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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Sophie’s Follow-Up Fitting

Photo-story from New Blushes 2.01. A sequel to Sophie’s Special Fitting Session from Blushes 93. Delicious Sophie is back in that little room of the tailor’s shop. The uniform fitting is made by the two men attending to her — she is fondled, spanked and caned, she squirms and writhes and the tawse is applied.
It is Friday and we are back again in that little room at the rear of Mr Kilmer’s rather untrendy looking tailor’s shop hidden away behind the town square. Yes we are here again and so is delicious Sophie, Mr Aubrey Hodgley’s niece. Though perhaps we should write that as ‘niece’ because as explained she is not any actual relative and has only been with Mr Hodgley since Tuesday. So three days now. Mr Hodgley is here too and so is the proprietor, Mr Michael Kilmer.
It is another fitting session. Sophie standing up on that stool again. Today she is wearing a rather fetching red tartan outfit. (The keen observer may have spotted this outfit, in a not quite finished state, hanging on the wall on Wednesday when we last saw Sophie here.) The outfit comprises a long-sleeved white blouse and a very brief wrap-around skirt, plus a matching tartan cap perched on her head and white knee-socks with red tabs. Finally those same smart black high heels we saw last time.
Sophie does look extremely fetching in her new outfit and Mr Hodgley must be very gratified with the way what he visualised has turned out. He does look pleased as he stands back to admire it. Mr Kilmer is standing closer. Explaining some point. And as he does he has his hand up Sophie’s skirt. Sophie’s pretty thighs.
The lovely girl’s pretty face, adorned with those large specs, bears a somewhat anxious expression. Where exactly is Mr Kilmer’s hand? Is it far enough up to be at her pussy? Is it at her pussy? And if it is... does she have any knickers on? As Mr Kilmer makes a point to Mr Hodgley about the hang of the skirt his hand could be at Sophie’s bare pussy. Her curly-haired purse. His fingers could be sliding in between the lips.
Aubrey Hodgley doesn’t know. For one thing, he doesn’t know if Sophie has knickers on. At this moment. She did have a pair on when he brought her here half an hour ago in the taxi. Sophie was wearing blouse and skirt and knickers. No bra, a girl does not want to be wearing a bra when she goes for a fitting session, but travelling in a taxi and walking in the street she does require knickers. Well her skirt might ruck up, be blown up by a skittish gust of wind, etc. To show her bare bottom or her pussy to strangers, and a nice girl does not want that. So, as a responsible guardian should, Aubrey checked before they came out. His hand up Sophie’s skirt to check. And in the course of checking, a little friendly feel at her pussy. Sophie is learning to accept this more now. Whereas when she arrived, on Tuesday, she was very bashful in that regard. She was not at all used to having a man’s hand fondling her pussy, just as, of course, she wasn’t used to having her bare bottom spanked. Or caned! Well, as for caning, does a girl ever get used to that?
So anyway, yes, Sophie was wearing knickers when she arrived here. However, since then Mr Kilmer has had Sophie alone, while Aubrey made a quick visit to the Post Office. It was only a short trip, as he emphasised to Mr Kilmer before he went. Just so that Mr Kilmer would know. He may, though, need to go out for a longer period later, and he has told Mr Kilmer this.
Anyway, when Aubrey got back from his little trip to the Post Office, Mr Kilmer had Sophie changed into the tartan outfit. And — she may or may not still have her knickers on underneath.
It is quite a titillating thought. The thought that Sophie doesn’t have any on. And Kilmer is enjoying himself, giving her an intimate little grope. Even an intimate little probe with his index finger perhaps. Slyly sliding it in and out... While Sophie squirms, and gets a little bit hot under her collar.
Because although we now say she is now more used to a friendly grope from her guardian and has learnt to stand more or less still and bashfully accept it, being up on the stool in Mr Kilmer’s room is rather different. For one thing there is the memory of what happened last time she was here, on Wednesday. What did happen on Wednesday? We know of course that Sophie had her bare bottom spanked. And also had it tawsed. But Mr Hodgley, when we left him last, seemed to imagine there could have been something else. Was there something else? Sophie certainly does seem nervous in Mr Kilmer’s hands. Well no doubt we will find out.
The question as to whether Sophie is currently wearing knickers or not is shortly answered. Mr Kilmer takes his hand away and backs off. He makes some little comment or other to Mr Hodgley, and then tells Sophie to raise her skirt. Right up above her waist.
