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Thursday, 24 August 2017

The Misadventures of Miss Cherri Bottom – Episode Five

By Anthony Vallance from Februs 20
Cherri knocked gently on Mr Smedley’s door and waited for the barked order before venturing to step into his office. Was he really going to hit the roof again? Her report on the Country Show had not gone down too well. Her bottom had been sore for days afterwards and apart from her spanking there was so little that she had been able to remember about the Show. It was no wonder really that her story had been short of detail, but really, she couldn’t very well tell people what had really happened to her.
Mr Smedley looked up at her as she walked nervously towards his desk. She was wearing a short suede skirt, knee-length black boots and a tight little sweater that was probably just a little too tight for Mr Smedley’s liking. A smile formed on her face but it failed dismally to hack a smile in return on his stony features.
‘Twin towns,’ he told her abruptly, indicating with his overly mobile eyebrows that she should sit down.
‘Twin towns?’ she echoed, sitting in the chair opposite him and crossing her legs. Her skirt rode up high, showing off her long pale thighs which contrasted with the polished gleam of her black leather boots.
‘Aye,’ he agreed. ‘We do a lot of PR here for the town. The Courier takes its civic duties seriously, lass.’
‘Yes, Mr Smedley,’ she said.
‘Ever hear of a newspaper called Le Monde?’
Cherri’s eyes widened. ‘Le Monde,’ she whispered. ‘Of course I’ve heard of it. One of the most highly respected newspapers in Europe, one of France’s most prestigious...’
Mr Smedley sighed and shook his head sadly. ‘Nay, lass,’ he explained patiently. ‘Not Le Monde of Paris, I’m talking about Le Monde of Boulogne.’
Cherri’s heart sank. She had such high hopes...
‘Monsewer Albert Foret is editor,’ Mr Smedley continued. ‘He’s French and all that, but not a bad one. ‘Appens he’s got a young lass of his own, sending her through school. The Sorbonne, I suppose you’ve heard of that too.’
Cherri nodded. ‘Yes, Mr Smedley.’
‘Albert dotes on his daughter and she’s coming over to visit this week. It’s her first time over ‘ere and he wants to make sure she’s looked after. Well, Miss Bottom?’
‘You want me to look after her?’ Cherri surmised.
Mr Smedley nodded. ‘She’ll be just a bit younger than you,’ he added, ‘but I’ll wager you’ve got enough in common to get on well enough. Think of this as part PR for the town and part PR for the paper. Do you know what that means, lass?’
Cherri thought hard. ‘Does it mean that I’m doing a lot of PR, Mr Smedley?’
He sighed wearily. ‘No, lass, it means you don’t get into trouble. Understood?’
Cherri nodded eagerly. ‘You can depend on me, Mr Smedley,’ she promised. ‘You know I’ll make sure she’s well looked after.’
Mr Smedley fixed her with a stony look. ‘Miss Marie Foret arrives tomorrow morning. Make sure that you’re at the station to pick her up.’
‘Yes, sir,’ Cherri promised.
Cherri had no idea of what Marie Foret looked like. She scanned the early morning commuters closely, trying to guess which of the women might be her visitor. As soon as she saw the young woman wearing shiny knee-length boots, with tanned, bare thighs displayed in a short denim skirt and a cropped top that was tight around the boobs she recognised her. The feeling was mutual because the young woman flashed her a friendly smile and came running over.
‘Marie?’ Cherri said, marvelling at the way they were dressed almost identically.
‘Cherie!’ the young woman exclaimed and kissed her quickly on the cheek.
Cherri relaxed. She knew that she and Marie were going to get on like a house on fire. Mr Smedley would have nothing to worry about; Marie would send back a glowing report to her father.
They chatted about the journey and the weather as they walked to Cherri’s car. Marie was excited by her trip to England, and it was an excitement that was infectious as Cherri breathed the younger girl’s scent and listened to her talk.
‘Okay,’ Cherri said, slipping into the driver’s seat and then turning to face Marie, ‘what do you fancy doing today?’
Marie swivelled round in her seat. Her skirt was even shorter than Cherri’s and her tanned thighs looked smooth and enticing. The cropped top displayed her tummy and was moulded tightly around her breasts, with just a hint of nipple pressing against the white cotton.
