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Friday, 14 July 2017

Summer Swimming Lessons

From New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.05
In the bathroom a pretty girl with thick auburn hair is wearing a black lycra swimsuit. The swimsuit is ultra-tight and cut high on her hips, virtually to her waist. There is also a youngish man, tall, fully-clothed. At some word from him she lowers herself face-down onto two stools which have been placed together. She commences moving her arms and leg in a breast-stroke swimming action. In the cut-away garment her bottom is more bare than covered.
After perhaps half a minute the man leans over and gives her bare bottom a sharp smack. The sound of flesh on flesh. The girl yelps...
The girl’s name is Louise Clayton. The man is called Colin Webster. He is her Form Master at school. But this is not school time, it is the summer holiday. Mr Webster is giving Louise extra tutoring this summer...
The end of term! The end of the school year! Six lovely weeks of freedom from school to look forward to. Marvellous! Fantastic!!
Yes, it was marvellous. Or should be. But for 17-year-old Louise Clayton there was just a little cloud on the horizon. In the shape of Mr Webster, her Form Master. In fact Mr Webster wasn’t just a little cloud, it seemed he might be quite a big one.
On that last day of term he had happened to meet Louise in the corridor. She was in rather high spirits, partly because someone had managed to sneak in a bottle of Spanish white wine. Plonk no doubt but it had alcohol in it, and Louise had had a glass. She was feeling very happy — and then she met Mr Webster.
‘You look as if you’re in a good mood, Louise,’ he had remarked sarcastically. ‘Well, let’s hope it continues after you get home.’
As she turned away with a cheerful smile, with no idea what he was talking about, Mr Webster gave Louise a sharp slap across her bottom, the ripe thrust of which was outlined in her pretty summer dress. She gave a yelp.
Mr Webster said grimly, ‘You know, I’ve been aching to give that bum of yours a really good spanking all term!’
Perhaps the end-of-term feeling was affecting Mr Webster too! Louise, the alcohol swimming headily in her veins, stuck her bottom out at Mr Webster with a taunting wouldn’t-you-just-love-to expression on her face, and then walked off in a reasonably dignified manner.
Louise was a very good-looking girl with thick shoulder-length auburn hair, and a very shapely figure too. One or two of her friends were always claiming that certain masters fancied her. Including Mr Webster. Some girls of course fancied Mr Webster, because he wasn’t all that old and was tall with a little beard that some girls thought sexy. But Louise certainly didn’t fancy him. She wondered vaguely what he could have been talking about...
When she got home, with school now finished and feeling as if she was walking several inches off the ground, her mother said, ‘Oh, did Mr Webster have a word with you, darling?’
Louise shook her head. ‘Uh... not really.’ But she suddenly had a nasty little tingle down her back. Was there some kind of unpleasant news…?
Yes there was. It seemed Mr Webster had had a chat with her mother, about Louise’s school performance. Louise should be doing a lot better according to Mr Webster. And basically, in Mr Webster’s considered opinion, Louise was lazy. Too content to be mooning about, probably thinking about boys a lot of the time.
‘That’s just a lie!’ Louise retorted hotly. Although she did spend a certain amount of time thinking about boys. She had heard some of this criticism before of course, from Mr Webster direct. But now it was rather different.
‘Well your father and I agree with a lot of what he said, Louise dear. And we thought his suggestion was a very good idea.’
Mr Webster’s suggestion was that he should sort of take control of her. For the whole of the summer vacation!
‘What…!!’ Louise gasped, almost lost for words.
‘Yes dear. As a sort of tutor. We thought it was very generous of him to offer to give up his time. He thinks some physical activity... as well as book work...’
Mr Webster phoned Louise that evening.
‘Well, I expect you’ve been told now.’ He sounded over the phone almost as if he was licking his lips. Like a cat with a bowl of cream. Louise didn’t answer. She felt too awful. To think of having to spend the coming days of the summer holiday with Mr Webster!
The creamy voice again. ‘I should tell you something else that you can be thinking about. This won’t be school of course. So there will be none of those petty school restrictions. For instance the matter of smacking your bottom which I may have referred to earlier today. Not on in school, of course. But in the coming weeks there is no prohibition whatsoever. If I think it is called for!’
There was a pause. No doubt for Louise to take in this rather unbelievable information. Then: ‘Or of course the cane, Louise.’
Another what you might call pregnant pause.
‘Think about it, Louise. And I want to see you round at my place at nine in the morning. Wear that pretty dress you had on today. And high heels, with stockings and a suspender belt. If you’re looking nice and smart it could put me in a good mood. OK?’
