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Monday, 20 February 2017

Trained with the Horse and the Cane

From Uniform Girls 44
Mr Stangate softly stroking Sophie’s bottom. As she stood leaning against the vaulting horse in his large, airy exercise room. Mr Stangate’s hand stroking the bare cheeks. Sophie is wearing a brief body-stocking in a colourful abstract pattern plus gym shoes, and the pretty body-stocking leaves most of her bottom bare. Mr Stangate’s fingers slide under and inside to the sensitive flesh at the very top of Sophie’s inner thigh. She shivered.
‘Donna, wasn’t that her name?’ Mr Stangate asked evenly.
Sophie uttered a sibilant Yes. Mr Stangate meant the pretty blonde girl who with her parents had just moved into the house which had been for sale in the next street to Sophie. Donna Sinclair her name was, very pretty and with a lovely figure. Though in neither respect any more striking than Sophie Michell (who was in contrast brunette).
Mr Stangate was careful to make this point when referring to the new girl. He would like her to come to him for ballet and gym sessions, as Sophie did. And he wanted Sophie to arrange this, but didn’t want her to think this Donna might displace herself.
Sophie didn’t feel that. For one thing the training sessions with Mr Stangate were sometimes a bit much to take. When he used his cane for instance. And other things as well. If another girl were also coming to see Mr Stangate’s his interest in the cane (and the other things) would presumably be sort of diluted, it wouldn’t all be concentrated on Sophie.
So Sophie wasn’t particularly reluctant for Donna to get involved — except if there was another girl there would maybe be more chance of someone finding out. About the caning and the other things. But that was really more Mr Stangate’s problem than Sophie’s. Well actually it was Sophie’s as well; it would be ultra-embarrassing to say the least if her mother found out. Or her boyfriend Rick… or indeed anyone.
She gave a little whimper. Mr Stangate’s hand had pulled open the body-stocking’s velcro fastening between her legs. Her hands gripped harder on the top of the horse, as Mr Stangate stroked what he had uncovered. But Sophie didn’t try to stop him. Her thighs remained slackly parted. In fact she let them part a little further so there was no impediment to the hand.
Mr Stangate was continuing to talk, which was distracting. She would rather he did what he was doing with his hand or talk, but not both at the same time. If someone was playing with your pussy in a highly pleasurable and expert manner you didn’t want to have to try and concentrate on what he was saying at the same time. But if you didn’t concentrate at least to a certain extent and didn’t know what he was saying… Mr Stangate was liable to decide that a session with the cane was called for. A girl had to show some discipline.
What he was talking about as he played with Sophie’s now wet pussy, was that Donna. Had Sophie spoken to her yet and what had she said? What had Donna said? Sophie’s replies were not too helpful. And became indeed none too coherent. As her pussy became more aroused by the expert manipulations. She was in fact coming up to an orgasm. Quite fast — because Sophie under expert manipulation had a short fuse. She couldn’t stop it coming but it was making her concentration go. The thing was, she told herself a little frantically, to come — and quickly. And then when it was over and she could concentrate again and hope Mr Stangate’s hadn’t noticed that for those intervening moments (minutes?) her mind had been a complete blank.
It didn’t quite work though. As she came down, shuddering, from the heady heights there was Mr Stangate’s voice now coming through loud and crystal clear.
‘Sometimes your mind is a complete blank Sophie darling.’
His hand gave her quivering bottom a sharp slap. ‘Sometimes I might as well be talking to a brick wall!’
She tried to protest that it wasn’t fair, he couldn’t expect a girl to concentrate on every word when he was doing that. But not protesting too vehemently because that could simply result in a worse caning. A girl had to show discipline, not be ranting and raving. So really…
Yes. It was going to be a caning. Christ! A caning was particularly devastating to the system when you had just come. When you were in that state of shivery vulnerability. The cane zipping in on your bare bottom could then be mind-blowing, even if in theory Mr Stangate wasn’t doing it hard.
‘Come on.’ He was tucking the loose ends of her opened body-stocking in at the waist. So that everything below Sophie’s waist was quite bare. ‘Bend yourself over the horse. Four shall we say’? Four won’t be a problem. Mmm... I wonder if that Donna has been caned at all yet. It would be nice to give her her first. And perhaps… you could watch. Wouldn’t that be nice? A big turn-on? Sophie dear.’
But Sophie was in no state of mind to contemplate such a possibility. Not when her own shapely and at this moment highly-sensitised bottom was about to receive the shocking kiss of Mr Stangate’s whippy cane. No. No way…
Donna hadn’t been caned. Certainly not. She probably had never dreamt of being caned, Sophie guessed. So she would have to tread warily. But there was an angle. The financial one. The same one which had got Sophie herself involved with Mr Stangate.
