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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Rose & Charlotte Recommended

A St Angela’s story from Roué 10
That particular afternoon the gym lesson came to an abrupt conclusion for two of the girls, Rosalind Bottomley and Charlotte Lawson. It didn’t seem entirely fair since at least half a dozen other girls had giggled when Kathy Wood had made a hash of the vaulting horse and ended up sprawled across it without a gasp of breath left in her body. That Rosalind and Charlotte just happened to be wearing particularly brief shorts, and that their young bottoms happened to be especially pert and rounded didn’t seem to them to be at all relevant. Had it been a male teacher who had singled them out they would have understood — Rosalind especially was only too well aware that her blonde hair and her pretty face, and in particular the plump cheekiness of her bottom, had earned her more knickers-down sessions in the punishment room than she’d ever really deserved, but it had been the gym mistress who had ordered them both to the sports storeroom and sent the rest of the class off on a three mile cross-country run. Of course it might have been something to do with Mr Grimsley being there — perhaps the gym mistress had thought she ought to make an example of them to make herself seem more efficient in front of one of the school governors. It crossed Charlotte’s mind, as the two girls waited outside the storeroom, that perhaps the mistress had ‘taken a fancy’ to them — but as Rosie pointed out it was only the younger girls who seemed to be required for that sort of thing, and they were both eighteen years old. No, it couldn’t be that — the gym mistress liked her girls young and innocent, though they didn’t stay innocent for long!
It was something of a shock to Rosie and Charlotte to discover that Mr Grimsley had been invited to witness their punishment, of course as a school governor he was probably entitled to do so — at least it was well-known that all the school’s governors occasionally liked to see how the school was being run. Either way there was precious little the two girls could do about it. This being so, Rosalind even risked a shy little smile to Mr Grimsley as they were ushered into the storeroom — it couldn’t do any harm to make a good impression on a school governor.
Both girls had been punished by the gym mistress before — she always gave you the slipper, and only made you bare your bum if you were one of her ‘pets’. But today Rosie and Charlotte were in for more than they bargained for.
Mr Grimsley was seated on a tall stool — over which both girls had been slippered more than once — and the gym mistress lined them up before the governor. He eyed them both up and down, slowly, while the mistress kept a discreet distance.
‘Um — I was watching you in the gym’ the governor said chattily to Rosalind. Rosalind smiled coyly and blinked her blue eyes. He seemed a nice man. ‘I thought you were very good — you were both very good,’ he added, for Charlotte’s benefit.
‘Thank you sir’ said Rosie.
‘Hmm — yes, very good indeed. I found myself wondering —’ he smiled pleasantly ‘— I was wondering — aren’t you girls wearing — um — wearing any knickers, under your shorts?’
‘P-pardon sir,’ stuttered Rosalind.
Mr Grimsley smiled again, though not quite so broadly.
 ‘I said I wondered if you were wearing knickers — under your shorts.’
‘Oh —’ Rosalind almost blushed, though later she couldn’t think why. She should have been used to it. Perhaps it was the surprise. ‘Er — n-no sir. W-we aren’t allowed to sir —’
‘I see — I thought perhaps you weren’t —’ again the little smile, ‘— one would expect to have detected the — ah — outline, showing through the shorts that is — if a girl was wearing knickers.’ He put out a hand and coaxed Rosalind to him with a little wave. She did as she thought she was meant to — Mr Grimsley’s podgy hand stroked down the side of her thigh, then up over her hip.
‘Especially under shorts so — well, thin — shorts as thin as these —’ The warmth of his hand was an unmistakeable sensation on the upper curve of her right buttock — then lower down, where the brief shorts left a crescent of bare bum-cheek on either side. His hand patted thoughtfully. ‘— and tight. They’re certainly very tight. Aren’t they — eh?’
Quite out of her depth in this unexpected situation, Rosalind glanced sideways at the gym mistress, still apparently unconcerned at the turn the conversation was taking.
‘Answer Mr Grimsley,’ said the mistress sweetly.
‘Y-yes Miss. Um — yes sir — I s’pose they are a bit tight.’
‘Only a bit tight? Well now — give us a little turn — let’s see just how tight they are.’
Rosalind turned, slowly, suddenly acutely conscious of how her shorts pulled up between her bum-cheeks — of how much of her bottom was left uncovered. It hadn’t seemed to matter much before.
‘Well — I think we’d have to say they’re very tight. Now why’s that I wonder? You like them tight to show off your saucy little bum, eh? Like the teachers to see what a big girl you are?’
‘N-no sir —’
‘Sure — eh?’
‘Yes sir — if y-you’ve got a — a bottom like mine sir — well sir, you don’t sort of advertise it sir. I mean — well, the other teachers don’t usually come into the gym — it doesn’t sort of matter in there sir —’
‘I see — and why wouldn’t you ‘sort of advertise it’? Why wouldn’t you want to do that?’
