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Thursday, 2 March 2017

Gillian’s Further Education

A photo-story from New Blushes Uniform Girls 2.03. A continuation to Tutoring Gillian and All for Gillian.
Gillian stands somewhat apprehensively in front of the fireplace. She is dressed in her school uniform which of course at school only the younger ones are required to wear. But this is not school, it is the cottage of her tutor, Mr Vanway. She is here for the whole weekend, ‘for further education’ according to Mr Vanway. That is the purpose no doubt of the implement she is unhappily holding. A split-ended leather tawse. To further her education...
About ten o’clock on Saturday morning the phone rang. She could guess who it would be.
‘Gillian? Hello dear.’ Yes, Mr Vanway. Her tutor. Gillian made a face. She had been expecting his call. He asked if she had confirmed things with her mother regarding next weekend. Gillian said yes she had. She couldn’t suppress a little shiver at the thought of it though. Spending next weekend with Mr Vanway at his cottage.
‘Excellent my dear. We shall look forward to that, won’t we? Are you... ah... alone at the moment, Gillian?’
She said no. Mr Vanway’s ears pricked up. ‘That boyfriend again I suppose. Derek. You do seem to spend a lot of time with him. To the neglect of your schoolwork I am sure.’
Gillian made another face and said no, she was discussing work.
Mr Vanway said, ‘Just make sure you discuss it all week. I’ll check with your mother later, regarding the weekend.’
She remembered that he was going to be away. ‘I hope you have a good time at your conference, Mr Vanway.’
That at least was something, she didn’t have to see Mr Vanway all next week, he had to go to some conference or other. But to make up for that there would be the weekend to look forward to.
She replaced the phone and went back to sit down. While she had been talking he had moved from the armchair to the settee, in order to sit next to her. Not Derek. It wasn’t Derek she was with. It was Paul. Her ex-boyfriend. He had come round this morning soon after Gillian’s mother had gone out shopping, saying he had a message from his mother for Mrs Prentice. Gillian guessed this was just a little ploy to get to see her. Maybe he had even waited until he saw her mother go out so he could get her alone. But she had invited him in anyway. She knew Paul wanted to get together again now. Now that she was going with Derek.
To wind him up, Gillian had told Paul last week that she was fucking Derek. ‘Actually yes, I am’, she had said when Paul had asked her, probably jokingly. It had got him very hot under the collar! Though he didn’t really know whether to believe it or not. That was one reason why they had split up. Paul wanting her to fuck and Gillian saying she wasn’t going to start yet. Now she was telling Paul she was doing it with Derek Minfield, her new boyfriend who had only been at the school this term. In fact Gillian wasn’t really doing it yet, not with Derek or anyone else. Not yet...
Gillian said it was her tutor on the phone. Paul said, ‘Oh yes. And I expect you’re letting him fuck you too.’
Gillian went slightly red in the face but managed to force a sweet smile. ‘Yes of course, Paul. But don’t tell anyone, I don’t want everyone to know.’ She hesitated for a moment, wondering whether to switch to the armchair so as not to sit next to him. But it wasn’t really a problem. She sat down on the settee again.
‘Actually I’m fucking several people now. I’ve found I really like it. Mr Farrall for instance. I’ve started fucking him. But don’t tell anyone that either.’
Paul went red. Was she winding him up? Or could it be true? Boys of course liked to say that some girls would let masters fuck them to get better marks, or if not fuck then let them finger their pussies. Was it possible Gillian had started this, with Mr Farrall. Or this tutor she went to? And Derek Minfield... He felt a bit sick.
Gillian could see her claims had got to Paul and that was good. They had a bit of an argument but her heart wasn’t in it. Half her mind was on Mr Vanway. Next weekend with him, at his cottage in the country! And also Mr Farrall. She was going out with Mr Farrall, for a drive in the country tomorrow afternoon, so say to discuss her schoolwork. But what if Mr Farrall put the squeeze on her?
