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Monday, 30 January 2017

Dear Fusspot

From Blushes 1
Dear Fusspot,
Thank you for your letter. This is just a brief note (I’m very busy at present) to set your mind at rest until I get down to see you.
Regarding your first worry; you have to remember that teachers are responsible people, and, like doctors, they have a kind of professional detachment that enables them to do their jobs without any kind of emotional involvement. Next time the headmaster takes your knickers down, just remember that he’s not actually noticing that you’re half-undressed; to him you’re just a naughty girl who needs her bottom smacked — he’s no more interested in what’s actually inside your pants than I used to be when I had to spank you from time to time.
With regard to your second worry, yes, I suppose that does sound a little out of the ordinary, but for the present I think you should just do as you’re told — you won’t have to get spanked so often that way — and I’ll have a word with him about it when I come down, which will be in a month or so. I doubt if there’s actually any real cause for concern though. You are, after all, officially old enough now, aren’t you.
As I say, I shall be down in a month or so. Meanwhile why don’t you do some of your Yoga to settle your mind?
Uncle Charles
P.S. How’s the pocket money situation? Better let me know.

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