How could he say that! Telling her what to wear! Stockings and a suspender belt... and the other of course. What was that he had said about spanking? And the cane! Louise just couldn’t believe it. No, he must be just trying to scare her.
Yes, she thought about it alright. In bed that night she felt like crying. The holidays — and on the first day she had to go round to Mr Webster’s place. To be caned...?
Louise was there right on nine. Well, she was a bit scared and didn’t want to get him in a bad mood. And so she had also worn what he had said. Black high heels and the rest. It was now five past nine and she was sitting in an armchair in his lounge. Mr Webster had gone to make some coffee. Leaving her here to sit and think all those thoughts. Starting with that smack across the bottom he had given her yesterday — and going on to all the other dreadful thoughts. The cane...
Mr Webster came back with two mugs of coffee. Louise didn’t feel like coffee but she forced herself to take a sip. She thought of her friends — quite possibly right now in some cafe, having coffee with boys...
Mr Webster said, ‘Good. You’re looking nice, Louise. Lovely and smart. I hate some of the grungy things girls like to wear nowadays. And I hope you have proper stockings on. With a suspender belt?’
She flushed and nodded.
‘Lovely. Like many men, Louise, I find stockings and a suspender belt very sexy. But I want to mention other garments. In particular a swim suit.’
Louise looked a bit blank.
‘Ah! Did your mother not mention physical activities, Louise?’ Mr Webster laughed. ‘Apart from the received physical activity of a caning of course. But we did agree that it would do you good. A fit mind in a fit body, eh!’
He took a swallow of his drink.
‘Swimming, Louise. We’re going to do some swimming. Or rather you are. Swimming is an excellent exercise. And I also really fancy the idea of you in one of those nice sleek modern swimsuit’s. You know, all cut away so that your pussy hair shows...’
Louise went red in the face.
‘No need to be embarrassed. Anyway we’re going down to the swimming pool before you get your books out. And I want you swimming about twenty lengths, really hard.’
Louise stammered, ‘I can’t swim twenty lengths.’
‘Oh well then. It’ll have to be twenty strokes of the cane across your bottom instead. Nice juicy ones on your bare bottom, Louise!’
She looked sick. He was joking, wasn’t he? And not, in her opinion, a very nice joke at all.
Mr Webster gave that irritating laugh again. ‘Yes. But before anything else do you know what I’m going to do? I’m going to give you that spanked bottom which I mentioned yesterday, which I really have been wanting to do all term, Louise dear. Because you do have such a spankable one, and because you really do deserve it for not working harder!’
He had to be joking! Didn’t he! Louise, looking even sicker now, shook her head.
‘Yes! Come on!’ Mr Webster patted his lap. ‘Get yourself right here. I’m going to take your knickers down. And I’ll be able to see those stocking tops and suspender belt, won’t I!’
It was quite sickening, but Mr Webster wasn’t joking. He said if she didn’t get over his lap right away he would get his cane out. And give her a caning on her bare bottom there and then. He seemed to mean it. So there was no real choice.
Feeling really awful Louise put her coffee cup down. It was still half-full and she had the fleeting thought of letting it deliberately fall and make a mess on the carpet. But that probably wasn’t such a good idea, not with his unbelievable talk of the cane. She got unsteadily to her feet.
‘Look sir... please!’
‘Louise, get over here. I don’t want to be messed about.’
She forced herself to get down over his lap. Maybe she was going to be sick, she certainly felt like it. Mr Webster was groping her bum through her dress. And then dragging her dress up...
Colin Webster had been thinking of this all year. Having Louise Clayton across his lap. Yanking her skirt up. She was lazy and certainly needed having her bum dealt with. And of course it was such a gorgeous bum. The best in the school, definitely as far as he was concerned. But before this, only observed through her skirt — either the grey uniform one or something else of her own (‘decent and respectable’ according to regulations), which Sixth Formers were allowed to wear. Well once also he had sneaked into Lower Sixth A gym, for the pleasure of observing bums, and in particular Louise’s, in skin-tight black lycra. That had been quite fantastic. The ripe gluteus muscles half-bare in those cut-away, skin-hugging leotards!!
Yes but what he had really wanted — dreamt about — was this.
The skirt of her dress up round her waist now. A most stirring and arousing sight! Louise’s thighs in the nylons which were fastened by slim white suspender straps. The suspender straps spanned soft, pale thigh-flesh, and disappeared into brief, skin-taut pale blue knickers. The luscious thighs were struggling feebly...