‘If you were in Paris,’ Marie said, ‘where would you go, Cherie? The Eiffel? The Louvre? The...’
Cherri shook her head. ‘I’d go shopping!’ she declared, thinking back to her last trip to the Champs Elysees.
Marie laughed. ‘Exactly! Le shopping!’
Mr Smedley had spoken about twin towns and doing PR, which probably meant that a trip to London was out. It was a shame of course, there were so many interesting boutiques near the West End, and lunch in Covent Garden would have been divine. However orders is orders, as they liked to say down in printing and distribution.
‘I know,’ Cherri decided, ‘we’ll try the Lakefield Park. You’ll love it! It’s a massive shopping complex out of town. There’s everything you could possibly want there, and we can even grab a bite to eat. How does that sound?’
Marie giggled. ‘My credit card is ready!’ and then she leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on Cherri’s lips.
Cherri’s heart was suddenly racing. The feel of Marie’s lips on hers was quite exciting in an odd kind of way. But then, she thought, the French are always kissing, aren’t they?
The drive to Lakefield Park took less time than the long walk from the car park to the shopping centre. Luckily Marie was fascinated by the modern concrete and glass building which housed one of the biggest collections of shops and boutiques in the south of England. She stopped to look in wonder as they entered, the high ceiling was a complex of glass and steel which let the bright sunlight stream through. Fountains sparkled in the light and the sound of running water was delightful.
‘Where first?’ Cherri asked, her purse suddenly itching for action. Of course it was a shopping trip for Marie, but there was nothing to say that she couldn’t join in too.
There was no hesitation from Marie. ‘Lingerie,’ she said, and then when she saw the look of surprise on Cherri’s face she smiled. ‘Everyone knows that things are cheaper in England.’
There were half a dozen shops with good lingerie departments, but Cherri knew that the best place was on the fourth floor of the shopping centre. It sold nothing but the finest, sexiest things in satin, lace and silk. ‘In that case, we need to go to the top,’ she announced, pointing to the long escalator that dissected the building and took people from the ground floor to the top in one fell swoop.
They walked across to the escalator in unison, their heels banging hard on the marble floor. Cherri stepped onto the escalator first and then, only a second later Marie joined her. It was a steep ride and as they went higher and higher Cherri delighted in leaning over the edge to stare at the wide expanse before them.
‘You have such lovely long legs,’ Marie sighed.
Cherri looked round and saw that Marie, who was a couple of steps below on the escalator, was looking directly at her legs. Her skirt was short and she realised that Marie could easily see up as far as her bottom. She smiled nervously, and then, much to her surprise, Marie reached out to touch her.
‘Oh,’ Cherri exclaimed as Marie ran her hand along the inside of Cherri’s thigh and up under the skirt. Marie’s hand stroked up and down for a moment, making Cherri blush.
‘Lovely,’ Marie sighed.
Cherri almost tripped when the escalator hit the top. She stumbled forward and then straightened up quickly.
‘Where to?’ Marie asked sweetly.
The boutique was almost empty and Marie swept into it as though she were entering heaven itself. She cooed delightedly as she examined the camisoles, bras, stockings, panties, suspender belts and more. The dour assistant, a matronly lady with no hint of a smile on her face, seemed less than impressed by her customers. Cherri followed on, glad that Marie was so obviously enjoying herself.
‘We try these?’ Marie finally said, having assembled a collection of items from various parts of the shop.
‘In there,’ the assistant snapped, pointing towards the changing rooms at the far corner of the shop.
‘I’ll wait here,’ Cherri said, waiting outside the cubicle.
‘No no no!’ Marie insisted. ‘This is much more fun!’ she said, grabbing Cherri’s arm and pulling her into the cubicle.
Before Cherri had time to complain Marie had pulled her flimsy top off and was undoing her denim skirt. In seconds the girl was naked but for her tight black boots. Her skin was tanned all over, from the curve of her bottom to the dark red of her nipples. There was no time for modesty, Cherri realised, as Marie slipped on a sexy black G-string.
‘You like?’ Marie asked, looking at herself critically in the mirror. The lacy black strip of material was pulled tight between her bottom cheeks, showing off the contours of her behind to best effect.