Rosalind felt distinctly embarrassed. It was a question she’d have preferred not to answer. Still, she’d have to.
‘Um — well sir — some of the teachers — they like to spank girls bums — I m-mean bottoms sir — an’ — and I know they like to spank m-me sir —’
‘Indeed? Like your cheeky little bottom, do they? Hmm — well, I think I’d have to agree with ‘em. What d’you say to that, eh?’
Rosalind knew there was no answer to that one.
‘Well now —’ there was the smile again, ‘— since you two naughty girls — I can’t say ‘naughty little girls’, can I —?’ His eyes made the point. Charlotte tried not to let her tits stick out so much. ‘— no, indeed not — how old are you two, eh?’
‘Er — eighteen sir,’ said Rosalind, with Charlotte echoing her a moment later.
‘Eighteen —’ he seemed to roll the word round his tongue, ‘— well, since you both look so very nice in your little shorts I suppose we oughtn’t to make you take ‘em down, eh?’
Rosalind shook her blonde head determinedly.
‘No — so let’s see just how tight you can pull ‘em up instead. C’mon now — let’s see you pull ‘em up really tight.’
Once more Rosalind risked a glance at the gym mistress, but there was no help to be had from that quarter.
‘Do as you’re told Rosalind — and do it now!’
There was nothing else for it. Rosie and Charlotte each hooked their fingers under the waistbands of their shorts and inched them up tighter, pulling diagonal creases up either side of their fat little pubic mounds.
Mr Grimsley smiled again. ‘Come along now girls —’
Rosalind tugged her shorts higher, till they were nipping uncomfortably at the very tops of her thighs and a small, shadowed declivity appeared under the out-thrusting of the swelling hummock between her legs. Charlotte struggled to do the same, rocking her full hips this way and that to achieve the required tautness under her crotch.
‘That’s better —’ cooed Mr Grimsley, ‘— now keep ‘em just like that —’ Rosalind closed her eyes so as not to have to meet Mr Grimsley’s as he stroked a thick finger along the valley below her pubis. ‘Come on Missy — let’s see you stick it out for Uncle Arthur, eh? C’mon — open your legs — that’s a good girl — there now — isn’t that nice eh?’
‘S-sir — please sir —’
‘Please what, my dear — legs a little wider please — please what?’
‘P-please sir — please don’t —’
‘Come on — push it out — come on Rosalind —’
Trembling with shame Rosie thrust her hips forward, shuffled her feet apart until she was semi-spread-eagled, squeezed her eyes tight shut and tried not to squirm away from the warm, probing finger sliding along over her shorts.
‘Alright Missy — just you stay exactly as you are.’ The teasing finger went away, and then Charlotte was being coaxed into the same wide-stretched position that Rosalind had been made to assume.
‘Come on my girl — that’s it — push it out now, come on —’
With both the girls now forcing their hips as far forward as they could, backs arched and Charlotte beginning to rock obscenely on the interloping digit, Mr Grimsley glanced briefly at the gym mistress, patiently waiting to administer punishment to these two chubby-bottomed teenagers. He looked away, to the soft swell of Charlotte’s breast under her sports vest, and the gym mistress looked on with no sign of disapproval. St Angela’s girls had to learn —. She smiled at Mr Grimsley’s preoccupied, forward stooping posture, his rapt attention, his pleased smile as Charlotte struggled breathlessly and teetered up onto her toes. She knew he’d like that. She’d known Mr Grimsley for some time — they had a ‘scratch my back’ understanding.
It wasn’t too long before Charlotte’s straining legs began to go weak at the knees. She snatched her thrusting hips jerkily to and fro, sagged a little, gasped quietly, then ceased her frantic movements and opened her eyes for the first time in five minutes.
That’s a good girl — good girl’ breathed Mr Grimsley. He recovered his dignity with very little effort. ‘Now — let’s have you two turn round —’ Charlotte and Rosalind straightened up, ‘— and keep those shorts up nice and tight —.’ The two girls turned round, Charlotte’s head falling wearily forward, and the exuberant plumpness of two of the upper school’s most smackable bottoms spilled out below the tightly-hoisted legs of already brief shorts.
‘Up tight now — get ‘em up girls —’ The stretched material of Rosalind’s shorts slipped even further into the cleft of her bottom, ‘— higher!’ Charlotte’s bum, its cheeks plumped out even more by the pulling up between them, almost vibrated with youthful bounce and punishability.
‘And now, how would you like these two cheeky little bums?’ For the first time Mr Grimsley was addressing the teacher.
‘Nicely bent over, if you don’t mind.’
‘Nicely bent over — d’you hear that girls? Let’s have you nicely bent over — come along now Charlotte — let’s have that delightful bum of yours pushed out just as far as it’ll go —’ Charlotte rounded her bottom out as best she could, ‘— your bottom has been recommended to me by the headmaster you know — recommended as the most caneable prefect’s bum in the entire school.’