His hand gave a preliminary sharp splat down onto her knickered bottom. And then he was yanking down the knickers. Exposing those ripely swelling nates. It rather took his breath away. All this pale flesh... with a tuft of auburn hair peeping from the tops of her thighs... She was making desperate little gaspy yelps...
He smacked his hand hard down. The heady feel of bare flesh this time produced a much more urgent shrilling yell. He grinned with pleasure. Commencing a measured cadence of heavy spanks, he shifted his position slightly. His cock, fully erect now, was being rather painfully squashed...
After that truly dreadful spanking they went to the town swimming pool in Mr Webster’s little car. Louise’s bottom still felt sore. But it wasn’t just that, there was also the recalled enormity of having his hand so intimately on it. Because he had not just been spanking, he had been groping too...
If all this wasn’t enough there was something else as well. Louise had no knickers on now. After the spanking Mr Webster had said she didn’t need them, and had slid them off. So under her dress there was just Louise’s bare bottom. Still red...
As he drove off he said, ‘We need to make a stop first of course.’
At a sports shop, to buy a swimsuit. Yes, Mr Webster did want her in one of those ultra-skimpy, cut-away lycra models. ‘It’s a little present, Louise,’ he said in the shop. He asked the assistant for a small size. ‘She wants it really tight, for extra speed through the water.’
He took her into the changing cubicle. In that tiny enclosed space with Mr Webster, Louise had to strip everything off and then try on the suits. Mr Webster’s hands were everywhere of course. Louise’s big tits... Her still pink bum... Her pussy...
He finally decided on a plain black suit in a tiny size. When Louise had it on, it scarcely covered the essential parts. Stretched taut at her crotch it did leave a lot of her pussy hair showing. Not to mention a good deal of her bum as well.
She whimpered, ‘I can’t wear this...’ Covering her crotch with her hands.
‘Why ever not!’ Mr Webster firmly pushed her hands away. ‘I’m sure any men and boys at the pool will think it’s really super. And anyway you’re going to be in the water, doing those twenty lengths, remember.’
There were of course men and boys at the pool. And they did seem to find Louise’s swimsuit — and what it revealed — of considerable interest. There were yelps and whistles of delight. Poor Louise. It was all quite devastating. Because Mr Webster wouldn’t let her get in the water right away, he made her parade right round the pool first...
Could Louise do twenty lengths? Are you kidding? She was not a very good swimmer and doing one full length had her struggling. She hung on at the side at the deep end, gasping for breath, after just about managing it.
Mr Webster looked down. ‘Well that’s one. Nineteen more. Or is it going to be nineteen with the cane?’
After the swimming pool Mr Webster dropped Louise off at her house to get her lunch. She was to come round to him again in the afternoon, at 2.30.
‘Well, how did it go?’ her mother asked brightly. Louise felt like bursting into tears. It was almost impossible to believe that Mr Webster had spanked her bare bottom, and then that awful business at the pool. Having to parade round in that awful suit showing her pussy hair and a good deal of her bare bottom. She hadn’t recognised anyone, for one thing she had been too embarrassed to really look at anyone, but there could easily have been people who knew who she was, Louise Clayton making a real exhibition of herself!
The other thing of course and maybe even worse was that Mr Webster said he was going to cane her this afternoon! Because Louise had only been able to swim that one length. She had struggled out at the deep end, Mr Webster half pulling her out (with the swimsuit wet and even more revealing!) Then she had got in the water again at the shallow end and splashed around a bit, but she couldn’t make herself swim up to the deep end again. And so Mr Webster was going to cane her.
Louise moaned that she didn’t want to go back to Mr Webster again after lunch, he was really hateful, but her mother wasn’t interested. ‘Of course you’re going back, darling. Don’t be so silly. Now eat your lunch.’
Louise didn’t want any lunch, not with the prospect of the cane facing her. Maybe she should tell her mother that he was going to cane her, and all the rest. But Louise couldn’t bear to talk about it. And her mother didn’t ask for any details. Maybe she knew, or could guess! Perhaps her mother and father had discussed it with Mr Webster. ‘Yes, maybe the cane is a good idea...’ Louise could feel herself blushing at this awful thought.
What she did do was go to the bathroom... and trim her pussy hair. Because Mr Webster had said something about making her wear that awful swimsuit again. So she got some scissors and trimmed it at the sides, where it had shown. The scissors and then the razor she used for under her arms...
Back in Mr Webster’s sitting room he said, ‘Yes, I am going to have to give you the cane, Louise. You just weren’t trying back there at the pool. But we could do a bit of practicing first. On dry land as you might say. In the bathroom.