She obediently complies — and we see she does have knickers on. A pair of rather brief and tight cellular cotton ones. They are of course the knickers she wore when coming here, as Mr Hodgley will recognise. So Mr Kilmer hasn’t been fingering Sophie’s bare pussy! He has had his hand there, though. At the tight gusset of those flimsy knicks. Rubbing his knuckle along the line of Sophie’s sensitive slit in a massaging motion. Through the knicker material certainly, but it is thin and quite insubstantial and his intimate rubbing has got Sophie in somewhat of a jumpy state. Her stimulated pussy is sending out excited, disconcerting distress signals. She bites her lip. In any case it is not nice having to stand like this, up on the stool in front of the two men, showing her bottom and pussy in the tight and semi-transparent knickers. No, and what is coming next? She can very well imagine what is coming next. Knickers down. Knickers off. That will come next.
Well no doubt it will, very shortly. First, though, Mr Kilmer and Mr Hodgley move in close. To examine Sophie’s ripely rounded bottom. To closely scrutinise it. To study and inspect. Manually. Both their hands squeezing and testing the firm but soft flesh. Fingers probing. Into the cleft. Sophie gives a little squeal. But it seems these deliberations are necessary for the fitting. To ensure a really precise fit, to get the cloth lying just so. Yes. And in the process the hands, the fingers, of both men stray to Sophie’s sensitive feminine purse. A little prod; a brief massage. As they discuss their subject in thoughtful, serious tones.
This stage takes a while, no doubt it is very important. But then we get what Sophie has been expecting. The request that she take her knickers down. Take them right off. To enable the fitting to progress a stage further.
Sophie has no option but to comply. She now knows better than to consider anything other than submissive acceptance of Mr Hodgley’s requirements, and that goes for Mr Kilmer as well. These first few days with Mr Hodgley have taught the pretty girl the wisdom of quick and ready assent. With anything. Some of the things are certainly not what she is used to. Some of them are also not what she can imagine her mother approving of. But Sophie’s mother has sent her to stay with Mr Hodgley and so must have had some idea of what he would want. And certainly once you have had that cane... And Sophie has had it twice! Well after that, no, you don’t think of questioning, or pleading. You don’t think for one moment of saying you really don’t want to. No.
So her knickers come off, and she unhappily pulls the skirt up again. To reveal everything. Her nude flesh. Mr Kilmer moves in to grope her bare bottom. He doesn’t seem completely happy about something. Perhaps Sophie didn’t jump to it quickly enough. Didn’t get her knickers off quite smartly enough. Or perhaps he just wishes to give that impression, as an excuse. At any rate he now stops groping and tells her to bend over. Bend forward and stick her bare bottom out. When she does he sharply whacks it. Once! Twice! Three times! Solid, heavy whacks with that meaty hand.
Mr Hodgley looks impassively on. His eyes fixed on the fleshy quiver and tremble of Sophie’s ripe bottom-cheeks. While hearing her sharp yelps. Mr Kilmer says something to him.
Mr Hodgley replies, ‘Well, if you’re not satisfied you can give her something more. You can give her a touch of the cane if you like. I mean we are in your hands and I want you to be completely satisfied with her behaviour. I can hold her if you like. If you want to use the cane.’
Mr Kilmer seems to approve, ‘Yes. Maybe that’s a good idea.’
And so Sophie has to get down off the stool. Letting her skirt for the moment drop back down over her reddened bottom. She has heard what has been said of course. She is going to be caned! For no reason! Or no real reason. Because she hasn’t done anything, except what she has been told. Take her knickers off and stand still and allow herself to be groped and prodded. And spanked. Yes all that. But that fact is simply, as she knows, that Mr Kilmer is keen to cane her. And Mr Hodgley doesn’t mind, maybe he will enjoy it too. Enjoy watching. Holding her.
She feels like weeping. In fact if she’s not careful the tears will just come out. It’s so awful! That cane is diabolical. It feels like... Oh God!
But it is going to happen. ‘Come on,’ Mr Hodgley says. ‘It’s not too bad. And it’s good for you. A girl needs a bit of discipline.’
Sophie has to lie across the stool. Face down. And stretch her arms out in front of her. Mr Hodgley takes hold of her hands. ‘To keep you in position,’ he tells her. ‘So Mr Kilmer has a nice steady target.’