Paul got a bit frisky. No doubt angry at the possibility that she might be screwing now. Including new boy D. Minfield. Paul tried to turn it to his advantage. He said if she was doing it with all these people then letting him have a quick fuck should clearly be no problem. Gillian said no thanks. He started grabbing her and with other things on her mind she wasn’t really doing her best to fend him off. Paul got his hand up her skirt. His fingers at her pussy through her knickers. She let him feel it a bit. Partly because she liked it. He got his fingers inside her knickers. In her pussy... But after a few minutes of that she made him stop, saying her mother would be in shortly. Paul was all excited now. Gillian could see he had an erection, and she briefly squeezed it. It was good to get Paul all hot and then make him stop, all frustrated.
Yes it was good — but there were all those things to think about that weren’t good. Mr Vanway... Mr Farrall... Oh Christ!
Mr Vanway hadn’t in fact caned her yesterday. He had threatened to, at that extra Friday visit to him. She had got all hot and bothered fearing it but there hadn’t been the caning. He had let her off it. But probably only temporarily!
She had gone round to his house with no knickers on and that had put him in a good mood. His hand was up her skirt as soon as she was inside the door. Backing up against the wall, she accommodatingly opened her legs for the hand.
Mr Vanway silkily approved. ‘Very good, Gillian. I can see we are learning a certain amount of obedience. Probably the thought of the cane is concentrating your mind, dear, is that it?’
Gillian mumbled something. Mr Vanway had his fingers in her cunt where she was already somewhat wet from riding her bike. The friction from the saddle when you were pedalling was always stimulating and the effect was more enhanced with no knickers on. She opened her legs wider, to allow further access to his hand. To show she was being obedient and co-operative — and also because what he was doing felt good. And the thought came to her that he wouldn’t cane her. She would no doubt get a spanking, and all the rest. But not the cane.
Mr Vanway brought her off right there. Before she had gone more than a step inside his house. Standing right there up against the hallway wall. It didn’t take long because Gillian was already in an elevated state, from cycling with no knickers on and also her fear of a caning. Scarcely a minute perhaps, and then those keening gasps. The high-pitched squeals. Working her hot cunt desperately against Mr Vanway’s expert hand.
Right afterwards, while she was still gasping and shuddering from coming he said, ‘Actually I’ve got a suggestion to make.’
And that was the suggestion. He wanted her to come with him to his country cottage the next weekend.
‘It will allow me to significantly further your education, Gillian. We can have a period of intensive tuition that will be highly beneficial. And if you agree, and get your mother to agree, then I think I won’t need to give you that caning I promised this evening. What do you think?’
Anything of course was better than the caning she had been so dreading. So Gillian said a desperate and relieved OK. Not thinking too much of what being with Mr Vanway at his cottage for a weekend — day and night! — might entail. No, but she had thought about it since of course.
The rest of the evening went more or less as usual. There was another essay Mr Vanway had seen — and severely criticised. So there had to be a spanking for that. They had now gone through into his tutorial room. And as usual Mr Vanway sat in the chair and got her over his lap. His favourite position for it.
The spanking was a painful one, no doubt made worse for Gillian because she was still feeling the effects of that bringing off by Mr Vanway a short time earlier. A spanking soon after coming was always worse because it left you drained and exhausted. Also Mr Vanway wasn’t sparing himself. He had reckoned he needed his offer not to cane Gillian in order to get her agreement to the weekend, but now he had that he wanted to spank her really hard, to make up for the lack of the caning. So his hand was really walloping down on Gillian’s writhing and squirming cheeks. Whacking down — and occasionally breaking off to get his hand in to fondle Gillian’s wet cunt. This always felt awful in the middle of a spanking — the stimulation making the hard smacks that much more painful.
By the time he finally finished and pushed her to her feet. Gillian was feeling quite knocked out. Her bottom was red hot and raw. She was close to tears and felt like collapsing onto the carpet. Really a caning couldn’t have been much worse than what she had just got — and if she had taken it she wouldn’t have had to agree to the weekend. But the decision had been made now.
Mr Vanway said they would have some tea in the other room. Gillian could all too clearly recall what that had meant on a couple of previous occasions. When he had made the tea and they were sitting on the settee Mr Vanway had said she had got him aroused with all her sexy writhing about during the spanking — and he wanted her to do something about it. Was it going to be that again? Gillian really didn’t feel like doing it. Not with her bottom still really stinging...