He told her to put the swimsuit back on. She could go up in the bedroom and change. ‘I want you in the bathroom in five minutes,’ he told her sternly. His hand whacked across Louise’s bottom.
In the bedroom Louise made desperate little whimpering noises. Oh God! He was going to cane her! In this awful swimsuit! And what was this other thing? Practice…? In the bathroom...?
He was there waiting for her — and immediately saw what she’d done with the scissors and razor. ‘What’s this! Shaved all your pussy hair off!’
Flushing, she shook her head and stammeringly told him: ‘Only what showed.’ He laughed and grabbed her pussy through the tight lycra. Louise squirmed away. Really Mr Webster was such an awful person! How could some girls actually fancy him? She could feel a hot tingle where he’d grabbed her though...
He told her what she was to do. At least he didn’t seem to be planning to cane her right away. He had two bathroom stools pushed together. She was to lie on her stomach across the two stools, and practice her swimming movements.
Louise, with a little moan, got tentatively down. It was another awful trick... His hand slapped her bum. ‘And if you don’t really work at it, Louise, well, your bum will be in a great position for the cane, won’t it!’
She gave a despairing yelp at the thought of that.
‘Breast stroke first,’ he told her. ‘Legs wide...’
There was another urgent yelp. Louise had parted her legs... and Mr Webster’s hand had gone in there. Groping her pussy...
‘Don’t be so jumpy and sensitive. Come on! Anyone would think you’d never had it felt before...’
‘Don’t... Don’t... Please..!’ she squealed desperately. Because it was almost impossible to open her legs, as the breast stroke demanded, if he was going to put his hand there.
‘Get on!’ Mr Webster ordered brusquely. ‘Or I’ll get the cane…’
Louise, whimpering, forced herself. Her arms sweeping wide. Her legs scissoring in frog-like action. Punctuated by smacks from Mr Webster’s hard hand. And the occasional grope... But she made herself continue.
Then a harder slap to her bare bottom. ‘Stop!’
Another spank as she ceased her swimming motion. ‘You’re not putting much effort in it, Louise. Maybe you need more freedom of movement...’ He said something else.
No!’ she squealed.
‘Would you rather have the cane then?’
What he wanted now was for Louise to do the swimming completely nude from the waist down! By putting both her legs through one of the swimsuit leg-holes, and pulling it up to her waist.
‘It’ll give you excellent freedom, and I’m sure you’ll do much better.’
But Louise could just imagine what it would be like. Doing the breast stroke like that. What she would be showing..!
She didn’t have any choice though. Well apart from the cane...
Biting her lip she got up. Mr Webster said he was going in the kitchen to make some coffee. When he came back he wanted her waiting, sitting on the stool and with the swimsuit as specified. Otherwise...
He was back in five minutes, with two cups of coffee. Louise had the swimsuit, as directed, up round her waist. He grinned and told her to stand up.
‘Not like that. Hands at your sides.’
Red-faced, standing in front of him, Louise took her hands away from her bare pussy. It no longer had that same luxuriant bush.
Mr Webster said, ‘I think I preferred it with all the hair. He reached out his hand. Louise squirmed away. He really was awful. But his hand at her pussy did give her a buzz...
He made her do some more of the swimming exercise, this time nude below her waist. With some smacking, and also his hand sliding in there from time to time. It was awful — but it was also getting her going a bit.
Then Mr Webster said ‘Stop!’ again. He said maybe it was time for the cane.
‘Hmm... Let’s go into the bedroom.’
In the bedroom Mr Webster said he really did think it was time for the cane. A few strokes...
‘No..! Please..!’
‘Mmm. I really do think so. Anyway have a rest for a bit. Take the swimsuit off and lie down on the bed.’
After a little hesitation Louise did it. Lying on the bed now. Nude, nothing on at all.
Mr Webster sat down on the side. His hand slid over to her boobs. The nipples were already half-erect, from what he’d been doing in the bathroom. Flushing, she told him to stop, but Mr Webster wasn’t stopping. And her nipples were hardening right up. The hand slid down, towards her pussy. She gave a little whimper.
But she didn’t want the cane. And also Mr Webster had got her going a bit. He was really awful but... maybe if she was co-operative he wouldn’t be so bad. Because there were the whole of the holidays ahead. And she didn’t want the bloody cane all that time, did she?
Mr Webster’s hand came between her legs. Louise, in a stilting voice, said, ‘I really don’t want that bloody cane.’
Mr Webster didn’t answer. She bit her lip. Then slid her legs compliantly open to his hand.

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