskly slaps her knickered bottom before pushing her down, with her skirt still up so that she is sitting on just her knickers and the bare backs of her thighs rather than the dress.
Pam is meanwhile, and none too happily no doubt, clambering up on the polished table top. Both girls are wearing very short, full-skirted blue-and-white-striped dresses with white knee socks and tennis shoes. White cotton knickers underneath. This is a standard uniform that Mr Canford generally has girls wear for in-house duties. He also has some more exotic — indeed erotic — outfits for special occasions, such as for instance when another gentleman friend might be visiting; but those are for special occasions.
This of course is a special occasion of a sort: Mandy’s first caning on a Domestic Training stay. And her first observance of another girl being caned. Having to watch when it is your turn next can be almost as bad as actually getting it. Pam is up on the table top now and evidently knows what is expected. She lies down flat on her front, her arms stretched out to hold onto the table’s edge. Her white-socked calves and the tennis shoes extend out over the opposite edge. As Mandy watches, big-eyed, Mr Canford steps forward, flips up Pam’s short skirt, and then inserting his fingers in the elastic top slides down Pam’s tight white knickers. Baring her pale-cheeked bottom.
Mr Canford casually slaps Pam’s exposed bottom then turns to reach for his cane. He looks at Mandy. ‘Are you watching everything, Miss? I want your complete attention. No closing your eyes or looking away. I want you watching every detail of what of course you will be getting yourself in a few moments.’
Mandy swallows and nods her head. It is going to be really awful sitting and watching. Both because she is going to get it herself and also having to watch Pam suffer. There is also that business in bed with Pam this morning. Pam doing that to her. Pam bringing her off. Every time Mandy thinks about it she feels all weak at the knees. And sitting here with Pam on the table she can’t help thinking about it.
Oh God. She can’t bear to look but has to. Pam’s poor bottom! The cheeks clenching with the shock. Of that horrendous stroke, delivered it seemed with all Mr Canford’s force. Pam’s muffled yelp of anguish as it landed, squarely across the two defenceless cheeks. The cane has left a dreadful red stripe, bright red on the pale, almost white.
Another. Just the same. Almost on top of the first. Mandy can’t watch this. Poor Pam! And... herself in just a few moments. No! She can’t get up on the table and take that. No. Not possibly.
THWAPPP ...! As Mr Canford whips it in again.
‘No. Please. I don’t think...’
‘Yes. Come on. It’s alright.’
Mandy and Pam are in their little bedroom again. They have both been caned and now have been told they can have a half hour break. Yes that dreadful caning is now over though Mandy’s bottom is still stinging as if it’s been attacked by a swarm of killer bees. Pam says her bottom is killing her too but she doesn’t seem all that bothered. She is very sympathetic about Mandy though. She wants Mandy to take her knickers down so she can see.
Mandy doesn’t want to but Pam is insisting. Pam can be very forceful, and Mandy anyway is still feeling the shock of that caning. Lying on the kitchen table and that dreadful cane viciously cutting into her poor bottom. She is not really in the state for resisting anything. Anyone. Not forceful Pam. Who now has hold of Mandy and is taking things into her own hands. Pulling Mandy’s knickers down herself.
The protesting noises continue but Mandy’s brief white knicks are coming down. And her short skirt lifted up. To expose the sorry sight. The four transverse stripes darker now than their earlier pillbox-red, across the centre of the pale cheeks. Pam makes sounds of sympathy, as her hand caresses the stricken flesh. Mandy’s bottom is perhaps a sorry sight but it is to Pam an arousing one too. Extra arousing. She has just watched the new girl get the caning and that was undoubtedly arousing. And now, well Pam is aroused. Which is largely why she has been so keen for Mandy to get her knickers down.
‘No… ooo...’ Mandy hisses. As Pam’s hand inevitably slides down and in between her legs. But Mandy can’t stop her. Pam’s hand is briefly there, at Mandy’s quivering cunt. And then the pretty blonde is being pushed down on the bed. Pam’s bed actually. On her back. Pam is yanking Mandy’s knickers on down. Off over the tennis shoes.
Mandy gasps, ‘No!’ The door. It is closed but not locked of course, it can’t be locked. Mr Canford could burst in. Or Mrs Gittings. ‘Don’t worry,’ Pam breathes. ‘No one’s going to. And anyway Mr Canford doesn’t mind.’
Mr Canford is in fact watching. From the wall opposite the window where the small mirror is in reality a one-way viewing panel. On the other side is one of those secret rooms which Mr Canford’s house contains, this one more of a passageway really. But with space enough for Andrew Canford to stand and watch. The two girls on the bed. Mandy on her back, her knickers now off, struggling weakly. Pam kneeling on the bed to the side and bending over her. Her hand in the blonde girl’s crotch. At her cunt. Two fingers in her cunt and making drooling sounds. Working at the new girl’s clit. Working her up.
Andrew Canford, intently gazing, rubs his own hand over the front of his trousers. Over the bulge of his stiff and fully erect penis. This is one reason why he likes to have two girls of course. Two girls together. Deprived of any boyfriends they will almost immediately start to console each other. And it is very stimulating to watch two pretty girls together. Mandy is getting going now. Has lost her initial reluctance and is giving herself up to the sensual pleasure of having her cunt worked on. Thrusting it now against the knowing fingers.
Andrew Canford’s own fingers go to the zipper of his trousers. Then easing himself out. He only allows girls infrequent visits from their boyfriends. And when he does of course there is that pleasure too. Watching. Watching now he begins stroking his hot and engorged flesh.
