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Saturday, 18 March 2017

Spankers Gallery - Half-Past Four

Analysed illustrations from Roué 11
Smacked-bottom drawings have one enormous advantage over smacked-bottom photographs — the artist can serve up the most delectable dishes time after time and be sure that the girl is his ideal on every occasion. He can make her a feast of everything he finds most appetising. He likes his girls young? Fine — he can have a sixteen-year-old any time he wants. He likes them pretty — plump — blonde — brunette? No problem. And if the artist’s ideal happens to coincide with our own fancies — we too can savour the extravagances of his palate.
These drawings, especially the first, offer us a girl whose charm embodies pretty well everything the smacked-bottom gourmet might want. Have you ever seen a prettier, rounder, saucier bum? Have you ever seen a better-fitting pair of shorts on a cuter backside — a more sexily presented bottom offered up to the slipper in a more titillating way? And isn’t she pretty? Aren’t her young tits the very nicest, her nipples the cheekiest — isn’t she just perfect? Wouldn’t she get her delicious little bum smacked every single day if you were the gym-teacher?
She is so charming in her gym-shorts and vest that it seems a pity that she should have to be undressed so completely in the second picture. Still, we can’t know what the artist has in mind for her. Perhaps it’s something which makes this denudation necessary. Her tears have dried, though we can be sure that her bottom is still smarting nicely from the attentions of teacher’s slipper. Perhaps it isn’t a punishment at the end of a gym lesson. Perhaps it’s Sunday morning at some girls’ boarding school in Sussex and everyone else has gone to church. Perhaps there is a nice swishy cane in the locker. Perhaps Little-Miss-Innocent is going to grow up between now and Sunday lunch. Perhaps……….
In this little series of three drawings the artist has worked in three dimensions; one being time, using the chronology of events, one being the personalities involved, especially with the little cameos of the teacher superimposed over the main drawings, and the last being the evocation of atmosphere, which the illustration of the ‘over the knees’ spanking manages particularly well.
And it is this inbuilt sense of ‘atmosphere’, the knowing that somehow one has been there oneself, which sets the scene inside which all the drawings work so well. Don’t we just know that it’s a wet day — the overall gloom which pervades the classroom tells us that without a doubt. It has been one of those days when the playground is scattered with leaves and the cloakrooms have been filled with wet macs and wellies standing in puddles of their own making. The girls have been restless and teachers have been irritable and a smacked bottom has been on the cards for any girl silly enough to furnish sufficient reason.
The whole room is redolent of schooldays. The floor has been polished with that gluey institutional stuff that never stops feeling sticky under your shoes. The clock ‘bonks’ mournfully. There is the sound of distant giggles as the hockey team go into the gym for wet-weather practise. Rain patters dismally on the windows — and teacher is as ratty as hell.
What a melancholy business this spanking is! It isn’t one of those sunny-day spankings when the lively bounce and wriggle of a girl’s bum manages somehow to seem cheerful and spiritually uplifting to the smacker-of-bottoms, so that he lets the imp off with no more than a healthy blush to her cheeks and a playful flick of knicker elastic as he helps her up with her pants. No indeed! This one is going to hurt!
The chilly air has brought a suggestion of goose-bumpiness to the girl’s bottom as her old-fashioned school knickers have been taken down — and not with some jokey comment from the teacher, as might have been the case on a less miserable day, but with instead a cold determination that this is one bum which is going to feel the sting of a real spanking! The twang of a suspender losing its grip as the girl’s ample hips have been manoeuvred into position has done nothing to lessen the teacher’s irritability, since the clip has snapped sharply across his knuckles in the midst of the unclothing of the soon-to-be-spanked bottom.
Each spank has been carefully placed with the deliberate intention of imparting the maximum sting across the broadest area, and this is a bottom which will take a good deal of spanking. Even as a preparation for the subsequent tawsing, regarding which we are given a broad hint by the placing of the tawse atop the desk, this delightfully spankable bum clearly has needed at least five non-stop minutes of bottom-warming, with the resultant rosy glow providing the only bright points in the pictures.
Made to stand in the corner like a naughty little girl — which of course is what she is — the tearful wretchedness which is the inevitable result of a sound spanking is abundantly demonstrated by the pathetically clutching hand and the still-lowered knickers, while the teacher’s gloating anticipation of the next stage in the punishment betrays his changed mood. The tears and wriggles and girlish distress of the last few minutes have brightened him considerably!
The tawsing is administered most vigorously! The well-tanned girl swerves her bottom as the strap lands, only her hold on the framework of the desk allowing her to endure her punishment without jumping up and blubbering for pity — though we can be sure she’s blubbering nonetheless. And we can be sure too that teacher is now enjoying himself thoroughly. For him at least the afternoon doesn’t seem so gloomy after all!

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