Mr Vanway did want that. But that wasn’t all. After the tea he started on about the caning again. Saying he thought she should really have it, to buck her ideas up. He tried to get Gillian to agree to take a caning anyway. How awful could you get! She protested vehemently, reminding him of what he had said. Mr Vanway reluctantly agreed he had said no caning. But he did really feel she needed something more. So he was going to give her another spanking. And he did, in spite of Gillian’s harrowed protestations. ‘I must insist, dear. You really do need it!’
It was with her bending over the coffee table this time. Gillian’s upper body spread over the table top and her hips positioned at the edge. Her ripe bottom thus nicely placed, thrust up and out. Also her legs spread — so Mr Vanway could enliven the proceedings with more of those stimulatory gropes.
Yes it was pretty dreadful alright, when she had had not half an hour earlier that other awful spanking. But it really was good for her. Mr Vanway insisted.
And afterwards, yes, he did want that other. She had got him excited, with her writhing about, etc. Also no doubt there was the stimulating thought of next weekend. So Gillian was required to give Mr Vanway some relief. With her somewhat reluctant hand.
Gillian saw Derek on Saturday afternoon. She went round to his house on her bike but couldn’t stay long because her mother wanted her to help in the house. She was feeling somewhat excited from Paul’s visit — well, it was nice to know your ex-boyfriend still fancied you, and Paul was a very good-looking, desirable boy. Not that she was interested in him any more, Gillian told herself, but it gave you a good feeling. And a girl I needed a lot of that when she had these other problems.
Naturally Gillian didn’t tell Derek of Paul’s visit, but she did say slyly that she thought he still fancied her ‘just a bit’. Laughing she added, ‘I suppose he’d like to fuck me. Boys are always thinking about that, aren’t they, Derek? And men too of course.’
Derek didn’t feel any too pleased at this talk. He could remember Gillian saying earlier that she fucked her tutor. He knew she said it jokingly, or at least he thought she did, but Gillian’s talking about fucking gave him a nasty sort of feeling. He couldn’t be sure she’d never done it. Well, short of getting the doctor to examine her which was hardly on. He couldn’t be sure she’d never done it with Paul. Or this Mr Vanway? No, he didn’t believe that, but Paul, possibly. And now she was saying he fancied her again.
With a sick feeling in his stomach Derek imagined Gillian letting Paul fuck her, for old times sake... ‘Alright, but don’t you dare tell anyone.’
Seeing the glum look in Derek’s face Gillian put her arms round him. She told him not to be silly and began smooching him. Her hand stroked his cock which she could feel stiffening. She unzipped his jeans and got it out. It was fully stiff now. Gillian began wanking Derek, but her thoughts were of Mr Farrall. Tomorrow afternoon. What was going to happen? She had held Mr Farrall’s erect penis through his trousers but never had it bare in her hand. Was he going to want anything? She needed to keep on the right side of him because he knew the people who marked the exams, or he said he did. What if he wanted a wank. She bit her lip. Thinking of masturbating Mr Farrall in his car parked in some quiet spot out in the country.
Derek was making groaning noises. She leant forward to kiss him. In a strained voice he asked her to take her knickers off, but she said there wasn’t time, she had to go shortly. Derek’s cock was really throbbing now, the head a deep purply-red. She thought of Mr Vanway. His cock that was bigger, thicker than Derek’s. It was awful really, him making her wank him like he did. Well and all the rest too. That awful spanking. What if she told her mother? But somehow you didn’t think of that. With Mr Vanway you had the awful feeling there was no way to stop it. That you couldn’t prevent him doing... whatever he wanted.
It was awful alright. But it was also a turn-on. Having him do those nasty things. Just thinking about it could get her going. The thought of it was hotting her up now in fact. Plus what she was doing with Derek of course. He had got his hand at her pussy and she wished now she had taken her knickers off, so he could get better access, get his fingers right in her. She’d definitely have them off next weekend, though. With Mr Vanway at his cottage! Whether she liked it or not. And tomorrow, with Mr Farrall? It had to be a distinct possibility.
Derek came spurting out. Gillian had a handkerchief ready just in time. Thinking of that even though she was just about to come herself.