Mr Stangate was a bona fide gym and ballet instructor, with certificates to prove it. The certificates said nothing about using the cane of course, or those other certain practices that Mr Stangate was keen on. But a girl’s mother didn’t know about any of that stuff. All she knew was that here was a very respectable-looking and properly qualified instructor of what were most desirable attainments for a teenage girl. Imparting poise and self-confidence — and also taking up time which might otherwise be spent hanging about with undesirable youths. Youths who would undoubtedly be persuading her to indulge in various activities which it was better not to think about — but up to and including full sexual intercourse.
So the thought of reliable Mr Stangate and his gym and ballet was most attractive. A sensible mother would pay out good money to obtain Mr Stangate’s services, as Sophie’s mother had. But then Mr Stangate made it clear to Sophie that he didn’t really want the money. So why didn’t she have it? On the quiet. Yes why not? She could keep it and nothing said. Week after week. All Mr Stangate wanted in exchange was a complaisant attitude to his little foibles. The cane… and those other things.
Sophie after just a little thought had been happy to agree. A girl can always use some extra pocket money, and it wasn’t really cheating her mother. No, Sophie was just being paid for what Mr Stangate wanted. Though it was true that at the time she hadn’t fully appreciated what was involved. Mr Stangate, she could recall, had mentioned only playful little taps with a cane. And it didn’t do any good now to protest, to remind him of that, not if you didn’t want it even harder… But those sums of money, her mother’s weekly four-pound payments, did mount up in a most satisfying way and took a lot out of the sting out of the cane.
Yes that had to be the angle with Donna. The same one. The only thing was: would she go for it? She might, well, think it was mercenary or something. Even though it was clearly just a sensible business arrangement.
The first thing of course was to get to know this new Donna properly. To get on intimate terms you might say? Donna was extremely attractive and seemed nice and Sophie rather felt like getting on close terms anyway, even if it wasn’t for Mr Stangate’s benefit. So she invited her round after school and they had a very nice discussion about a whole lot of things. Including boys. Donna had a boyfriend back where they came from which was the other side of the country, which meant she wasn’t going to see him a whole lot. That was sad for Donna (no doubt for her boyfriend too!) but good for Sophie. Poor Donna was going to feel deprived.
Right at the start of the second visit, which was the very next afternoon, Sophie steered the discussion firmly onto the subject of boyfriends. Things a girl might like to do with her boyfriend. With her hand somehow slipping onto Donna’s knee as they sat quite close together on the sofa. ‘French- kissing?’ she asked with a nervously excited laugh. ‘Isn’t it really swoony!’
Giggling she lightly kissed Donna on the mouth. Her tongue briefly pushed in between Donna’s lips. At the same time Sophie’s hand slid up the other girl’s warm thigh. Without the benefit of her boyfriend now for perhaps two weeks, Donna was breathing heavily. Sophie’s instincts told her to go right ahead. She repeated the kiss, this time her tongue pushing boldly in. And her hand went on up, between Donna’s slackly parted thighs. Donna shuddered as the hand reached her pussy. The hot flesh enclosed in tight knickers. Sophie, murmuring greedily, commenced to stroke her slit which was already getting wet.
Afterwards the shocked and emotional Donna stuttered that she had never done it before. Not with a girl. Sophie quickly assured her that she also had never really done it before either. But it had been so good she felt like doing it again right away.
Donna weakly pushed her off. Sophie didn’t persist. Just an affectionate arm round her new close friend. As now she went on to tell her about Mr Stangate’s. Sophie had just mentioned him before, but now produced a detailed and enthusiastic version. Though of course not with all the details.
Donna said she would speak to her mother, right away. Though she hadn’t really done anything much of that sort of thing. Not recently. Not since she was very small when she had had ballet lessons.
I’m really a bit big for ballet now,’ Donna said, her head still buzzing from that heady business five minutes earlier when Sophie had brought her off. And of course she was a big girl.
Sophie said, ‘No, you’re definitely not too big.’ With the knowledge of Mr Stangate’s admiration for Donna’s tall and shapely but full figure. ‘No way!’
She reached to take hold of one of Donna’s lovely big boobs. Sophie really did feel like a repeat now.
Mr Stangate was in a highly elevated mood when he next saw Sophie He had just had a phone call from Donna’s mother asking if he could possibly fit her in. He had replied that yes, he thought he might! Yes, his usual charges, the same as Sophie Michell — though the truth was that he would have happily paid that sum to Mrs Sinclair, and double or triple it, to have her darling daughter in his hands. Yes, he could fit her in the very next day for a first session.
