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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

The Chairman’s Chauffeuse

Illustration from Uniform Girls 13

‘Well pull ‘em up tight, girl.’ Impatience in his voice, bleating despair in hers as she pulls the insubstantial nylon material of her knickers up snug between her buttocks.
‘Sorry sir — s-sorry —’
She might as well have no knickers on at all — her bum is absolutely bare save for the taut diagonals of her suspenders curving round her flanks — except that high between her legs a silken purse of pale yellow pouches that bit of her that she really wouldn’t want him to see, though in truth it emphasises the plump pout of what it hides more than conceals it. She pulls her knickers up tight, white-knuckled, pink-cheeked, and feels the chill touch of the cane dallying with the under­sides of her bum-cheeks, feels it pat-pat-patt!
‘Did you tell your mother you’d be late?’
‘Er — n-no. I don’t think so —’
The cane swipes spitefully across both cheeks. The girl gasps and clenches her buttocks together. He leaves the cane dangling by its crooked handle from the stretch of her skirt between her legs, and he goes to the telephone on his desk. The girl stares miserably at her reflection in the window and thinks of Sally out with that new young man from sales, and of Julie, his other daughter, on that promotional trip to Miami. A tear trickles down her cheek; it’s one thing to be the Chairman’s daughter, but quite another thing entirely when you are the daughter of the Chairman’s second wife. 

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  1. I very much admire the work of the artist who drew the picture above and quite a few others accompanying stories in both Roue and the early Blushes stable. He had a great feeling for his subject matter I think.