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Thursday, 2 February 2017

Nicola and Priscilla

Photo-story from Janus 46.Two years have passed since Teachers Pets...
Nicola and Priscilla started to giggle. It was something that they did a great deal. The least little thing could start them off and it didn’t necessarily have to be humorous. Life itself was humorous when you were nineteen and everything had a funny side. The giggling was another way of simply expressing the joy of life and the pleasure that both girls obtained from sharing it. Occasionally though, the giggling was an audible barrier against the girlish embarrassment that peeped out from behind sweet and captivating prettiness. And when the giggling wasn’t enough, the blushing started. Never too noticeable, but just sufficient to add another shade to the already rosy young cheeks.
What had started them off this time was something Priscilla had said. It was about Mr Harvey, the object of a joint schoolgirl crush which they shared about two years ago at grammar school. Of course it was Nicola that started giggling first and Priscilla simply took it up. Very soon Priscilla’s bedroom rang with tinkling peals of sheer delight as the giggles threatened to turn into shrieking, uncontrolled laughter.
It was the first day of the summer vacation, after their first term at university. Priscilla Waters and Nicola Redway had been inseparable for nearly five years, right from their first term together in the school. Holidays were always spent together. Sometimes they stayed with Nicola’s parents in the centre of urban confusion, experiencing the dubious delights of fast-food and demonic discos. More often though, it was at the vast estate owned by Priscilla’s father. Accommodation was never a problem as there were invariably a number of rooms available for unexpected guests and last minute house parties. Paradoxically however, Priscilla always insisted that Fiona, her younger sister, should move out of their bedroom so that Nicola could share with her during the period of her stay.
‘His face was an absolute picture!’ laughed Nicola.
‘Oh really!’ sniffed Priscilla with feigned indignation. ‘What about my poor bum?’
‘Oh come Prissy,’ Nicola said with a knowing smirk, ‘you know you enjoyed it! And besides, you told me he was getting randy when you were over his knee!’
Priscilla drew her feet up onto the bed. Her pretty nose lifted a further inch and her eyebrows raised a fraction. Nicola was used to this apparent air of superiority. It was Prissy’s favourite ploy for dealing with teachers who told her off. It was designed to make them feel inferior. More often than not it worked and Prissy was let off with a warning.
‘He only got randy because he smacked me a lot harder than he did you!’ she said almost triumphantly.
Nicola refused to be shaken and her friend’s studied act cut no ice. She wasn’t about to be relegated to second place on the subject of the dishy and now unattainable Mr Harvey.
‘Yes, but it was my knickers he pulled down first...’
At the word ‘knickers’ the blonde’s facade crumbled and once more the giggles took control.
... and he gave me more than you!’ Nicola continued between Priscilla’s tittering spasms. ‘Besides... at least I admit I enjoyed it!’
‘In that case why haven’t you done it since then? I’ll bet you wouldn’t enjoy it so much if it wasn’t Mr Harvey!’
Priscilla sat forward, the giggles evaporating like steam in a warm atmosphere. In fact the atmosphere was hotting-up and Nicola was visibly squirming — ever so slightly. Priscilla was not slow to notice her friend’s agitation. She too recognised certain signs in Nicola and this was a familiar one.
‘Well I’m not exactly a schoolgirl anymore, am I?’ said Nicola, carefully inspecting the multicoloured bed cover.
‘Huh...’ Priscilla snorted, ‘if that’s all that’s stopping you, Fiona’s uniform is in the wardrobe...’
The very thought was too much for Nicola and she began to titter again.
‘Hey, that would be great, wouldn’t it? You could put yours on too! That really would be a giggle, wouldn’t it’
Priscilla leapt off the bed. ‘Alright,’ she laughed. ‘Why not, there’s nobody in and anyway it should be fun.’
For a few minutes Priscilla buzzed around the bedroom watched by her eager best friend. She opened this door and that drawer, removing various items of clothing and even found Fiona’s school satchel. Finally she had collected everything and piled it all onto the bed.