And now here was Sophie, who had procured this new lovely for him. What could he say? Or do? Do was more like it, although Mr Stangate was profuse in his gratitude. But do because he was in a highly elevated and excited state. His penis for one thing was quiveringly stiff and erect — at the prospect of that lovely Donna! But here was lovely Sophie and he certainly also felt a very strong urge to do something to her.
His cane of course for one thing. Excitement, especially of a sexual nature, always brought out in Mr Stangate the strong desire for some action with his cane. But also too that stiffly quivering part of his person. That too was insisting that it see some action.
All of this might seem unfortunate for Sophie, when she had successfully accomplished the ensnarement of lovely Donna. She certainly was not keen on the cane, because it always really hurt. And she was not keen on that other either. Because… well, she just wasn’t keen on it. But she could see from the look in Mr Stangate’s eye, not to mention that bulge in his trousers, that she was in for something.
Sophie had changed into her body-stocking and gym shoes. Now as she stood against the horse Mr Stangate did what he usually did, as a preliminary to further action. It was something he presumably would not do with Donna on her very first day — but no doubt as soon as possible thereafter. Sliding his hand between Sophie’s legs for a friendly fondle at her pussy — and then pulling open the velcro fastening there. To expose Sophie’s cunt.
She gave a whimpering yelp, as his fingers slid inside. Sophie liked having it played with. It was just what usually came afterwards she wasn’t so keen on. Mr Stangate was turning her to face the horse. She leant over it, parting her legs. Offering herself for more extended fondling. Mr Stangate’s fingers working in between the so-sensitive lips at her quickly hardening clit. Yes Sophie really liked it. Churning her hips. But…
Shortly — much, much too shortly — she was up on the horse. With the opened part of her body-stocking tucked well up out of the way. Leaning on her forearms. With her legs spread. Everything blatantly exposed. But that wasn’t so much the problem. The problem was what was in Mr Stangate’s hand now. His cane!
She let out a shuddering gasp as the first stroke whipped in. Trying to contain the pain as it throbbed out from her stricken cheeks. Mr Stangate had said only four. She could take four couldn’t she? Just about. And then the other. Which although she wasn’t at all keen on wasn’t as bad as the bloody cane!
No it wasn’t as bad, was it? And it really wasn’t — although she would rather not be doing it. Kneeling in front of Mr Stangate as he leant with his back against the horse, his arms comfortably resting on its leather top and making appreciative little grunts. As Sophie sucked him.
As she did there flicked into her head the thought… of Donna doing this. Sweet and innocent Donna who had never been brought off by a girl before. Who apparently was not all that happy about letting boyfriend Martin get his hand on her cunt. She liked it, but felt awfully guilty. Or so she said. Well it wouldn’t be too long now… before she would be doing this. Mr Stangate’s big stiff one in her mouth. Presumably. Because Mr Stangate’s would certainly want it. And when he wanted something Mr Stangate didn’t hang about. He just moved in for it.
That thought, of Donna, was really quite arousing. Sophie’s free hand, the one not holding the thick hot stalk of Mr Stangate’s member, slipped down between her thighs. Her bottom was still stinging but not too desperately. And what she was doing to Mr Stangate wasn’t so bad, it was in fact really quite a turn-on… if you thought of Donna having to do it.
Donna came to Mr Stangate’s the next afternoon for her first session. Sophie came along as well although it wasn’t her regular afternoon, to give Donna a bit more confidence. Not that Donna was really shy — but she was a bit embarrassed about this new body-stocking she would be wearing for the first time. And wearing it of course in front of Mr Stangate.
Donna had gone with Sophie to buy it, otherwise she wouldn’t have got anything so revealing. It was black (Mr Stangate had told Sophie he would like Donna in black, although she didn’t know this) and of course cut like Sophie’s. Cut high at the sides virtually to the waist. So that a girl’s bottom was to all intents and purposes bare. And in front brief enough to reveal pussy hair. The sides of a girl’s bush. Sophie told Donna that wasn’t a problem, just get a pair of scissors and clip the sides.
So, in this rather blush-making outfit, it was certainly nice to have Sophie come along too. Sophie in that multi-coloured one which also revealed virtually the whole of her bottom. And in front as well, Donna couldn’t help noticing, the clearly delineated line of Sophie’s slit! Was her own also showing like that?
Mr Stangate was looking. At everything. At all of her. But… you had to expect that. Otherwise, though, he did seem friendly. Nice. As Sophie had assured her. Smiling a nice smile. As he looked of course. As he told her to stand up straight. Chin high, shoulders back. Good posture. Then he wanted to see her up on the horse. Sophie would show her.