‘It does look nice,’ Cherri said.
‘Does it feel nice?’
Marie laughed. ‘My lover, will he like it?’ she asked, taking Cherri’s hand and putting it against her bottom. ‘Does it feel nice?’
Cherri felt quite embarrassed to be stroking another girl’s bottom, but Marie was being quite insistent. She moved her hand backwards and forwards, up and down, enjoying the feel of the other girl’s backside. It did indeed feel very nice and for some reason it was beginning to make her feel quite hot. She glanced in the mirror and saw that Marie’s nipples were beginning to grow harder.
‘You like?’ Marie repeated, a mischievous look in her eyes.
‘Oh, er, yes, I like,’ Cherri admitted, taking her hand away quickly.
Marie giggled and peeled the G-string off so that she could try on another pair of panties, and then another. Each time Cherri had to look and feel, and each time it made her feel more and more excited. And then Marie began to try on the bras, and Cherri trembled as she closed her fingers around the other girl’s breasts.
And then Marie decided that it was Cherri’s turn to try on the panties.
‘Are you alright in there?’ the assistant called.
‘Oh,’ Cherri sighed as she felt Marie’s fingers stroke the moist warmth between her thighs.
‘I said are you done?’ the assistant called, her voice louder and angrier.
‘We’d better go,’ Cherri said, taking Marie’s hands from her bottom.
Marie dressed quickly and then went to the counter to pay for everything that she’d bought as Cherri got dressed. Cherri was feeling very strange, but at least she felt sure that Mr Smedley would be pleased. After all she had everything in hand...
The shrill electronic scream of the alarm triggered as soon as Cherri and Marie walked out of the shop, arm in arm.
‘I knew it!’ cried the assistant, running over to grab both of the young women.
Cherri looked shocked. ‘I’m sure there’s been a mistake,’ she exclaimed, her eyes wide with innocence.
‘I’ve heard that before,’ the assistant snapped. ‘As soon as I set eyes on the two of you I knew you’d be trouble.’
‘This is all wrong,’ Marie protested, as she and Cherri were pulled further into the shop.
The security guards arrived a moment later. Two burly looking men who glared angrily at the two women.
‘We’re terribly sorry...’ Cherri started to say.
‘You will be,’ the first guard snapped. ‘Come on, the security manager’s office is just upstairs.’
The guards escorted Cherri and Marie up the concrete steps and into the cramped little office bearing a ‘Security Staff Only’ sign. A bank of television monitors occupied one wall, each screen featuring a different view of the shopping complex.
‘Well well, what have we got here?’
Cherri turned to face a stern looking woman in a dark blue uniform. Her badge indicated that she was Security Manager and her eyes indicated that she was in no mood to listen to excuses.
‘Merde,’ Marie whispered.
‘No,’ came the reply, ‘it’s not murder, it’s shoplifting.’
‘There’s been a mistake,’ Cherri said, trying on a nervous smile.
The security manageress shook her head decisively. She reached over to the bank of screens and pushed a button that ejected a video tape. ‘Follow me,’ she said.
Cherri and Marie followed her into a larger office that was dominated by a big black desk and beside it a large screen television and a video player. The manageress pushed the tape into the machine, rewound it a little and then pressed ‘play’.
‘Oh,’ Cherri whispered, as she watched herself caressing Marie’s pertly offered backside.
‘Oh,’ said Marie as she then watched herself gently squeeze Cherri’s bottom.
‘Oh indeed,’ the manageress agreed. ‘And look at this.’
Both the women watched as Cherri’s hard nipples were stroked by Marie, and then, quite accidentally, the panties that Cherri had just taken off slipped into Cherri’s bag.
‘It was accidental,’ Cherri protested.
‘I’m sure the police won’t agree. And I suppose the magistrate’s going to want to watch the whole of this tape...’
‘Oh,’ the two young women said.
‘There’s another way,’ the manageress said, switching off the video. ‘It seems to me that what the two of you need is a lesson in right and wrong.’
‘Quiet!’ the manageress snapped. ‘Now either you do as I say or else you’ll both end up in court. Is that clear?’