‘OK,’ she said, ‘we’ll do it together. You can wear Fiona’s tunic, though it will probably be a bit tight — and my spare knickers!’
For the next few minutes the bedroom was a pandemonium of giggles and shrieks. Practical student clothing was piled onto Priscilla’s bed whilst nubile, sun-kissed bodies, hugged by black underwear (which Nicola had called ‘wicked’ when they bought it together) struggled into tight brown knickers and even tighter white blouses. And another inch of temptation on pert breasts would have made the wearing of tunics impossible.
Yes, Priscilla thought when they had finally finished wriggling into the uniforms, they are a bit tight and a bit short... and didn’t Nicola have really fantastic legs!
She opened Fiona’s satchel and extracted her sister’s well-used 12 inch ruler. Nicola’s eyes widened for an instant and then she convulsed helplessly as Priscilla tried to look stern by brandishing it in what she thought was a threatening manner.
‘Oh come on Prissy...’ spluttered Nicola, somewhere between convulsive giggles. ‘That’s just not you...’
‘Well I have to get in the mood, don’t I?’ said Priscilla as seriously as she could manage, her lips tight in a hopeless effort to stop the giggles escaping. Instead a little series of staccato hiccups spurted forth which was too much for Nicola who immediately collapsed in a delightfully quivering heap onto the bed. Priscilla, infected by the same malaise as her friend, followed suit.
It was Priscilla who recovered first and being in no mood to let the idea escape in the frivolity of the moment, tugged her friend onto her feet.
‘Come on Nicola,’ she urged. ‘Do you want to do this, or not?’
‘Do what?’ Nicola’s eyes widened again.
‘Well, I thought the whole idea of putting on these uniforms was for you to see if you still liked being spanked!’ Priscilla said lightly.
‘Oh alright then,’ Nicola answered a little breathlessly. ‘But go easy with that ruler. I know what you can be like when you get going, Prissy!’
Priscilla lifted the hem of Nicola’s tunic and tapped the golden flesh of her sleek thigh.
‘On the bed, girl!’ she said with mock severity and Nicola complied with a little squeal, jumping onto the bed and posing on all fours with her precocious bottom thrust temptingly upwards. She reached behind and hitched the tunic around her waist.
Priscilla stared for a moment at the brown, tautly knickered globes. She had to admit that Nicola had a scrumptuous bottom. It certainly filled out those too-small school knickers of hers. This was really quite exciting actually...
‘Crikey!’ she laughed. ‘Old Harvey would have a coronary if he could see you now, Nicky!’
Nicola wriggled a little and spread her knees in an effort to get more comfortable.
‘Oh do get on with it, Prissy,’ she said with more than a hint of urgency. ‘I can’t wait all day!’
Slowly Priscilla lifted the ruler.
Nicola closed her eyes and unconsciously held her breath, but Priscilla was deliberately making her wait. The giggling had stopped now and the silence became an imposing presence. Nicola heard it and felt it closing in on her. Little prickles ran along her spine and she shuddered. She wet the dryness of her lips with the tip of her tongue and impatiently opened her mouth to speak.
The ruler landed across the stretched cotton of her brown knickers with a dull thunk! Nicola gasped momentarily, but it hadn’t really hurt that much. It was nowhere near as hard as Mr Harvey’s hand — or as nice! It had simply caught her unawares.
Priscilla giggled and did it again. This time harder. Nicola yelped, but the sting was brief and soon gave way to a comfortable glow. She was disappointed.
‘You’re jolly well not trying, Prissy!’ she complained. ‘It was much better over Mr Harvey’s knee and a lot harder!’
‘Huh!’ sniffed Priscilla. ‘And a lot sexier, I’ll bet! Pity I’m not Mr Harvey, isn’t it? But you can still go across my knee you know!’
