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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

The New Prefect

A St Angela's story from Roué 11. A prequel to Prefect's Report.
Rosemary heard the footsteps faintly at first and then louder, and her heart began to flutter like a caged bird under the white school blouse. Her legs encased in their silky-clad nylon stockings, as befitted a seventeen-year-old girl in 6B, began to tremble with fear as they always did when Mr Evans had sent her to await his pleasure in 2D.
The door knob turned and Rosemary shut her eyes so as not to see him. She listened for him to close the door and turn the key, which squeaked in the lock... nothing happened... and she opened her eyes...
‘Oooohh’ she squealed in surprise. Somehow she hadn’t expected to see Mr Payne standing there and it quite took her breath away.
‘What are you doing here Miss?’
The Headmaster seemed quite surprised to find anyone in the Punishment Room at this time of day.
‘I-I’m — waiting for Mr Evans s-sir,’ whispered Rosemary.
‘And just why are you waiting for our Mr Evans... eh... eh?’
‘H-he — sent me to be — p-pun-punished sir —’ Rosemary’s voice tailed away with embarrassment at the admission of her guilt.
‘Ah... mmm... ah yes...’ murmured the Head, ‘to be punished... to be punished...’
Somehow he seemed to roll the words round his mouth like a succulent ripe strawberry.
Rosemary hung her head in shame at the admission, and a sweetly pretty pink blush crept up over her neck from around the white collar band of her tight school blouse.
‘So Mr Evans finds it necessary to punish you young lady, does he my dear?’
The Headmaster seemed genuinely anxious to find out and gave Rosemary a rather pleasant smile as he asked her the question. Rosemary thought he was such a sweet old gentleman.
‘Oh y-yes s-sir... he does... and sir I don’t like it... please sir do I have to be punished... don’t you think I’m too old for the... for th...’
Rosemary’s voice tailed away.
The Headmaster came nearer to her, and put an arm round her shoulders in such a fatherly protective manner.
‘For the what my dear... you haven’t told me yet how he punishes you... now have you?’ His voice was deep and to Rosemary quite reassuring.
‘He... ca... canes me sir, not always sir, sometimes he uses a strap, and sometimes but not very often he only smacks me.’
The Head’s hand was lower down now, around Rosemary’s slim waist, playing idly with the waistband at the top of her pleated short skirt.
‘I expect he makes you hold your hand out does he... when he smacks you... mmm?’
‘Oh no sir he smacks me on my... b... on my bottom...’ she blushed prettily and hung her head down to hide her eyes.
The Headmaster seemed stunned into silence by what she had just said, and Rosemary wondered whether she had gone too far.
‘Do you mean he smacks you down here on your...?’ his hand was gently sliding down over the flank of her hip, down to the tops and then the crests of her pert cheeks encased in the thin material of her school skirt.
‘Through your clothes... no doubt...?’
Mr Payne’s voice, so quiet and disarming made Rosemary feel that she could unburden her heart to him, and that he would do something to stop that awful Mr Evans doing the things he did to so many of the pretty young girls he had under his control. She decided to blurt it all out.
‘Oh no sir, it’s not like that at all sir, really it isn’t.’
She hung her head down a little and tried hard to give the Headmaster the impression of a poor innocent sweet girl who had been taken advantage of by a fiendish monster, then she looked up at him all dewy-eyed and... ‘It’s... it’s awful sir... he... he makes me... me... and all of the girls take their skirts off, or sometimes just pull them right up...’ Her voice dropped a little as she felt the Headmaster easing her skirt up at the back over her hips... she could feel the hem riding gently higher up the backs of her stockings up and up above the darker garter hems.
‘Mmmm... mmm... does he now... like this my dear... right up you said... up to your waist eh?’
Rosemary was a bit surprised at what was happening, somehow it wasn’t quite the turn of events she had expected from the situation, but she decided to go on with her confessional.
‘Y-ye... yes sir right up sir, just like you’re doing sir... do you think he ought to do it sir...?’
The Head seemed to be pondering quite deeply before he answered the question, and whilst he thought, his right hand was wandering freely over the shapely buttocks of Miss Rosemary Childs. He seemed to be fascinated by the thin tight panties she was wearing and his fingers traced the margins of the elastic at the waist and along the legs where they were so brief that they cut high up across her pert cheeks.
Rosemary found it quite difficult not to giggle at Mr Payne’s exploration. His fingers tickled a bit as they wandered over her hips, and somehow his left hand had managed to gather most of her skirt up at front around her waist, whilst his right hand had slowly eased her forwards against his trousers.
‘He canes you after he has made you pull your skirt up, does he?’
The Headmaster seemed anxious to get all the details exactly right, and Rosemary was so sure that he was going to stop that awful Mr Evans from punishing her that she was willing and eager to tell him everything.