Gillian put on a pretty summer dress for her meeting with Mr Farrall. Well, it was nice to be going out even though it was just her English teacher. And it wasn’t like going round to Mr Vanway’s when she always had to wear that awful uniform. She put some make-up on too, lipstick and eye-shadow, but not very much, she didn’t want to look tarty or anything. It was quite a warm summer day and under the dress she had on just a light bra and brief knickers. She had thought about the knickers of course. Whether Mr Farrall would really have ideas in that direction. Gillian was thinking about it when she met him at his house and they got in his car.
But in the car Mr Farrall put his hand on her thigh and said, ‘Well, Gillian, this will be an excellent opportunity for me to give you a caning. If we can find a nice quiet spot. Don’t you think?’
Gillian gave a little yelp of alarm. Mr Farrall had mentioned the cane the other day but she hadn’t taken it seriously. She had been thinking in terms of the other, him maybe wanting something else, but not the cane! Was it his idea of a joke?
He was driving off now so his hand had left her thigh. Watching the road he said, ‘Yes, I thought so. It would be good for you, Gillian. Make you think more seriously about your work. Just a quick caning. Maybe four strokes. On your bare bottom of course. You can just slip your knickers down. Perhaps I’ll have you bent over the bonnet of the car. We’ll find a nice quiet place where no one is likely to come along and disturb us.’
Gillian was speechless. Mr Farrall seemed to have it all worked out. To confirm her fears he added, ‘I’ve remembered to bring my cane along. It’s in the boot.’
Not speechless any longer Gillian began desperate pleadings. ‘Please sir, you’re not serious...’ etc.
But Mr Farrall wouldn’t respond.
He found what seemed like a quiet, secluded spot where they were not likely to be disturbed. Gillian wondered if maybe Mr Farrall had brought girls out here before, other girls who were getting a bit desperate about their exams or maybe had some other problem. Girls whom Mr Farrall had maybe caned? Had he caned other girls?
He helped her out of the car and then pushed her up against the door, putting his arms round her. ‘You’re a very lovely girl, Gillian,’ he murmured. ‘The loveliest in the school in my book.’
He was pressed up tight against her and she could feel he had an erection. It was pressing firmly into her soft belly. Yes, Mr Farrall was all excited. At the prospect of caning her?
With his face in her blonde hair he said, ‘Are you going to take your knickers off then?’
Gillian blurted. ‘I don’t want that cane! Please sir!’
His hands squeezed her boobs. ‘Take them off anyway. Then we’ll sit down on the blanket I’ve brought. Maybe the cane a bit later, eh?’
Gillian hesitated. She didn’t like the idea of taking her knickers off. Especially not for the cane! But not really for anything else either. Well Mr Farrall might get excited and... want to fuck her. But she needed his help.
‘Do you really know someone who marks the exam papers?’ she asked. Mr Farrall said ‘Oh yes.’
Which meant try and be nice. So Gillian rather nervously reached up under her dress. And slid her knickers down. Apprehensively she said, ‘I don’t normally do this of course. Take my knickers of when I go out with someone I mean. Well I mean I haven’t ever done it.’
Mr Farrall said, ‘Don’t worry, it’s alright. And you’re being a very co-operative girl and I appreciate that.’ He pulled her close to him and slid one hand up Gillian’s dress to her now bare bum. His hand fondled the ripe, round cheeks. ‘Yes, you’re being a very good girl. Now let’s sit down, shall we?’
They sat down on the blanket — and very soon, as you might expect, they were lying down. Or Gillian was. On her back. Mr Farrall got his hand up her dress. He told her to part her legs. And his hand, as you also might expect, slid up to her pussy.
‘I suppose you get a lot of this?’ he asked. ‘With that Derek Minfield. Or is it Paul Sinton? I get confused with some of you girls.’
Gillian said tersely, ‘It’s Derek. I’ve finished with Paul.’ Mr Farrall was fondling her pussy. One finger was inside already. She wriggled on the blanket. ‘I... I shouldn’t be letting you do this...’
Mr Farral laughed. ‘It’s nothing. And you like it, I can tell. Have you started fucking yet? With Derek.’