‘Yes,’ they both agreed.
‘As I was saying,’ the woman continued, ‘a lesson in right and wrong. A lesson you’ll not easily forget.’
‘What sort of lesson?’ Cheri asked.
The manageress smiled. ‘Seeing as you’ve no objection to showing your backside to your friend, I’m sure you’ll have no objection to dropping your skirt for me now.’
Marie looked shocked. ‘But Madame, what are you saying?’
The manageress smiled. ‘I’m saying that you two young ladies are going to be punished properly. You,’ she said, pointing to Cherri, ‘can go first. I want your skirt off and then you’ll see what happens to bad girls.’
Cherri looked at Marie. What would Mr Smedley say? He’d be furious for sure. She sighed and unhooked her skirt. It fell to the floor around her ankles to reveal her white cotton panties pulled tight between her bottom cheeks and rubbing deliciously against her pussy.
The manageress pulled her chair out from behind the desk and then sat down squarely in it. She motioned for Cherri to step forward and then grabbed her by the wrists.
‘I don’t want any struggling,’ she warned.
Cherri was pulled across the woman’s lap so that her bottom was raised high and her long legs were raised off the ground. Her face was colouring as she looked up and saw Marie staring with wide eyed fascination at what was going on.
‘Oh,’ Cherri said as her knickers were pulled down sharply. Her naked bottom was now fully exposed.
The manageress licked her lips and then raised her hand high. She brought it down again swiftly, the loud slap of sound resounding around the room as Cherri squealed. The sting was so sudden and she could feel her pale skin starting to colour red. The second stroke landed a moment later, the full force of it making Cherri’s bottom quiver. In rapid succession six hard strokes came down, each of them imprinted like fire on Cherri’s rounded bottom cheeks.
The spanking stopped as suddenly as it had begun. Cherri stood tentatively, her bottom blazed and the smarting sensation seemed to be spreading across the top of her thighs and down between her legs. She felt oddly excited again, especially when she turned and saw that Marie was still watching.
‘Stand there,’ the manageress instructed. ‘I want you to put your hands on your head.’
Cherri stepped into the place that was pointed out. Her bottom was still naked but there was nothing else she could do. She stood with her hands on her head so that her chastised backside could be fully appreciated.
‘And now it’s your turn,’ the manageress told Marie.
The young French woman made no complaint. She swallowed hard and unzipped her skirt and then she stepped into place. Her bottom was taut, pulled round as she went across the older woman’s lap. When her panties were pulled down Cherri was treated to a view of her bottom and the dark hair between her thighs.
‘Ouch!’ Marie cried as the first hard stroke came down on her beautifully displayed derriere.
‘Quiet or you’ll get extra,’ the manageress warned.
Marie squirmed and bit her tongue as several hard strokes were applied to her bottom. Soon the dark tan of her skin was a bright pink as more and more strokes came down.
‘Please! Stop! Stop!’ Marie cried finally, unable to stand the hard smacks that assailed her pert backside.
‘Stop, shall I? And let you get away with it?’ the manageress demanded.
‘Please,’ Cherri cried, ‘we’ll do whatever you want us to...’
The spanking stopped immediately. ‘Will you now,’ the manageress challenged.
Cherri’s bottom was still smarting and she knew exactly how Marie felt across the other woman’s lap. ‘Yes,’ she said, ‘we’ll do anything you like...’
Marie was allowed to stand. She came running to Cherri and wrapped her arms around her friend’s shoulders. ‘It hurts so much,’ she complained.
‘I’m sure it does,’ the manageress said, standing up. Now it seems to me that you two girls have got one more lesson to learn now.’
Cherri and Marie turned to watch as the woman began to unbutton her uniform skirt. In seconds she was naked and the dark triangle between her thighs was fully exposed. She smiled at the two young women with their pink bottoms still on display. ‘I think I deserve something for being so lenient,’ she said quietly.
Marie dropped down onto her hands and knees even before Cherri had a chance to understand. She crawled forward, her punished bottom marked with the red imprint of her punishment. She inched forward and then began to kiss the other woman between the thighs.
‘Oh,’ Cherri said, realising that it was her turn next.

That is the end of the Cherri Bottom series.

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