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Thursday, 17 August 2017

Letter From St Mildred’s 1

From Roué 3. Extract from the Chairman’s Report to the Governors, with special reference to the important matter of Discipline.
...Of course, the relationships which I build up between myself and my student nurses isn’t entirely disciplinary. I mean it stands to reason that if a girl comes to my rooms, voluntarily takes her knickers down and, however reluctantly, submits to the kind of discipline I like to employ, and I mean the snap and crack of a nice cane across her naked bottom, the girl knowing perfectly well that I have no actual authority to do any such thing, and if she then comes back again for another dose of the same thing, then obviously, whether she realises it or not, she’s coming for reasons of her own which must clearly be of a sexual nature. A circumstance which I would be stupid not to take the fullest advantage of, don’t you agree?
So, as I say, sometimes punishment isn’t why a girl comes. She comes for the taste of something a little sweeter, although, me being me, she gets a taste of something stingier first.
On these occasions imagination is a great asset. I like her to remember her place even if it is supposed to be a kind of emotional thing as well, so I always find a reason to take her knickers down, and I don’t mean for a taste of honey. If I can’t find a genuine reason, I invent one.
If she’s in uniform I like to have her stripped down to her stockings and suspender belt. Not because I’ve particularly got a thing about them, but because the suspender belt is going to come in handy. (And you’d be surprised how many girls still wear them, especially nurses. A laddered pair of tights is ruined, but a laddered stocking isn’t quite so bad. At least you can still use the other one.)
She knows, of course, that she’s going to get spanked, at least, and if she’s got a nice, solid, rounded bottom, her fate is sealed. She’s going to get caned. Inevitably, she’s nervous. She’ll try to pretend that she doesn’t need a whacking, but of course, she does. That’s at least half the reason why she’s come. So having made her strip, she goes across the bed, bottom up.
Some of the girls get a bit edgy at this point, because they know that in a couple of minutes they’re not going to be quite so composed when they’ve had a couple of nice stingers across their bums, so to play safe I sit astride their waist, facing their feet, while I arrange things. This stops them changing their minds half-way, and makes it easy to unhook the two black suspenders from their stockings.
With a safety pin, I pin the two suspenders together, as high up as possible, so that both pieces are joined behind the small of her back. Then I run both suspender straps down between the cleft of her buttocks, and with a split key-ring, join the two clasps together and then reach under the mattress and clip the key ring to the wire mesh springing of the bed. I can then get up off her back and she is fairly well fastened in place. This isn’t particularly secure of course, because with one strong heave she could break the suspenders and pull free. However, it is sufficient to act as a deterrent, and has just the psychological effect I want to achieve. It begins to sink in that she’s there for a whacking, and no doubt about it.
Then I cane her!
It’s not actually a proper punishment, so I cane quite moderately, enough to make the cane smack nicely across her bottom and leave faint, reddening weals, but not enough to bring her to tears.
Not yet, anyway...!
No matter how obedient or submissive she is of course, she won’t be able to contain the occasional wriggle as the sting begins to bite, but with the suspenders pulling tighter between her cheeks with every movement, she is held firmly enough, and I can cane easily and comfortably. With her buttocks nicely spread by the straps between, and the right position across the bed automatically maintained she may begin to get a little agitated. So if I give her a couple of harder whacks and make her jump a bit, the only thing she can do is roll a little from side to side.
Some girls, once their bottoms begin to get sore from the caning, have a tendency to start sinking down... sliding backwards off the bed until their bums almost touch their heels, which is not only bad for discipline, since they should stay where they’re damned well put, but it also hides that nice, plump, receptive part of their bottoms, just above the thighs, which is the very nicest part of all for a cane to tease with its stingy tip.
But with her suspenders clipped to the springs she can’t slide backwards at all, neither can she tug very far forwards. So, at my leisure, I give her a nice, steady tanning, and if she wants to be a silly girl and start crying towards the end of her whipping, well, it gives me a reason, if I needed one, to cuddle her better afterwards.
Having caned her, what I do with her then is my business, and I don’t suppose you’d be interested anyway, but I’ll write again and let you know how I get on with the new girl I mentioned last time, Rosemary.
Yours Faithfully,
Sir Richard Blackthorn - Chairman
St Mildred’s Medical School for Girls

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