Gillian said a sharp ‘no!’ A pause. ‘He wants to of course. And Paul too, he wants it as well. Even though I’m not going out with him any more. Boys sometimes can’t think of anything else.’
Mr Farrall was rubbing her clitoris which was swollen and aroused now. It felt really good, lying on the blanket in this sunny spot letting Mr Farrall wank her. Although she knew she shouldn’t really let her English teacher do this. But he was nice, not scary like Mr Vanway. You felt you could confide in him.
‘I don’t really want to start until I’m married.’
Mr Farrall gave a low laugh. ‘Well will you let me do it then? Fuck you. When you’re married to Derek. Nice and discreetly of course, we don’t want to cause any marital upsets.’
Gillian groaned. His adept fingers were getting to her. She squirmed, thrusting her hips against them. ‘Ooh! I... I might... If you could get me through those awful exams.’
A little bit later she came. A big orgasm. Mr Farrall stopped wanking her. He bent down to kiss her mouth. ‘Yes you’re a lovely girl, Gillian. And a very sexy one. What you need is to be married and getting fucked regularly. By Derek every night and me maybe a couple of afternoons a week. And maybe a couple of other gentlemen admirers on the side as well!’
Gillian, still breathing heavily from coming, laughed. ‘I’d be awfully sore, wouldn’t I?’
And then Mr Farrall started on about caning again! She thought he had forgotten about all that but it seemed he hadn’t. A caning would be very beneficial and why didn’t she let him do it. A nice quick caning. But when she protested, heatedly, he didn’t really persist. Instead he said, ‘Well OK then. If you let me spank you. You’ll agree to that? A spanking is not as effective as the cane, but it does have good disciplinary value.’
Gillian, after a little hesitation, reluctantly agreed. ‘Alright then. If it means there doesn’t have to be any caning.’
And so Mr Farrall did it. Sitting on the blanket with Gillian spread across his lap. Her skirt pulled up over her back and of course she had nothing else on below her waist except her white high-heeled sandals. Mr Farrall told her to open her legs. He fondled her wet cunt again for a bit. And then started spanking her ripe rear cheeks. Cracking his hand firmly down in a measured cadence. It wasn’t as hard as Mr Vanway usually did it, but Gillian was extra sensitive from just having come so she certainly felt it. She was really gasping by the time he had finished.
She struggled up into a sitting position, pulling her skirt down over her exposed cunt and thighs. Her face was bright red. ‘That... That really hurt!’ she panted.
Mr Farrall was looking a bit red in the face himself. ‘Does your Mr Vanway spank you?’ he asked.
The question caught her off guard and Gillian without thinking said, ‘Yes. Well sometimes.’
‘I wondered if he might. And anything else? You don’t let him fuck you?’
Gillian blurted indignantly. ‘No! I told you I don’t do it yet. Not with anyone. And certainly not with Mr Vanway.’
Mr Farrall got up and went to the car to get some picnic things he had brought — cakes and a thermos of tea, etc. While they were having this he questioned her further about Mr Vanway. Having got the admission about the spanking out of her made it easier to get more. Mr Farrall was easy to talk to, so if you weren’t careful you were telling him more than you really wanted. Gillian didn’t say anything about the fact that she had wanked Mr Vanway (more than once) but most of the rest came out. The fact that she had agreed to go with Mr Vanway to his cottage at the weekend. And she had agreed to this to avoid a caning. And then, as a result of further questioning, Gillian admitted that Mr Vanway had caned her.
That was her big mistake of course, telling Mr Farrall that. Because once he knew Mr Vanway had caned her he was naturally going to want to do the same himself.
Gillian protested fervently but to no avail. Mr Farrall said he didn’t think he could see this man about the exams if Gillian wasn’t going to cooperate fully. And cooperating fully meant accepting a degree of discipline. And that meant accepting a caning.
So finally and very reluctantly she had to say she would. Deeply regretting opening her big mouth the way she had. Mr Farrall, now with an excited gleam in his eye, got up. He said he thought he’d like her on her hands and knees on the blanket. He went over to the car and in a moment came back with the cane.
Glancing at it and with those awful memories of being caned by Mr Vanway, Gillian blurted yet again, ‘No! I can’t! Please!!
