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Wednesday, 15 March 2017

By Request… tight knickers

From Blushes Supplement 4
Dear Editor,
Blushes is without doubt an excellent magazine, I have bought every issue to date.
I like Supplement Number Two, and really enjoyed the By Request feature of the athletic girls in punishment shorts over a trestle. The photos are very good quality and the detail crisp and clear.
Is there any chance of photos of girls pulling their knickers up extremely tight between cane-marked cheeks or even knickers hoisted up with clip-on braces or even tied high with rope and knickers pulled between the cheeks?
I look forward to your next edition.
J Ranft, London
An exercise in humiliating vulnerability photographed with the specific aim of exploiting the possibilities of a girl in tight-stretched knickers, a sturdy whipping horse, and a long, quiet Sunday afternoon ahead —
Pulses racing, several deep breaths doing little to calm her nerves — she’s going to get it, that’s all she can think, and it’s going to happen right now! 
Perhaps the most bottom-accessible position in this series, what little is hidden accentuated to a greater degree by the snugness of the knickers’ fit. 
Vulnerability and humiliation, having to spread her legs so wide.

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