Sophie, grinning, got up on the horse. Lying on her back. Her legs straight up in the air. Then slowly opening them.
The cane was mentioned on the very next visit. With Sophie again present for reassurance. And laughingly confirming that she did indeed accept the jokey little taps with the cane that Mr Stangate had now mentioned. And also financial matters, they were now broached too. The confidential little arrangement that Sophie had. Because Mr Stangate really wasn’t bothered about getting payment for a girl he liked. He was quite happy to see her for free.
Donna looked dubious. As if she had not quite understood. Thinking about it, and then a hesitant question. If Mr Stangate didn’t require payment why was he charging her mother?
Yes that might appear odd. Sophie jumped in, with another breathy little laugh. ‘It’s a reward Donna. Mr Stangate will give it to you if you’ve worked hard. So… it’s really yours, not your mother’s. And you get to keep it.’
This was very helpful of Sophie. ‘Precisely,’ Mr Stangate confirmed.
‘So… does your mother know?’ the still somewhat confused Donna wondered.
‘No,’ Sophie said firmly. ‘Well she might think she should have it back. But we’re the ones who get…’ She was about to say ‘get caned for it,’ but just stopped herself in time. ‘I mean we have to work for it. Don’t we?’
Things developed quite rapidly from that point. After Donna had her first playful taps with the cane and had also hesitantly accepted that first two pounds, the cane taps became not what you would really call playful. They hurt. But you were soon stuck with it, because for one thing the money mounted up. Visiting Mr Stangate twice a week, and if you spent it as you did tend to, well you were stuck. You couldn’t decide you wanted to stop because you would have to tell your mother you had been taking that money and had spent it.
Yes you were stuck, and the caning was getting more painful. There was the other too: Mr Stangate’s hands. They liked to do quite a lot of handling of a girl’s body in the course of putting her through her paces. He hadn’t done it at the beginning of course. But now he certainly did. And… intimate parts. A girl’s boobs, and bottom. Her bottom which in that skimpy body-stocking was virtually bare.
‘It’s not anything to really worry about, is it?’ Sophie said when Donna complained.
And then the big thing. After only three weeks. Both of them together and Mr Stangate said. ‘Really I don’t think either of you is trying very hard today. I think we need something to smarten both of you up. I think I’m going to cane your bare bottoms’
Sophie gave a little yelp of alarm — but didn’t in fact seem too concerned. More excited in fact — which she was. She had been waiting for this. Donna’s face had a disbelieving look. Could he mean it?
Yes. It was Sophie first of course. Going meekly to the horse and bending face-down over it. Parting her legs… to allow Mr Stangate’s hand to slide between them. The hand fiddling about there, and then Sophie’s body-stocking was open. He had pulled it open at her crotch.
The garment was open, but Mr Stangate’s hand seemed in no hurry to come away. It was still in there. At Sophie’s pussy!
She gave a little squeal, and wriggled her bare hips.
After a bit Mr Stangate’s did take his hand away. In a business-like manner he now tucked Sophie’s body-stocking up at her waist. So that her whole bottom was completely bare. Then he caned her. Four quite hard strokes.
‘Now Donna,’ Mr Stangate said as Sophie moved away from the horse, red-faced and rubbing her sore bum.
No!’ she yelped. ‘No! You can’t… do that …
But Mr Stangate could. With an excited Sophie helping. Holding Donna down over the horse as she struggled. Hissing in her ear, ‘Don’t be silly! Just keep still!’
Mr Stangate’s hand was between Donna’s legs. Which were kicking and writhing but to no avail. He pulled open the velcro, and his hand was shockingly there. At her pussy. At the soft brown curls and the wetness.
‘It’s nothing to get excited about. It’s nothing really’ Sophie said.
An hour later and they were back at Sophie’s house, in her room and sitting on the bed. Donna was still going on about it. Saying she wasn’t going to Mr Stangate’s any more — but in fact unhappily aware she didn’t have much choice.
‘Once you get used to it, it’s really a bit of a turn-on. Having his hand at you. You’ll see.’
Donna gave a desperate screeching wail at the awfulness of this thought.
‘Come on!’ Sophie pushed Donna down on the bed. And slid her hand up to where Mr Stangate’s had been. At Donna’s pussy. Donna tried to push the hand away, but only half-heartedly. She thought she was going to cry, as she had earlier at Mr Stangate’s.
Sophie was thinking of other things. Even more exciting than what had happened this afternoon, although it had been really swoony. Other things, which she didn’t really like doing herself. But the thought of Donna having to do them…

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