Nicola laughed. ‘Well, he took my knickers down!’
‘You cheeky little minx!’ Priscilla laughed in response. ‘You deserve a flipping good whacking!’
She plopped down onto the bed and patted her lap, her big blue eyes meeting her friend’s brown eyes with a devilishness that seemed to Nicola to be more than just naughty.
Nicola lay herself along the bed and across Priscilla’s lap. The smirking blonde hooked her fingers into the waistband of the knickers and with some difficulty tugged them down to knee-level. Nicola made herself comfortable and archly lifted her bottom just a little bit higher. She found herself breathing noticeably heavier. She was excited. She was!
‘I’m ready...’ she gasped.
Priscilla giggled and switched the ruler into her left hand. Again she lifted it — higher this time.
Nicola’s bottom was a tempting sight and Priscilla could understand what Mr Harvey had meant when he said that the two girls had ‘the most spankable bottoms in the entire school!’ Certainly Nicola did. Priscilla to her surprise urgently wanted to spank it! It looked so soft and springy, so round and so smooth...
The ruler cracked down with unexpected force. Unexpected, even to Priscilla. She hadn’t meant to do it quite so hard. She watched fascinated as Nicola’s flawless bottom quivered sharply and the ruler recoiled into her hand. Nicola yelped in shock and clutched the back of her head in a desperate attempt to quell the rising tide of stinging pain that washed over her poor bum.
Priscilla held her breath, waiting for her friend’s complaining outburst. To her surprise Nicola remained silent, except for her breathing which was definitely even heavier now. A sharp red line started to appear.
The ruler came down again. Again the same sharp crack as the flat lathe of wood bounced briskly off Nicola’s full young bottom.
‘Owwww... er... OW!’ Nicola complained and started giggling again. ‘That was bloody hard!
Priscilla shifted Nicola’s hips to a more comfortable position, fascinated by the two marks which adorned her friend’s shapely buttocks.
‘Oh yes?’ she said. ‘I’ll bet you liked it really, didn’t you? Truth now... truth!
Nicola half turned, as if to try and inspect the decorations on her bottom.
‘It was quite nice, I suppose,’ she conceded. ‘It doesn’t really hurt though, although it was a bit hard when you did it.’
She looked straight into Priscilla’s eyes.
‘I’ll bet you’re enjoying this, aren’t you?’ She began giggling again and Priscilla joined in, infected by the joint complaint that they both suffered from. One of the teachers had called it ‘giggle-itis’.
‘I suppose I am really,’ Priscilla laughed. ‘You know, you’ve got a very nice bum!’
Nicola just broke up into convulsive giggles.
‘Crikey,’ she spluttered. ‘You’re as bad as old Harvey! You’ll be telling me next that it’s the most spankable bottom in the university!’
‘Yes,’ Priscilla answered, ‘apart from mine, it most probably is!’
It took about two minutes for the giggling to subside and it was Priscilla who recovered first. Her face grew suddenly serious and her hand came up.
She whacked the ruler fiercely down into Nicola’s beautiful bare bottom. Priscilla heard a most satisfying ‘Oooff!’ and gave a flickering grin, revelling in her power to make her girl friend really smart.
‘Yeeowch! Prissy, that hurt!
‘It was meant to hurt, you very naughty girl!’ Priscilla said curtly, loving the sound of the ruler striking Nicola’s bottom and the way it jerked about directly after it was hit. She laid her younger sister’s school ruler aside and with a serious yet sensual look on her very pretty face raised her hand instead and brought her palm smacking down onto that lovely rump. She was going to have her way for once and she decided to ignore any protests Nicola might make, because she knew that really this was what she wanted.
‘Owwwch! Prissy, no!
SMACKKK! Harder, in answer. Crisp and sharp. Nicola groaned, yelped, protested, gripped the side of the bed tightly and shook her body about, rearing up in pain as the bare-bottom spanking speeded up. Priscilla didn’t spare her friend but gave her a ringing series of hard slaps, each one of which not only hurt and reddened Nicola’s bum but left a lingering after-sting as well.