Mr Kilmer meanwhile has pushed her skirt back up, to bare Sophie’s bottom again. He has his cane now. Mr Hodgley pulls her gently forward. Sophie’s feet, those smart high heels, come up off the floor.
She lets out a desperate yelp. Her bottom jerking and clenching. Her legs wildly writhing. Her poor bum is on fire!
Mr Kilmer cracks the cane in twice more. Two more very juicy whacks. Sophie making gaspy sounds, as she tries to handle the fierce pain. Mr Kilmer closes in, the cane in his left hand now. As he fondles her burning bottom he suggests to Mr Hodgley that they adjust her position somewhat. ‘To give a different angle for the cane.’ Maybe a few with her feet on the floor, her legs spread wide.
Mr Hodgley agrees that this is a good idea.
Sophie standing on the stool again now, but with the tartan skirt off. Now she is in only the blouse, plus socks and shoes, and the blouse is no longer on properly. It is unbuttoned and wide open with the two sides wrapped around her arms. So her whole body is effectively nude.
Mr Hodgley is standing at the side with a note pad and pencil. Writing down the figures which Mr Kilmer calls out. Mr Kilmer himself has a tape measure and also a felt-tip marker pen. At this moment the measure is hanging round his neck, while with the pen he is carefully drawing a line between Sophie’s nude tits. From nipple to nipple, on her nude flesh in the blue marker ink. He has added a little arrow at each end.
Sophie gives an agitated whimper. A slightly hysterical moan. Well it is too much. After that dreadful cane on her poor bum, now this! Standing on the stool while Mr Kilmer marks her up. Draws on her! As if she wasn’t real or something. Drawing with that blue pen on her nude body. No, it is too much! Well, what if it is indelible and won’t come off!
Mr Kilmer stops for the moment and transfers the marker to his other hand. Casually he takes one of Sophie’s nipples between finger and thumb. Her nipple are already quite stiff and erect, from tension and anxiety, certainly not because she is in any way turned on by what is happening.
Mr Kilmer massages the nipple, and then the other. ‘I think she’s enjoying it!’ he remarks.
A squeal from the trembling girl. ‘No! I’m not!
Mr Hodgley: ‘She’s quite a sexy young thing. Some of the quiet ones are of course. They can be very sexy when you get them aroused. A spot of stimulation.’
Mr Kilmer grins at him. ‘I know. Yes, I found that out last time I had her here.’
Mr Hodgley: ‘Of course the cane can be a stimulant. Likewise a spanking. Some people imagine you have to be playing with a girl’s pussy to get her going. Not that Sophie hasn’t got a sensitive pussy, because she has. Haven’t you dear?’
Sophie gives a strangled little cry. Mr Kilmer has stopped playing with her nipples now. He starts to use that marker pen again.
She is beginning to feel hysterical. The feeling that at any moment she will break down. Start sobbing. Acting crazy. Those awful things they have said make it worse. Her head is spinning. What? Mr Kilmer is saying something. Oh. Give him the blouse. And then put her hands on her head. With her head buzzing she does it. Slides off the blouse and hands it over. As she does Mr Kilmer prods her with the pen. The blunt end. Prods it in between her legs. And slides it in between the lips of her cunt. She gives a whimpering gasp.
He grins. ‘Come on, sexy. Get those hands up!’
He has drawn on her flanks now. Making lines where her knickers would be, if she had any on. Are the markings for some other garment Mr Hodgley wants? Mr Kilmer turns her and continues the lines at the back. Round the margins of the cheeks of Sophie’s bum. On the inner side of one thigh at the very top he has drawn a little arrow. Pointing up and in. Pointing to Sophie’s pussy in fact. When he did it he and Mr Hodgley exchanged smiling glances. Some sort of private joke? Sophie didn’t see, of course, it was behind her. And anyway this awful business is getting to her. More and more. She has the feeling she is losing her balance. A feeling of swaying about, standing on top of a skyscraper or something. And is about to topple off.
‘Well how about a cup of tea?’ Mr Kilmer suggests. He appears to have finished his marking and measuring now, and helps Sophie down off the stool. She is still feeling shaky and maybe it is just as well. Mr Kilmer’s hands are there grabbing; but thankfully the worst of that dizzy spell is over.
 ‘Good idea!’ Mr Hodgley replies. ‘Yes a cuppa would be most welcome, as I’m sure my lovely girl will agree.’