‘Y-yes sir.’ She could believe that! And probably the most caned prefect’s bum in the school!
‘Good. And now, I shall take a back seat while these two young ladies get what they deserve.’ Mr Grimsley made himself comfortable on his stool, and the gym mistress strolled unhurriedly forward. The rest of the class wouldn’t be back for fifteen minutes yet — plenty of time to do a first class job.
‘Keep these naughty bottoms quite still girls —’
‘Y-yes Miss.’
The slipper descended smartly upon Rosie’s virtually denuded left cheek, and then on her right. Rosie bit her lip, but thought it oughtn’t to be too bad. They’d probably get forty or fifty each — p’raps a few more, but that shouldn’t be enough to make her cry — and that was one thing she didn’t want to do — not in front of Mr Grimsley.
Charlotte’s fat bottom got its first two whacks, then it was Rosalind’s turn again. Two solid spanks, then Charlotte’s bum quivered under the slippering. Mr Grimsley settled down to be entertained.
After twenty good hard strokes, which seemed somehow to be stingier than she’d remembered, Rosie’s almost naked cheeks had begun to twitch uncomfortably each time the slipper landed. She could hear the slipper cracking just as hard across Charlotte’s bum, and Charlotte was breathing heavily in the way girls do when they’re getting near to tears. Mr Grimsley’s cheerful comment didn’t help.
‘Come on Charlotte — stick it out girl — let’s make sure you’ve got something to cry for, eh?’
‘Y-y-yes sir — oooh!’
After something like forty whacks Rosalind’s reddened bottom had begun to do a little ‘bump and grind’ all on its own, and the girl was gasping desperately as she tried to hold the tears back. Charlotte too was on the verge of starting to blubber, swerving her big, bouncy bum from side to side as her turn for two smarting strokes came round with painful regularity.
‘How’s it feel, eh Rosalind?’
‘How do you like the slipper?’
‘N-not much sir —.’ The gym mistress dealt Rosalind’s bottom its two whacks. ‘Ooooh — oooo!’ Her crimsoned bum-cheeks jerked spasmodically.
‘There’s a good girl,’ said Mr Grimsley encouragingly, ‘let’s see you wriggle it a bit for your Uncle Arthur.’
Fifty strokes, or something like it, and Charlotte was weeping fitfully in between little squeals as she got her next two strokes, and the next two.
‘Pull ‘em up tight Charlotte!’
‘Oogh — ooh — yes s-sir — ooow!’
Rosalind’s bum snatched away from the first of two strokes, then the second cracked wickedly across the other cheek. She spluttered, felt the tears squeezing between her eyelashes, and then suddenly she was sobbing desperately. She barely heard Charlotte’s two spanks, and then her bum was stung again by the gym mistress’s slipper.
‘Oh, no, please Miss — !’
‘What’s up Rosalind — don’t you like your nice saucy bottom spanked, eh?’ Mr Grimsley mocked.
‘Oooh — n-no sir — oh please — !’
Another ten really good spanks and the two girls were bawling lustily. Ten more and both girls’ bottoms were wriggling so much that the gym mistress knew she’d soon have trouble keeping her two pupils still long enough for the slipper to land. Mr Grimsley knew it too. He nodded to the young teacher.
‘Get up,’ said the mistress.
Crying uncontrollably both girls stood up, yet despite their distress each of them still clutched their shorts tightly up between their legs. Neither girl knew whether Mr Grimsley made some gesture or sign to the teacher, but she propelled Charlotte towards the door, followed the weeping girl through it, and then Rosalind was alone with Mr Grimsley.
Somehow the slipper had found its way into the governor’s hand, and it was being waggled threateningly towards Rosie. Mr Grimsley’s voice was perfectly calm, and quiet as could be.
‘Now my girl — come along —come over here.’
‘Ooh — s-sir — please sir — please don’t spank me any more, sir —’
‘Well, that depends.’
‘Ooh, please — not the slipper sir —’
‘Hmm — now we’ll just slip these silly little shorts down — that’s a good girl — my, my, your bottom is a hot little handful isn’t it?’
‘Oh sir —’
‘And now we’ll just have this up a little — that’s it — a little bit higher — you are a big grown-up girl, eh?’
‘Y-yes sir —’
‘Hmm — well I s’pose you might just as well take it right off — that’s it, over your head — oh yes, they’re very nice — good, good, now, I think you know what to do don’t you, hmm?’
‘Yes sir, I th-think —’
‘That’s it — that’s a good girl — push it out now — just part your thighs —’
‘Ooh sir — p-please — d-don’t sir —’
‘Want our bottom smacked a little more, do we?’
‘Ooo — no sir — no, please —’
‘Well now — yes, that’s it — let’s see you stick it out — right out — that’s my girl. Good girl — good girl!’

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