But it was no good. Mr Farrall wasn’t going back now. ‘Come on. I’ll just give you four. Quite hard ones but nothing a girl can’t take.’
Gillian felt him sweep her skirt back up, to expose her trembling buttocks. His hand briefly fondling the ripe cheeks, and then in for another feel at her cunt.
And then the cane cut in...
Back in the car Mr Farrall said, ‘That wasn’t so bad.’
Gillian, hot-faced, gasped, ‘It was! It felt I… like it was cutting me in two.’ And it was true, it had really, really stung her. Four strokes! Her bottom still felt red-hot. It was painful sitting on it. But at least it was over.
Except that it wasn’t. Well the caning was over but now Mr Farrall wanted something more. No doubt he was all excited by the act of caning her, rather like Mr Vanway seemed to be. It wasn’t what Mr Vanway wanted though, it was worse. Something Gillian hadn’t done before.
Mr Farrall said. ‘It’s nothing. Women, and girls, do it all the time. Your mother probably does it to your dad.’
Gillian moaned. ‘I can’t! I… I’ll choke!’
Because Mr Farrall had his erect penis out now and it did look impossibly big to take in your mouth. But he was insistent, urgent for his pleasure. And Gillian found, reluctantly, that she could manage it.
She tried to pull away when she realised he was about to come, but Mr Farrall’s hand clamped firmly down on the back of her head prevented this. And he came in her mouth.
The next week passed in something of a dream. Gillian didn’t have to see Mr Vanway, he was away at his conference, but to make up for that there was the thought of the coming weekend. Not to mention continuing thoughts of that Sunday afternoon with Mr Farrall. That caning! And the other! Well she had vaguely known people did it, from the giggling whispers of certain girls. But she was sure most people didn’t. Not her mother! In spite of what Mr Farrall said. It had been really scary doing it. She had thought she was going to be sick at first. But then it had been a turn-on. Having it in her mouth. She really hadn’t wanted him to come in her mouth but old Farrall had made her. No, he wasn’t always so manageable as she had thought. Still, she had done it now. She wondered if she would ever do it to Derek. Or Paul!
Paul was still after her. One day early in the week — Monday or Tuesday? — he caught her outside the gym with no one else about and grabbed her. His hand feeling her cunt through her dress. She had stood still, letting him do it for a few moments, then twisted away. Derek came round to her house a couple of afternoons after school, and she stroked his cock each time. And then there was Paul again at the end of the week. He said he wanted to see her after school and, after some hesitation, she said OK, just for a couple of minutes. They went in the gym, which was deserted of course, and Paul got his hand up her skirt, feeling her cunt. And after a bit, though she knew she shouldn’t but Paul’s fingers were getting to her, she unzipped his trousers and took out his erect cock. She played with it, stroking and squeezing it, getting Paul all hotted up. He tried to persuade her to see him that evening but Gillian said, ‘No. I’m going with Derek now remember.’
She felt bad afterwards having done that with Paul, and she wouldn’t have of course, except for thinking and worrying about the weekend. She told herself she definitely wouldn’t do anything else with Paul. And she would make it up to Derek, some way.
Mr Vanway asked. ‘Can you play the recorder, Gillian?’
They were in the sitting room of his cottage. Gillian standing in front of the fireplace which had a fireguard in front of it but no fire of course, you didn’t need one in the summer. There were pictures on the walls, a landscape over the mantelpiece which had two clocks side by side. Maybe one showed time somewhere else? The thought came fleetingly into Gillian’s head and then out again. She had other things to think about. Mr Vanway of course. And now this recorder he was holding?
‘Uh... not really...’
They had arrived in Mr Vanway’s car which was bigger than Mr Farrall’s. That little Austin in which she had to do that thing to Mr Farrall. Have his big cock in her mouth. She couldn’t avoid thinking of that on the drive here. Thinking that at any moment Mr Vanway might stop and want the same. Say if she did she wouldn’t get a caning. But old Farrall had done it and caned her! When she had thought he was nice and she could trust him.
But Mr Vanway hadn’t stopped. Too keen to get here probably. They had started off at ten this morning and arrived two hours later. And Mr Vanway hadn’t tried anything on during the ride. Just talking about this and that. But as soon as they arrived she had to take her skirt off. ‘So I can smack your bottom if necessary,’ Mr Vanway said.