Sophie doesn’t respond. She doesn’t particularly want any tea. All she really wants is to get her clothes on and then go home. Although of course being at home with Mr Hodgley is beset with various nasty shocks. But it seems from what they are saying the session is not yet over. There is more to come, this is just a tea break. And also she is not to be allowed to put her clothes on just yet.
‘No, I don’t think so,’ Mr Hodgley says in reply to Mr Kilmer’s query. ‘It’s warm enough in here. Nice and snug. And I think she looks so nice and sexy in just her knee socks and the high heels.’
So Mr Kilmer makes the tea and they have it in the other room, a little sitting room which has a sofa and armchairs and a low coffee table. Sophie sits on the sofa with Mr Hodgley. Her pulse is fluttering somewhat. Partly this is because of the rather awful fact of having to sit here with the two men with nothing on. Nothing except her socks and shoes anyway. Yes, that, but also something else. Something else from her previous visit to Mr Kilmer. On that occasion she was in here with Mr Kilmer too. In this room. It is not something Sophie wants to remember — but she can’t help it. It was here. On this sofa.
‘A nice cup of tea,’ Mr Hodgley says approvingly. ‘But I shall have to drink mine up. As I said earlier there’s this spot of business I need to attend to in the town, so I shall be nipping off for a bit. You can carry on with our young lady though, whatever you need to do. Then I’ll pick her up later.’
This takes a moment to sink in to Sophie. When it does she gives a little yelp of alarm. What Mr Hodgley is saying is he is going to leave her here with Mr Kilmer!
Neither of the two men takes any notice of that alarmed yelp. The proposal seems to have perked Mr Kilmer up, there is a definite sparkle in his eye.
‘Ah... going for very long?’
Mr Hodgley says, ‘A little while, yes. Well, half an hour at least. If that’s OK.’
Mr Kilmer says it is. No problem at all. He does seem very keen on the idea. His gaze meets Sophie’s but only momentarily as she looks quickly away. Her face has gone red. Flushed a deep red.
It was more like 40 minutes before Mr Hodgley returned. Well, he didn’t want to rush Mr Kilmer, did he? In whatever he needed to do.  His fitting. The fitting of a young lady’s garments — and no doubt other fitting as well. A young lady’s silky purse. A fitting test to demonstrate to her its proper use and function. No, Mr Kilmer would not wish to be rushed in such emotionally charged employment.
When Aubrey Hodgley does return Mr Kilmer has her back in his fitting room, continuing with his measurements for the tartan outfit. But no doubt that other fitting will have been performed in his little sitting room. On the sofa. That was where he carried out the first fitting test on Wednesday. Aubrey Hodgley knows this because he got it out of a reluctant Sophie afterwards. On threat of a caning.
The precise positioning for the test: on her back with one leg raised on the sofa and her other foot on the floor, her legs thus spread nice and wide to allow easy access. Yes presumably on the sofa again, though the positioning could have been different this time. Sophie bent over the arm? Well, he will find out of course, when he gets her home.
One other thing has Aubrey found out in the process of his rather intensive questioning of his niece, and this is that Wednesday wasn’t the first time. She has in fact had a couple of such fittings already. A boyfriend it seems. Which just goes to show. Even these very sweet and innocent-seeming girls.
Anyway the session in the fitting room continues for a while longer after Aubrey’s return. And in the process a little more correction of the subject is deemed necessary by Mr Kilmer. Sophie has to stand against the wall, with her arms raised and holding onto the hooks. Mr Kilmer uses a tawse on her bottom, but not desperately hard. Perhaps some of the urgency of his need has been removed earlier, on the sofa. Perhaps Sophie gave a good performance during her fitting, though surely if so it would have been unwitting, unintended.
Aubrey also whacks her bottom with his hand a few times, but he is rather keen to get her back home now.
Michael Kilmer is not in such a hurry. He makes Sophie turn, to face away from the wall. For a few more whacks. The fronts of her thighs. Again it is not too hard, but she squirms and writhes her legs and hips. As Mr Kilmer applies the tawse he questions Mr Hodgley about future fittings. To get everything just right they do need maybe a couple more, at least. And there is also that other outfit Mr Hodgley has mentioned. So quite a few more visits are needed.
Can Sophie perhaps come round again tomorrow morning? He says Mr Hodgley can send her alone, by taxi, if he himself is going to be busy.

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