That night Mandy gets the full business. When it is her turn to go in to Mr Canford in the little spare bedroom. He does not always give a new girl the full night-time business as early as her second night, it will depend on his assessment of the new Trainee. Sometimes Andrew Canford will wait several days if in his judgement she is a particularly sensitive young Miss. But he is reasonably sure that Mandy is ready on her second day. After what he had seen following the mid-morning caning. Under Pam’s ministrations at least Mandy was clearly, after a reluctant start, a responsive enough subject.
Mandy is naturally somewhat shocked by Mr Canford’s hand. It has been a day of shocks, from that moment early this morning when Mandy felt Pam climbing into her bed. Then on through that awful caning on the kitchen table, to be followed by Pam again. That steamy session on Pam’s bed.
Later on, this afternoon, Mr Canford had them both out in the garden, in vests and brief black knickers, running round and round his large lawn. That was a bit of a shock to the system too because Mandy is not very fit, not for running, and Mr Canford made them keep going hard. Using his cane as a stimulus. Afterwards Mandy and Pam were up in their room again, with Mr Canford this time, to have their bottoms smacked for insufficient effort in running. At least it wasn’t the cane. But with Mandy’s knickers down Mr Canford did briefly fondle Mandy’s pussy when he had her over his lap. And asked, ‘Did you play with yourself in bed last night, Miss?’
Mandy squealed ‘No!’ and Mr Canford didn’t pursue that subject. Just got on with the spanking.
But now at bedtime with Mandy in her nightshirt over his lap Mr Canford begins playing with her in earnest. This is another shock. Maybe it shouldn’t be. All that time last night when Pam was in here with Mr Canford after the sounds of the spanking had ceased: well, something was happening. Mr Canford was doing something with Pam. Doing something to her. No doubt he will again tonight, whatever it is, only tonight Mandy has had to come in first. It is Pam who is now waiting outside with her nightgown up and probably guessing what Mr Canford is doing. Of course Mr Canford could do something else with Pam.
But Mandy is not really in a state to think about that, about Pam. Not with Mr Canford with those fiendish fingers working at her. Mandy’s blonde head down and her ripe bottom up over Mr Canford’s lap and his hand in between her parted legs. She has had the spanking and now Mr Canford is really doing it.
And asking questions at the same time. About Ralph, Mandy’s boyfriend. Carrying on from last night but now wanting more details. Mandy didn’t really answer last night when he asked her. If she fucked Ralph. She mumbled something and Mr Canford didn’t insist on a proper answer. But tonight he does. As his fingers work her up Mandy has to answer. As she has to respond to the hand.
Mr Canford’s so insistent, unrelenting hand.
Mandy can’t avoid responding.
Mandy is allowed a visit from Ralph after two weeks with Mr Canford. Considering that some gentlemen don’t allow a girl to have any visits at all from her boyfriend that is very generous. But Mr Canford is an understanding gentleman. He understands that a girl needs to see her boyfriend at reasonable intervals. To keep her happy and content.
Yes Mandy can have an early visit and in private. They can go up to one of the spare bedrooms where the door can be locked. Certainly not all gentlemen will allow a Trainee this privilege. But Mr Canford is understanding. And of course he is also going to watch. Through one of those one-way mirrors.
He is going to watch: Mandy at first reluctant even though the door can be locked. Is locked. But young Ralph is naturally very eager, desperate for it. Desperate for Mandy. Desperate to get in her with now this probably unexpected privilege of a bed in a locked room. Yes Mandy is at first reluctant but is soon persuaded.
Andrew Canford watching. Pleasurably stroking himself. But not to go too far. Holding back. Because later...
Later Ralph, refreshed and invigorated as it were, is shown round the garden by Pam. While Mandy has some duty to perform with the master. Something or other. Some little chore. It won’t take long. Something in the house. Something... up in that little spare room of course. Although naturally Ralph doesn’t know this. Perhaps Pam knows? Or guesses.
‘Did you have a good time, with Ralph?’ Mr Canford asks. With Mandy on the bed. ‘I bet you did. Mmm?’
Mandy doesn’t answer. Not really. Just makes a sort of gasping sound. She has got used to doing it with Mr Canford now of course. She is getting to be a well-trained girl. But doing it on this bed with Mr Canford, where just a little while ago she was doing it with Ralph. Well, it is something else.
Pam won’t tell Ralph, will she? Pam who will probably know, or guess. Because there was this same sort of thing last week, when Pam’s boyfriend visited — though of course Mandy didn’t realise at the time. When she had to take Pam’s boyfriend Gavin out in the garden.
Pam won’t tell Ralph, will she? Or make some little remark that he can guess.
But Mandy can’t think about that. Can’t worry about it. Because, she is going to come. In spite of Ralph out there in the garden. Yes...
Well she is a well-trained girl now. Mr Canford has got Mandy very well trained now. Yes...


  1. I don't agree with that really, lesbianism, especially not between National Domestic Service girls. If I had such girls in my charge and I found them getting up to that I'd punish them severely for it. Punish them and then maybe send them for a spell in a Reform Centre. I don't agree with such girls having boyfriends either, at least not ones with whom they're having any kind of sexual relations. Not before marriage. Sex between a girl and an authorised male 'trainer' is something different however and would very definitely be allowed. I think that could continue even after a girl is married, with the occasional 'friendly' visit as it were. I'm quite attracted to the idea of arranged marriages actually, there could be an official state bureau for that.

    I'm interested in this story's similarity to Girl Training 1998 (the very first story which appeared on this blog). There's a Mr Canford in that but his name's George rather than Andrew. Are they brothers? Girl Training 1998 was a much better story to be honest. I particularly liked the context of rigid class stratification. That it was only girls who belonged to 'classes 3 & 4' (probably the vast majority of the population) who had a 'state requirement' to do 'National Domestic Service' and they did it only in households which belonged to 'classes 1 & 2' presumably those belonging to either the professional middle classes and the upper class, or the very comfortably off and the wealthy to look at it another way.