‘Oh sir... he... he takes your knickers off as well... well not right off... he usually just pulls them right down...’
The Head looked horrified at this revelation, and Rosemary felt his fingers stiffen above the elastic waistband of her little briefs, then hook themselves under the elastic.
‘Mmm... mmm... ah... well, well. That’s most interesting...’
It seemed to Rosemary that Mr Payne was mumbling away musing gently about Mr Evans’ curious habits, but she could feel her little briefs being steadily slipped down over her chubby cheeks.
‘I’m sure it’s not right... not right at all... not to cane you with your knickers down or off... oh no... now of course if he was only spanking you that might be excusable... mmm... yes.’
His right hand continued to pull he briefs down until they were below the rounded cheeks and he eased her away from his trousers a little so that he could push them down in the front.
‘You did say he spanks you sometimes with your knickers taken down, eh?...’
Rosemary nodded vigorously at his question.
‘With them down like this or lower...?’
‘Lower sir... oh sir... please... ooh...!’
At last her knickers were down in a tight bunched ring of wispy material around the dark garter bands of her stockings, and the Headmaster began to pat her bottom gently bringing her back once more against his trousers. Rosemary suddenly felt it against her bared belly... oh Lord it was the same as Mr Evans had under his trousers when he spanked her.
‘Pl — oh please sir... please don’t...’
She could feel the Headmaster’s finger probing forwards between her slightly parted thighs, and she tried to nip her legs together modestly.
‘Please what... mmm... eh... now be a good girl now... or do you want me to let Mr Evans cane you on your bare bottom... eh?’
Rosemary felt her eyes beginning to water. Oh Lord she didn’t want the cane...
‘Oh sir... ooh... oh SIR... pl-PLEASE... if... if... ooohh... don’t oh don’t sir... it’s... it’s... ooOOHH...’
The Headmaster smiled at her protests.
‘Now listen Rosemary... listen carefully to me... if you were a prefect Mr Evans couldn’t punish you... would you like to be a prefect... eh... mmmm... ehh...?’
Rosemary could hardly believe her ears. Salvation was at hand, her co-operation had paid off...
‘Oh sir, thank you sir... could you sir.’
Again the Head smiled and his hand ran back over her trembling bottom.
‘Of course you’d have to be a very good girl... a very good girl indeed... I should have to take you along to my study right away and give you a test... how old are you my dear?’
‘I’m just seventeen sir... but I’ll be ever so good sir, honestly I’ll try hard sir...’
The Headmaster’s right hand was firm as it pulled her hips right forwards until Rosemary’s back was arched in a bow, she felt the hard ridge firm against her lower tummy even more prominent than before.
Mr Payne heard the approaching footsteps before she did.
‘I think I can hear Mr Evans in the corridor young lady... pull your knickers up at once and lower your skirt... I’m sure he would like to do the job for himself if he has to cane you... or do you want me to test you right away to see if we can make you a prefect...?’
Rosemary did as he had told her and very quickly adjusted her clothing to look a little more modestly clad. Oh Lord — she didn’t want to be caned! Perhaps Mr Payne’s test wouldn’t be too bad after all. She nodded to the Head and lowered her eyes and blushing cheeks.
‘I-I’d li... like to be... tes... tested... please sir...’
Mr Payne beamed that smile again, and somehow to Rosemary it didn’t look quite so fatherly now.
‘Good girl... good girl... Rosemary... come along now and I’ll just have a few words to Mr Evans before he comes down here.’
Rosemary trailed after the Head out of the Punishment Room, and up the four steps to the corridor, Mr Evans was just about to descend the steps as they all met.
‘Ah Evans,’ the Head’s voice boomed a little pompously as he spoke.
‘I expect you will be delighted to know that I am probably going to make Miss Childs into a prefect... she is in your form I understand... is that so?’
Mr Evans seemed at a loss for words at the Head’s announcement.
‘Y-ye-yes Headmaster that is correct.’
Evans looked thunderstruck, and glared at Rosemary, as if he had been cheated.
‘Then all I can say is that she is a credit to your tuition Evans... I think she shows great promise... perhaps a little on the young side... but one has to begin sometime... eh... eh... Evans...’
The Head turned to Rosemary and said quietly.
‘Please precede me up the corridor Miss... we shall go to my study now, and find out all about your accomplishments... and don’t forget if you fail the little test I shall be giving you, and you are not considered fit to become a prefect then I shall have to inform Mr Evans.’
The Headmaster gave a sickly smile to both Rosemary and Mr Evans.
‘Come along my dear... come along...’
As she walked ahead of the Headmaster up the corridor his gown was shielding Mr Evans from what Mr Payne’s hands were doing. She tried not to squirm as his left hand lifted her skirt almost up to her waist, and his right hand fondled her knicker-clad buttocks.
Rosemary began to cry... she knew now she had to pass the test.