Gillian was wearing her school uniform. Mr Vanway had told her to have it on when she met him, but now the uniform skirt was off. They had gone upstairs to a cosy room where he said she would be sleeping tonight and she had to take the skirt off and leave it on the bed. Mr Vanway, with her skirt off, had fondled her bottom. And then briefly her pussy. She still had her knickers on at least, the navy schoolgirl ones. So fondling through the knickers. And now they were downstairs again and Mr Vanway had produced this recorder. They had been here at the cottage about half an hour now.
‘I thought you would be able to entertain me,’ he said. ‘Play me some tunes. Come on, let’s hear it.’
Gillian had played one a bit when she was younger. That seemed a long time ago. She blew a few notes, then shook her head. ‘I’m sorry…’
Mr Vanway’s face took on a stern expression. ‘I don’t know, Gillian! Really. What can you do? Except produce those dreadful essays. And play around with boys. I suppose that’s what you’ve been doing all this week. That Derek, I suppose he’s had his fingers in your knickers all week. So that all you can think about is that hot thing between your legs.’
Gillian gave a sharp yelp. Mr Vanway had closed in and grabbed her. One hand going in between her legs to cup her pussy. As she protested that she hadn’t, his fingers worked at her.
‘We really are going to need to cane you again, Gillian.’
Another frantic yelp. It was what she had been dreading of course. That cane! Mr Vanway was yanking her knickers down. She didn’t try to stop him. Anyway at the moment it was her pussy he was interested in. Not her bum. Gillian let him push her legs apart. So the hand could get at her bare pussy. She shuddered, as he got his fingers inside. At her clitoris.
‘You’re just a naughty, sexy girl, Gillian. And we really must give you the cane.’
She squealed again, ‘No! Please not the cane!!’ But the awful fingers were getting her hotted up. Gillian found it very difficult to resist a hand between her legs. Even if there were other dire prospects to consider, she just went all to pieces. And she was going to pieces now, although she needed all her wits about her if she was going to avoid this caning he kept promising. But she couldn’t help it, before long Mr Vanway’s fingers in her cunt were beginning to drive her crazy.
Then he abruptly let go and sat down on the chair. ‘Come on. Over my lap. We’ll have a spanked bottom for starters. To get that pretty bum nice and hot and ready for a caning.’
Yes over his lap, for a spanking, Well, it wasn’t a caning, that was what Gillian told herself as Mr Vanway’s hand cracked painfully down on her bare nates. At least it wasn’t that awful cane. But a spanking could hurt you. Especially if it was one of Mr Vanway’s specials. And it was! Including every now and then breaking off to reach between her legs and grope her pussy. To make her more sensitive. Oh yes, it hurt alright. But if it was instead of a caning...
After the spanking Mr Vanway said she should get some exercise. ‘An active mind in a healthy body, Gillian. Your mind certainly needs to be more active. As far as I can see the only activity your body gets is messing about with boys on your parents’ settee. Which is not especially healthy for a teenage girl.’
So Gillian was going to have to do some running, outside in the garden. She had wondered why he had told her to bring her school sports kit, in addition to a nightdress and toilet things. Running! Gillian was not too keen on sports, especially running. She did ride her bike a bit so she wasn’t completely unfit, but running was a different proposition.
But if Mr Vanway said she had to there was no choice. She went up to her room to change. Though it was quite small it had a double bed and a dressing table, plus a bedside chair and armchair. A small window looked out onto the garden where there was quite a spacious lawn surrounded by leafy shrubs and trees. Was that where she had to run?
Gillian turned away from the window and started to undress. Mr Vanway said he wanted nothing on under her white shorts and tee-top. No knickers or bra. This would allow more freedom of movement he said. Gillian grimaced. The thought of running was pretty sickening. And there was also still that cane. Really sickening. What would she do to avoid the cane? If there was any choice about it?
And then, as she slipped off the navy knickers, Gillian noticed something on the bedside chair. Somehow she hadn’t seen it before. And she was sure it hadn’t been there when she came up earlier with Mr Vanway. A small jar. She picked it up. It was vaseline jelly.