‘Please, please, please, Prissy — stop! My bottom’s stinging really awfully!
That sweet plea earned Nicola Priscilla’s mercy, but by now the blonde was feeling decidedly pleased with herself. She had moved into a different gear and a new role: she just loved being the bitchy prefect and her face bore a diffusion of erotic mood. Insulated in her own power and allowing herself to get carried away by it, Priscilla pushed her friend up off her lap and strode towards the bedroom door.
‘You just stay where you are, girl — stand still!’ Priscilla snapped spitefully. ‘You’re in real trouble now!’
Nicola gasped as this verbal shockwave broke over her. She was standing beside the bed clutching her sharply smarting bottom and rubbing it with both hands whilst looking over her shoulder trying to see how much it was marked. She felt as if she had been tricked. Priscilla sounded so nasty and bossy and cruel; not the sweet giggly Prissy she knew at all. ‘Oh! oh! oh!’ was all Nicola could exclaim as Priscilla marched purposefully out of the room, looking sullen and dominant and exuding a definite power. At the same time Nicola felt tremendously excited, as if she really were a forlorn little schoolgirl undergoing punishment from the Captain of her House. She felt so young and helpless being back in school uniform all of a sudden. Her fear of what Priscilla was going to do to her next turned her tummy into a butterfly net but was totally exciting.
Nicola opened her mouth to protest when Priscilla marched back into the bedroom smirking to herself and holding a long thin cyclindrical stick, but she was silenced by the disturbing words: ‘I don’t want to hear anything out of you, girl! You’re here to be punished, that’s all. I’m going to cane your bare bottom for you. You’ve been a very insolent girl!’
What was most astonishing at this point was that neither laughed. Their customary temptation to crack up into pealing giggles was held in sway by Priscilla’s emphatic seriousness and her determination to carry out this schoolgirl punishment. Nicola already realised that she had been manipulated into what was now happening but she felt powerless to resist playing her part. There was a beautiful freedom in regressing into her schoolgirl identity; and for Priscilla there was the electric thrill of suddenly at last expressing that mysterious urge to punish her friend which had been occupying all her recent dreams and fantasies. They were locked into that reality as surely as night follows day. Only a bare-cheeked liar would try to pretend that this little ritual was devoid of sexual implications.
‘Nicola Redway!’ Priscilla shouted, knowing that the house was empty. ‘You’re going to get six of the best. Bend over the bed!’
Nicola meekly bent forward and placed her hands on the eiderdown. There was no protesting now and if Nicola could have found her voice, which she couldn’t, she would probably have said, ‘Do it hard, Prissy. Make it hurt.’ Although of course that was precisely what she was afraid of.
Neither spoke now, and that was even more peculiar considering how they were always whispering, even when there was no one around to hear them. Nicola, with her knickers round her knees, waited with bated breath while the prefect beside her raised her cane and gloated over her immaculate and charming buttocks. Suddenly:
Priscilla whipped the ultra-slim elongated rod down hard across her friend’s bared bottom. Anyone watching would have said that that stroke was vindictive, that it was vicious, but then they would not have understood the nature of their friendship, or their obsession with their eternal schoolgirl selves. Nicola yelped loudly, but surprisingly then stayed mum — until Prissy’s second scorcher!
‘Yeeeowww!’ But again, not a word.
It was the first time that Priscilla had ever actually caned anyone — that stick was longer, thinner and every bit as stingy as a real school cane — and what she was experiencing now was something way beyond her normal feelings. Secure in her cocoon of power, a hard and thrilling excitement surging over her, Priscilla loved to feel this bitchy, bossy dominance taking control of her emotions. It hit her with the force of a revelation — this incredible, stunning excitement of whacking Nicola’s bare bottom hard with the whippy stick. It was just indescribable how erotic it was to bring it swishing down with a crack! of real pain across that sweetest of all girlish bottoms. Nicola’s reactions were also fantastic. It seemed to Priscilla that the cane really did hurt her, for each time she lashed the stick down Nicola’s head shook wildly, her bottom jumped and she let out sounds.
