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Saturday, 26 August 2017

Top Floor Punishment Room

From Blushes 11
Long summer evening; the sun’s heat through the day has made the atmosphere up in the loft room warm and humid.
Laura hears him downstairs, taking his time she kneels on that chair and tugs her knickers up so that her bottom will be ready for one or other of those things in his horrible box. Fresh-bared skin feels sweat-damp in the still air. He usually likes to have her like that, although sometimes
‘Hope you’ve got your knickers down, Laura!’ his voice from the foot of the steep stairs.
‘Y-yes she calls, and slips her pants down quick as she can before his head appears at floor level at the top of the steps. Warm slidey moistness as the tugged-up tightness between her cheeks pulls from between the chubby snugness of her buttocks.
‘Now then, young lady
Laura gulps miserably, and pushes her ‘naughty little bottom’ out with unintentional sauciness... 

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