No, it certainly wasn’t there earlier. Mr Vanway could have put it there when they left the room. What for? Well, Gillian could think what for. She could clearly remember Mr Richley in Sex Education. Saying that when you had intercourse for the first time you should use a lubricating jelly. ‘To ease the entrance of the erect male organ.’
Downstairs Mr Vanway had another nasty surprise. He was holding a horrible looking leather strap. As Gillian appeared he swished it through the air, then handed it to her.
‘This to keep lazy girls running at a nice quick pace, my dear. But if we find it’s not effective we can always call on the cane, can’t we?’
He took it back and briskly whipped it in across her bare leg. Gillian yelped. It really stung! But it made you forget for the moment that other business.
‘Nothing underneath those things I hope?’
She shook her head. No. You could see the nipples of her big boobs thrusting out the top. And the cheeks of Gillian’s bottom were equally nude under the tight white shorts. He whipped the leather tawse lightly in across the straining white cotton enclosing her seat, and told her to start running. Outside and then around and round the lawn.
With a despairing whimper she began.
Gillian was quite whacked out by the time he finally called a halt. Her thighs aching, her lungs straining for air. And her bottom red-hot! Because she had had to run in a circle round the lawn — and every time she passed Mr Vanway he had whipped that bloody strap in across the labouring cheeks of her bottom.
He had kept her going with hardly a break for about 20 minutes! But now at last they were going to break off. For some lunch. She could have a shower and then Mr Vanway was going to drive them into the nearby town for something. Gillian was to put her uniform on again.
Back at the cottage Mr Vanway unlocked the door and led her through into the sitting room. It was about two o’clock now. They had gone to a cafe and had some fish-and-chips, then ice cream for Gillian and coffee for Mr Vanway. She felt a little bit better after that, and recovered somewhat from that awful running — and that strap!
But what now? They were not due to go home until tomorrow afternoon, another 24 hours. What was going to happen in all that time? She thought of the cane! And that strap again? And… what was upstairs by the side of her bed. That little jar.
Mr Vanway said, ‘In a little while I think you should go up and have a lie down, Gillian. A girl needs her rest, as well as discipline and exercise. But before that I think another disciplinary session would be helpful. Don’t you?’
She gave him a doubtful look. What did a ‘disciplinary session’ involve. The cane!? And a lie down in the afternoon?
It wasn’t the cane. No, she hadn’t had the cane yet. But more of that bloody strap! Bending over the coffee table with her knickers down. Yes, that bloody strap on her bare bottom. After having to stand quite still in front of the fireplace, not moving a muscle, holding it for five minutes.
And now she was upstairs taking her things off. ‘Now a nice little rest,’ Mr Vanway said. ‘Go up and put your nightdress on and get into bed.’ Those eyes behind his thick glasses round and owl-like. ‘I’ll bring you up a cup of tea shortly.’
Biting her lip, in just her nightdress, Gillian climbed into the bed. Her bottom still stung. But she wasn’t really thinking about that. It was that innocuous looking little jar at the side of the bed.
Mr Vanway came in with the tea. Sitting on the side of the bed while she sat up and drank it, and she almost choked when he picked it up.
‘Very useful stuff,’ he said. ‘For easing any sore parts. Lubricating. Anything in that line.’
Gillian didn’t answer.
‘We’ll try it in a minute,’ he continued. ‘Your bottom may be a bit sore, after the strap. And then there’s the cane of course. A girl’s bottom will pretty definitely be sore after the cane.’
‘No!’ Gillian exclaimed weakly. ‘Not the cane!’
After she had drunk her tea Mr Vanway told her to lie down, on her front. He pulled the bedcovers back and rubbed some of the Vaseline on her bottom. Then he told her to turn over, and open her legs. His finger with a dollop of the jelly went in between her legs.
‘Sometimes a girl gets sore here too,’ he murmured.
And then, ‘Well, I suppose we had better think about that caning.’
Gillian squirmed her thighs. Feeling the cool Vaseline in her. ‘No... Not the cane...’ looking up at Mr Vanway’s expectant eyes. ‘Not the cane.’ 


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