‘Owwch! Arrghh! Oh Prissy, no! Aaahhhh! Ooooooh!’
THWAA-ACKKK! The fifth stroke fell.
‘Owww! Crikey! Oww! That’s ENOUGH!’ Nicola’s shrill cry left Priscilla in no doubt that she had well and truly called her friend’s bluff. ‘You’re jolly well not trying, Prissy,’ the now actually sobbing Nicola had goaded her into showing her true spite. Priscilla was even a little shocked at herself, wondering if she’d gone too far, certainly aware of feeling kind of supersonic. Amazed that she had wanted to hit Nicola really as hard as she could, and at how sexy she felt treating her very best friend in all the world like a truly naughty schoolgirl who has got to be punished. Acting so cold and bossy, even though she didn’t know how cute she came across, did something to her — gave her a fantastic feeling like shaking mountain peaks each time she raised her ringed right hand with the whippy rod inside it and thwacked it across Nicola’s curved-over bottom. An electric shock zipping through her body as the stick came down. Even making her dearest friend shout out because it hurt so much.
‘Oh please, please, please Prissy — no more! Let me off the last one, please!’ Nicola sounded more like a distraught little girl than her 19 years. But still completely in that schoolgirl world, even though her pleading was genuine. Nicola’s bottom really was stinging, as she told her friend almost incoherently through her tiny whimpering sobs.
‘You naughty girl’ Priscilla said, truly the head prefect. ‘I’ll let you off the last one. You’re not such a brave girl after all, are you?’
Once more Priscilla surprised herself, finding herself saying such things and really meaning what she said. It was easy to let go of the idea that she was not Nicola’s catty superior. She was!
Nicola was now standing; her cheeks were wet with tears. She looked sideways away from her tormentor and would not meet her eye. She seemed huffed.
‘How does it feel?’ Priscilla asked, the first hint of her normal self returning.
‘... Hurts!’ Nicola snapped at last. But still as sweet as honey, quite unbelievably sweet in fact.
Oh! Poor Nicky! Oh, darling. You’ll be alright.’
‘It’s tingling!’ Nicola gasped.
‘Good. That’s nice,’ Priscilla said. ‘It’s... nice to tingle. Oohh.’ Priscilla said sweet nothings, her arms now around her friend, Nicola’s down-tilted face nuzzling up to her. All the tension coming out of the drama. Priscilla said the sweetest possible things. They felt close together again.
It was very clear now that Nicola had recovered from the shock of being suddenly caned for the first time and was feeling grateful to her friend. Their little play-act had been so real for both of them. Nicola’s bottom was now tingling in a lovely warm way. ‘It’s boiling!’ she giggled for the first time and Priscilla laughed for joy.
The chattering went on and on, both of them said it was marvellous, it was so funny. What they meant was, well, sexy. It had happened like magic, out of the blue, better than Priscilla had planned. ‘Actually it’s really quite super!’ she hooted and Nicola chimed in: ‘You bet!’ Little quiet phrases, wonderful sweet words, and no end to all the laughter. Whatever they said sounded so funny to each other. Both knew that they had discovered something quite amazing. Both were breathless with excitement and wondered what it would be like doing such things with boyfriends. ‘Naughty!’ Nicola said.
‘That’s what they like!’ Priscilla’s voice was muted by her obvious excitement. And then the giggles came through.
Nicola and Priscilla decided to stay in school uniform all day as they would be alone in Priscilla’s mummy’s home.
‘— And see what happens!’ Priscilla spluttered. Nicola cracked up.
Nicola also features in Janus 68 in Miss Nicola Redway, B.Sc.

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