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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

New Headmaster

A St Angela's story from Roué 14
A school year has ended at St Angela’s, and after a short summer holiday a new academic year has begun.
Mr Payne, headmaster, wielder of canes and smacker of bottoms, has resigned. Those who know him can hardly believe that he has gone of his own free will — there is a strong suspicion that he must have been offered an even better job than the one he has held for some years at St Angela’s. What that better job could possibly be has exercised the imaginations of the remaining staff considerably, though to no avail.
He has been replaced, through the good offices of Mr Grimsley, by a certain Mr Ingham. Mr Ingham is a somewhat younger man, in his early fifties, and already, though term has barely started, the new headmaster has been playing ‘new brooms’ with a vigour that has left many somewhat out of their depth.
The school uniform has been drastically changed, and in a rather confusing way. For some reason Mr Ingham has decided that it has to be possible to tell, from the angle at which one might apply a cane to a schoolgirl’s bottom, exactly which year the bottom belongs to without resorting to what some might regard as a simpler method, that of question and answer. There are rumours, though unconfirmed as yet, that the regulations, such as they were, appertaining to corporal punishment in the school are to be changed. Mr Evans, who is sulking profoundly at not being offered the headmastership, is busy organising strike action should it transpire that his penchant for knicker-removing has in any way been threatened with curtailment. Mr Ingham, a cool-headed man, has so far remained unmoved by the possibility of industrial action.
One rumour which has been confirmed is that there is to be a school magazine — well, kind of — which is apparently to be published by an outfit who trade under the name of Roué, up in London somewhere. The first issue is promised for October, or so Mr Ingham says. One hopes that by then the new regime at St Angela’s will have settled down into something like the old regime again.
The only other thing to say is that the whole of the upper year, the old 8A and 8B, have been sent out into society in their hope that their time at the school has taught them something more than how to say ‘Yes sir’ when told to get their knickers down. The exception is Rosalind Bottomley, who through Mr Evans’ machinations has been obliged to stay for a further year, as explained previously.
By way of compensation there has been an influx of new girls, whose names appear below, and whom Mr Ingham has undertaken to introduce to the school in his own rather mysterious way.
Form 6A
Eileen Bradwick
Anita Chandler
Lola Cross
Sandra Dunne
Veronica Fancy
Harriet Frobisher
Christine Green
Elaine Holditt
Sylvia Kipple
Allison Morgan
Violet Noakes
June Norsen
Amanda Pretty
Susan Rudge
Mary Russell
Linda Stipple
Hazel Shaw
Jennifer Truett
Marilyn Vorsett
Trudy Wilkinson
Linda Worsley
Form 6B
Barbara Alltit
Carol Bobbs
Susan Bumble
Pamela Doritt
Jeanette Earwood
Sharon Glumley
Diana Grace
Frances Hutten
Beryl Jewel
Angela last
Lucy Love
Pauline Needs
Nancy Oliver
Brenda Punnot
Jane Quentin
Julie Rose
Yvonne Silk
April Tate
Ursula Tumey
Victoria Unwin
Sonia White

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